Building The OFFROAD Subaru Crosstrek Makery And Mischief Adventure Mobile With LP Aventure

Building The OFFROAD Subaru Crosstrek Makery And Mischief Adventure Mobile With LP Aventure

(upbeat rock music) – Oh! Yahoo! I’m Zachary Fowler and
this is my old truck. Believe it or not, after winning half a
million dollars two year ago on History’s Alone Show Season Three, this is what I bought for myself. I didn’t know what I wanted for a vehicle, so I didn’t want to spend
money on something I was gonna beat up driving up
into the woods while we still lived out there before we
had bought the new house and so I bought an old
truck for 1,000 bucks and spent like another 1,000 over the last two years keeping
this thing running, having to put some Bondo
and rivets into her but today we’re upgrading. Last year when I went up to
Canada with The Wooded Beardsman for Season Four of the
Wilderness Living Challenge, I didn’t want to take this with me. The ex-wife was nice enough
to lend me her Subaru. – [Bearded Woodsman] Back up,
you’re gonna hit the tree. Watch it. – When you’re determined to go fishing and your ex-wife’s car won’t
make it up into the bushes. (dramatic trumpet blaring) (hooting) Woo hoo.
– Nailed it. – We made it. So ever since that
adventure in Canada with The Wooded Beardsman, I
was thinking Subaru, Subaru and I saw a couple of
Subarus at the grocery store. They all had Bath Subaru on
little stickers on the back. I contacted Bath Subaru and they said, “Have we got a Subaru for you. “There’s a Subaru that’s orange. “An orange Subaru Crosstrek.” Let’s go get it. (upbeat electronic music) Hello. – Hey bud, did you see it out there? – Is that it?
– That’s the one. – The one right there?
– Yeah. – All right.
– Let’s go check it out. – [Zachary] She’s awesome. – [Salesman] It’s the
perfect color for you, man. – That’s my color right there, orange. All right, so there’s only
one thing I gotta know. – Yep?
– Is it unlocked? – It’s unlocked.
– All right. And can I sleep in it? Can I sleep in it? If I’m on my one man adventures, I need to be able to sleep in it. Is there room? Oh yeah, look at that. A little modification with a little bit of deckings for my pillow. I’ll be good to go and maybe
even hang my hammock in here. (car engine revving) All right, where do I sign my life away? – All right, you’re gonna
sign right down here. – All right. – [Salesman] And that’s it, man. – I had to stop and look
at the newest of new ones. Mine’s a 2013, pretty sweet
but take a look at this. This is this year’s. It’s got the, mine doesn’t come with this, it’s got orange stitching on the seats. That’s nice. And on the dash. Next time, when we upgrade in five years. (relaxed piano music) There’s the old truck keys. They’re all yours. – [Friend] Got it, I got the rust bucket. – He can have the old truck. I got my new Crosstrek. Woo, this is the nicest
thing I have ever owned. Probably the newest
vehicle by about 15 years. I mean for the longest
time I only ever spent $500 on a truck and it would last for a year. One time I spent 3,000 on a
truck, saved up for so long and I ended up spending like a
couple thousand every year to keep it inspected and then it
lasted for like three years. It cost me more than all my $500 trucks put together just to keep
that thing on the road. Nobody took the free chair yet. All right, home sweet home. Time to go order some stuff. All right. – How’s it going?
– Good. More goodies for the car.
– Right? – Time to add it to the pile. (relaxed piano music) Let’s get a peek at these rims. (angelic humming) Woo. Oh yeah. Look, there’s a little
cellophane on top of that. Get the full majesty of it. Ooh, that’s satisfying. There we go. All this is comin’ together last minute. LP provided all of this
gear like really fast for me just so we could put this all together and it’s all gotta go
on the car so we can do our seven day Maine
Wilderness Living Challenge. I’m Zachary Fowler.
