Building Our TUG OF WAR Trucks!

Building Our TUG OF WAR Trucks!

– So hopefully you guys saw the video that we posted on Sunday
where we told everyone that we are doing a tug-of-war. – We are gonna hook up the K-350, otherwise known as the F-350 for Arkon, up against CO2, our 2015 Silverado HD gasser six liter. And we are gonna tug-of-war until something either breaks or somebody annihilates the other truck. – So we were sitting
down talking about this and I’m arguing why I’m
gonna win in the F-350 and Shawn thinks he’s gonna win and I was like, you know what? We should probably pull out
the camera and film this because he’s going down. – Yeah as you guys can imagine, there’s a 50-50 split in the company. – Yep. – You’ve got the gasser, CO2,
like diehard custom offsets against the Arkon D-sil straight axle boy. – [Fuller] Yep. – [Shawn] It’s friction. – [Fuller] I mean. – [Shawn] And it’s gonna be awesome. – [Fuller] Right off
the bat, I can tell you that it’s a diesel, and it’s turbo. So we’ve got the whistle
and Turbo just spooling, and that’s why we’re gonna win. – Because you follow the Instagram, and everybody knows that diesels are the bomb now.
– Yeah. – But that’s actually not a fact. – The facts are gas has
been around way longer, Super Chargers are way cooler, it says Super right in there. – Yeah, mhmm. – Dale Earnhardt drove
gasoline engine vehicles, that’s all that matters. – He had a diesel. He pulled a diesel, he pulled his race car
to the track with diesel. – I haven’t seen that, so I don’t know. I can’t confirm. – Because if you guys don’t know, we actually super charged
our six liter CO2, and this will be the first chance for it to show that it’s way stronger than some stock diesel. – [Fuller] It’s the first time he’s gonna show you that it’s gonna break. – The axles on the diesel. (laughs) – The Supercharger is gonna win because Superchargers make boost instantly as opposed to a Turbo Charger, which has a lag period
before boost is made, so a Supercharger engine
will make power quicker. – But if you know how to drive a Turbo, you can spool the Turbo before. – Well, too bad no one here knows how to drive a Turbo. – And they’re not letting
us drive, are they? – I’m not driving, so, yeah, we’re doomed. – We’re screwed. – So fuel selection,
obviously diesel trucks make the most torque. Everybody knows that,
it’s all over the ‘gram, it’s all over the internet. – So as long as you believe
everything on the ‘gram, Diesel wins. So tell me why, because gas trucks are obviously faster. – Well, I mean, maybe. – They have more horse power. – You can tune a diesel faster. – Yeah, more horse power,
but I have more torque. More pulling. – I’m gonna be going
so fast that you aren’t gonna be able to pull. – Oh you’re just gonna yank it? – Full throttle. – Oh, then you’re gonna really
break something this time. – Four low, I’ma go four high, maybe. (laughs) So I can pull you even faster. You ever seen the Walmart one where they drag the truck
around the parking lot? – [Fuller] Yeah I have seen that. That was a gas truck. – [Shawn] That’s going to be me dragging you around in a diesel. – [Fuller] No, that was a gas truck. – Gasoline engines are simpler, require less maintenance, they’re lighter. – I don’t know if that’s true anymore. – They’re easier to work on. – I would argue that diesels
are less maintenance now. – No way. Look at his face. – The new diesels versus
the new gas motors? – No way, okay, new diesels with all their
exhaust, fluids, DPF filters. – Oh okay. – The EGR coolers, and all your EGR valves that clog everything up. – [Camera Man] Ask anyone that runs a 6-4. – Yeah, ask all 6-4 owners about that. Or six liter.
– You’re such a noob. And then you’ve got your ejectors which run like, $5,000. So yeah, definitely a
little more maintenance on the diesels. Gasoline, better. – Worse. Diesel, more power. – There’s no way you can
drag me across a parking lot because my truck is so heavy. Like I’m, bigger is better always in every argument. – [Shawn] Yeah, have
you ever read the Bible? David and Goliath. That other guy was huge, and David wins. – [Fuller] Yeah, well. – [Shawn] You’re basically
this giant dead weight and I’m just gonna like,
pulling up an anchor. – Hmm I’m using all the
weight for traction, it’s gonna just plant me on the ground, all 10,000 pounds that I got going on. And you think you’re just gonna drag me? – Chevy’s gonna win ’cause it’s made out of steel.
– Steel. – Even though the aluminum truck is like, 3,000 pounds heavier. – Yeah, but this is made out of aluminum so it’s ultra light. – It’s the 11,000 plus GVWR.
– It’s an alloy body. – It’s like a Ferrari, dude. It’s a Superleggara. – So let’s talk about weight in your aluminum can truck. Tell me how an aluminum truck is gonna beat a steel truck. I just want you to picture. – Yeah, I’m picturing it. I’m picturing me dragging you around, ’cause the, so the
aluminum is so much lighter on the body, but they put all the strength into the frame, and the chassis. – That’s not how that works. – You’re not hooking up to the body. – I want you to picture an aluminum can. I would like to tie the rope