– I’m the Wooded Beardsman. – And this is the Wilderness
Living Challenge, Maine. Yeah, woo hoo. The point of the challenge is to gain or maintain our body weight while eating nothing but wild foods for seven days. Last time we did it in Canada, this time, he’s come down to join me in
the coastal state of Maine. (upbeat electronic music) That’ll be posted after this video about the build of the car. Let’s see what we got in these boxes. All right, so I’ve done a
few things to it already. As you can see, I’ve put
this seat protector here in the back of the car for the kids and then I put these on
the backs of the seats. I highly recommend something like that. And then this seat protector, I mean it doesn’t make it
look as attractive but man, like all the crumbs, I just
vacuumed it recently so it’d look good on video, but man. There was some pretzel bits
and stuff like that in here. (Cookie Monster munching) And I don’t even let
them eat in here but they smuggle stuff in their pockets
when they get in the car. Kids. Sometimes I turn around and I’m like, “Why, how, where’d the
pretzels come from?” “You know, last month I
put ’em in my pocket Dad.” “Okay, all right.” Well, now I have a seat protector and you don’t have to worry about that. I think that’s essential. All right, I’ve got a few
things for the front seat. These pockets on the sides here, don’t need the temp plates anymore. Thank you very much Bath Subaru
for setting me up with this. These are seat pockets. Stuff falls down in there or you want to put a little bit of paperwork in there. These magnets for your phone,
you put it right on your dash. Stick a little plate on
the back of your phone. Your phone goes right there. Bounces around, up and
down, woods, trails, the phone stays there, it’s ready to go and you have your GPS on for trips. Turn it sideways for watching Fowler’s Makery and Mischief on YouTube. And of course, most
important, the phone charger. Anker phone charger, I love these. A really good solid unit. One thing I don’t necessarily
like about the Subarus is that they don’t charge
when the car is off. So I’m probably gonna add another outlet somewhere where I can just flip a switch and be able to plug into
it when the car is off. This came out of my truck, I use this every so often but when
you need it, you need it. I’ll just keep that right
in the center console as a must-have essential. This is just a, what do they
call it, a gas mask bag? Man, I’ve had this for a long time but don’t leave home without it. A nice pump and that plugs
into your cigarette outlet so you can pump your tires
up if you get a little flat. There’s the new seat covers. I’ve taken those seat
protectors off the back and going with a full on seat cover. I liked my seats, I didn’t
want to do this but, well it’s not completely
horrifyingly ugly. I feel like my grandmother putting plastic on the couch so we don’t spill stuff on it and you never get to use it. When you peel the plastic
off it’s like brand new underneath and what was
the point and now the couch is ruined, the springs are
ruined and it’s worthless and the whole time nobody got to enjoy it because they had to sit on plastic. But hey, the backs of the seats will be safe from their dirty little feet. My girls are four and seven and they can put their little surprise dolls in there. They’re completely waterproof and they don’t sound quite so bad as the plastic on grandma’s
couch, so I’m happy with that. (mid tempo ensemble music) (drill buzzing) (electronic beeping)
(engine revving) All right, off to the mechanic. Get this baby put together and start putting all
this stuff onto here. Here we are at Just Right Auto, just down the road from my house. She is up on the lift, found out that we got
the right trailer hitch. It’s always good to find
out you got one thing right. I got the wrong light bar. There won’t be a light bar on top. Excuse my chewing on a cough drop. The lift kit won’t be
here ’til sometime today. We don’t know when. Nothing like working under the gun. Trying to finish a project so we can go do our Seven Day Adventure. Pew, pew, pew, pew.
– Oh jeez. – We have an accident now. Far more aggressive but there’s not that much of a difference in size. Which I guess is very
important considering they have to fit inside
the same wheel well because we’re not modding that out. We just have to remove
one mud flappy thing here and on the front, there’s a little guard
here that’s gotta come off. (upbeat ensemble music) (metallic popping) You have my baby in your hands. Take good care of her,
I wanna see progress. Lots of progress.
– Lots of progress. (laughs) – All right, we’re gonna head out. We’re gonna leave this
in the capable hands of our mechanics here
at Just Right and we’re gonna go see if we can get
some bait for our lobster traps so we’re ready when we
head out on our challenge. Well, I guess we’re not
goin’ fishing just yet. All the other parts showed up for the car. Let’s toss those in and we’ll take ’em over to the mechanic. You need a hand with that? Here let me.
(grunting) There we go. Good, good, lift with your knees guys. Lift with your knees. I’ll be playing with these
in the pool later this year. Some swim floaties. Yuck. Now I can run into all kinds
of stuff, look at that. All right, it appears to all be here. We’ve got the lift kit,
spacers, front spacers, back spacers, fender bolts, more protective plating
for underneath the car. Ground her up on top
of stuff all the time. So we’re gonna leave
these in the mechanics’ capable hands like I said
a couple hours ago before all the parts showed up and
we had to bring those over and go get ourselves some
bait for our lobster trap. If you want to see this
little side adventure, check out Catch and Cook Alewife. Link’s in the description below. That’s our Episode Zero of the Wilderness Living Challenge I keep mentioning. But for now, let’s get back to the build. Now it’s time to get over
to Eric the designer. See what he’s got worked up
for the designs to go on it and start getting some
stickers on this bad boy. and then it will be time for all the lift kits and all that stuff. – [Reader] To be able to move, the journey might be too hard on her. – A little audiobook for the road. Here we go. Oh man, look at that. Brought to you in part
by LP Ad, I can’t say it. How do you say it? – Is it LP Aventure?
– Aventure. Adventure in french. LP. Fowler’s Makery and Mischief on YouTube. And woo, look at that. And the matches, nice. Wow. Bath Subaru for hooking
us up with the beautiful, orange Crosstrek. Like make me all, this is so exciting. I can’t wait to get over
there and finish the car up. (relaxed electronic, piano music) (cranking) (drill buzzing) – We’re just gonna take
that off right there, you want that wheel off,
we’ll get that wheel off. – [Zachary] Yeah, we
don’t want that wheel off. We already just put it on. – All right, we’ll leave it on. It’s ready for action though.
– Yeah, all right. – Let’s go. – Almost there, just a
little wiring for the lights and an alignment and
we’re ready for adventure. (relaxed electronic music) (drill buzzing) So about the bill, because you’re famous, It’s gonna cost twice as much?
– Right. Well, normally what we do
is we triple everything but today we’re just
gonna double it for you because you’re special and you’re a friend and we go to church, we love you. – Oh, thank you, thank you. Thank you. – There you go, it’s all set.
– Nice. What’d you think of
the lift kit and stuff? – Nah, I thought it was a really good kit. They did a real good job manufacturing it. It’s all bolt-on, it’s something definitely anybody can do in their yard with basic hand tools and some knowledge. It’s pretty easy to put on and– – All those plates lined
right up and everything? – All the plates are good,
we did both your lower front plates and then your
differential skid plate and everything and it’s all
easy, everything lines up. There was really no cutting
or drilling or anything. It’s all basic stuff, so
it’s pretty easy to do. We did it basically in an afternoon. Their whole complete kit, so it goes nice. It goes good down the road. – Nice, I dropped all these parts off. They came in from LP,
special thanks to them for all these parts,
the rims, the lift kit, the bumper, all the plates for underneath that protect the car as
we head out on adventures and they had ’em done
within like six hours, up with the lift kit, everything on there. Everything lined right
up like he’s saying, definitely an awesome company. Check ’em out in the link below. Yee haw, time for some adventuring. Thank you very much Just Right Auto. If you guys are in the Union Warren area, Just Right Auto does a beautiful job. Alignments all done. Yesterday when I took
it over to the sticker place it felt a little weird, like it was, and I think that was the alignment thing. But now that the alignment is done, it is really, really smooth. It doesn’t feel like I have bigger tires with super aggressive
tread on ’em on there. It feels, it feels nice. I feel a little higher up, I’m only two inches higher up but
I can actually feel it and I don’t hear a lot
of hum from the tires. I was expecting to hear more hum. Maybe somewhere a little
more quiet on the highway. If anything, I feel like I hear just the teeniest bit of
humming from the roof rack. Like a little bit of a– (screeching) We’ll see how it is down the highway. But I am very, very happy so far. There, let’s see how
much weight does it hold? – It says 400 to 500 pounds. – 500 pounds, huh? It’s a little, it feels weird
when the car sinks down. Snap. – It says 500.
– There you go Chris, so you can join us. You can ride back here,
we’ll just bungee you down. Actually you could almost sleep in this, if you put a mattress on here. Let’s see, oh that’s
nice, that works easily. (dramatic violin music) (dramatic violin, trumpet music) Woo hoo, yeah. That should do it. Once again an extra special
thanks to LP Aventure and Bath Subaru for making
this build possible. Check out the link in
the description below for both of them as well
as all the stuff you saw me use in this build that
I purchased on Amazon and tune in next week for
Wilderness Living Challenge Maine. Thanks for watching, I’ll see
you next time, Fowler out.

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