to your front bumper and just– – Oh, okay and just squish it? – ‘Cause it’s aluminum. – [Fuller] No, it’s not gonna crush. – [Shawn] Alumi-doodie. – [Fuller] Yeah, alumi-doodie. – [Shawn] So you’ve got a 6-7, – [Fuller] Yep. – [Shawn] And I’ve got a 6-0, so you’re gonna win.
– Yeah. And 6-7 is bigger. – Right. – I have .7 more liters than you, and they’re diesel liters,
so that makes them better. – Six liter, LS engine, one of the best engines ever made. I don’t know how you’re gonna top that. – I just can’t believe suddenly, Fuller’s a Ford guy. – I’ve always been a Ford guy. – You’ve never been a Ford guy. – Yes, my first truck was a Ford. Granted ’cause my mom gave it to me, but. – An ’86 Ford Ranger
doesn’t count as a truck. – What, it wasn’t a ranger! Plus you’re the one who bought the Ford. You’re a Ford guy. – Okay, maybe I do kind of like them both. – Dale Earnhardt drove all Chevrolet’s. – Instantly 50 horse. – And he’s the intimidator so I don’t see where the argument is. – We’re supposed to be
the technical version, but we’re just arguing Ford versus Chevy. – [Camera Man] You’re
talking about Dale Earnhardt. – Yeah, but how is this
technical, this isn’t technical. – Yeah this isn’t technical questions. – Yeah, I don’t get it. – [Camera Man] Yeah, not yet. – I know you’re going to say ooh, I’ve got eight inches of suspension.
– Yep. I’m gonna be like, I’ve got the full coil over system
we just put in from BDS. – I had the full coil
over system also from BDS. Now what’s your argument? – That’s confusing.
– Yeah. – But you’re taller. – A 6 1/2 inch lift is gonna be better because it has a lower center of gravity which is going to be something very key to a tug of war, where an eight inch kit has
a higher center of gravity which isn’t going to help the Ford. I’m hoping, I’m just banking on the fact that the output shaft on the transfer case in the Ford breaks off, and then CO2’s just gonna drag her away. – I’m counting on your
lower center of gravity, your lower height to bring the back end of the truck down, and push the drive shaft
in a little bit more. – That probably will happen, but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. – I’m hoping it does happen, because I don’t wanna have to replace the transfer case in there. – CO2 is probably gonna,
CO2 is gonna squat, so it’s gonna lift the front end up and the CV axles are gonna snap. – At least you’ve got all that new Kryptonite
stuff on the front end. – It’s got Kryptonite tire
odds and center length, so I think the steering will be fine, I’m just, yeah, I’m
worried about the CV axles. – Have you ever seen the tower of Pisa? – It’s just leaning a little bit. – Yeah, the bigger they
are the harder they fall. – Yeah, remember when
your truck was leaning and you had it all squated? – You can’t honestly tell me that taller is better in a pull. – I mean, I can’t honestly tell you that ’cause I’ve never done it before, but we’re about to find out. Plus you have stretched tires, and I have 40s that aren’t stretched. – 37s are gonna help us. Smaller tires are gonna
help us in this situation. ‘Cause it will give us a
little better gear ratio. – Stretchy tires though? – But stretchy tires, stretch tires are not gonna help us. So it’s like we take one step forward, and one step backwards all the time, so. – See, I can air down in the 40s ’cause there’s actually
some sidewall on there, and I’m down to 37. – [Brad] Yeah, we don’t really have that. – [Banker] With some extra footprint. – [Brad] Once we fill
ours with water though, it doesn’t matter. We’re gonna win. – You can’t do that, it’s cheating. – Why not, farmers do it. (laughs) – Again, shorter. – Yeah but they’re stretched. – So taller people are
better than shorter people? – Oh, now that’s another
personal attack on me. – I feel like this is a personal battle. – Well I can tell you that
I will have the victory, and do you wanna know why? Because I have Victory’s through wheels. – Abraham Lincoln was victorious in his presidency, so we are going to be victorious in our tug of war. – Count series, victories. – Have you ever heard the term, chrome gets you home? I’m going home and dragging your ass all the way there. – Somebody will be bringing you home. – Lincoln. – Victory. – Lincoln. – Victory. – Lincoln.
– Victory. – Chrome. – Victory! – This guy’s a psycho. – So who knows who’s gonna win? Who knows who’s gonna break what? – I know who’s gonna win. – Brad thinks he’s gonna win. – CO2’s gonna win. – And Dale Earnhardt said so.
– Hopefully. – You’ve been talking to Dale? Tell him I said hey. – I talk to him every night. – Praise Dale.
– Do it for Dale. – Anyway, hopefully we
don’t break too much ’cause we do have a show the week after this, so. – I don’t really care what gets broken, ’cause I don’t have to fix it, so. – We’re gonna make you
come back and fix it. Make sure to subscribe
so you don’t miss out on all the fun. Peace. – Three. Dale. (gentle music)

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  1. A taller truck is better in a pull the higher truck will squat more putting more weight on the back tires. The shorter truck will come more off the ground the tighter the strap gets

  2. Love how the video is called building our trucks and all they do is talk shit about each other the whole time😂 typical truck guys😂

  3. These arguments make me cry they didn’t include any physics into their explanation’s and it always comes down to traction

  4. Thank god they mentioned weight in this video cuz if y’all didn’t I was about to lose it I’m Chevy all the way I love super chargers cuz of the instant power I hate fords and I don’t like turbos very much but it’s obvious the diesel is going to win cuz of the weight and wide tires causing more grip (I love the k350 tho but CO2 has my heart cuz it’s a SUPERCHARGED CHEVY)!!!!!!

  5. I love it. I would normally say the diesel is better and win but I’m going to go with the older more experienced guys because there actually making a lot of sense. I’m going with co2

  6. It's actually frustrating how little you guys know about tug of wars. The Ford is going to win cause it will have more weight on it from pulling from a higher point than CO2

  7. Yall wanna know a spoiler? The Diesel is gonna instantly pull the Gas truck, but the gas trucks tires are gonna spin and do a fatass burnout wile being pulled the opposite direction.

  8. I hope cow wins I personally love gassers more then diesel's and it would be awesome to see a gasser pull through and win

  9. Not a fair match because chevy has the least power, torque, weight, and pulling power compared to ford and dodge, dodge ram 3500 =39,000lbs towing, ford f350 = 35,000lbs towing, chevy 3500hd = 27,000lbs towing, you see not a fair match

  10. Weight+traction=winner… Both of these trucks have more than enough power to spin the tires. All your fanboy comments are just fodder for the YouTube algorithm. Brilliant marketing CO… 👍

  11. Ford, 2 straight axle locking axles with a 400 horse 900 torque diesel.
    Chevy, 1 small straight rear axle with questionable lsd, front IFS with a lift, 500hp 450 torque (ish just relative numbers for the set up). Just saying. F

  12. there’s absolutely nothing, zero, zilch, that is in favor of the gasser, this will be child’s play for the 350… get a cummins in there tho, make it interesting. hehe

  13. Big Rig's, ships, industrial generators and nearly all heavy equipment are diesel powered due to the overall power and efficiency they have over a gasoline powered motor and they hold up longer under extreme loads than a gasoline motor but hey it has a blower on a stock motor BOOM goes the 6.0 lol

  14. Doesn't Shawn technically win either way? I mean he owns both trucks, if the gasser wins he beat a desiel truck which is awesome. But if the desiel truck wins then we just all expect it to happen lol

  15. Smaller tires are not going to help in a pull. Bigger has more weight behind them as well as grip. The way to truly know which one will be better is run same tire size

  16. Love the silverādo but gosh darnit the Ford is going to win hands down. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. A drag race on the other hand would be very more interesting.

  17. History states GM HD tie rods don't like abuse, let alone spinning on pavement. I think the 6.0 LS is a great engine and with the whipple it's even better, but i know the 6.7 is going to make short work of CO2… even with a high center of gravity. The weak point on the 6.7 is and has always been the transfer case.

  18. K350 is heavier. All it has to do spool up, wait for CO2 breaks tires loose, then idle K350 with a smoking CO2 in tow.

  19. They're talking about how CO2 is lower and itll pull better because the center of gravity is lower. If CO2 is lower itll pull down on k350 giving more traction on the back wheels.

  20. Sean: they keep taking my truck apart and f*ckin it up
    Also Sean: we’re going to have a tug of war until something breaks

  21. I know its all good fun but you could get a really good idea of who would win based on gearing from the tcase to the final drive, weight (really traction), and torque curve. Turbos dont win cuz theyre turbos and superchargers dont win cuz they build boost quicker. BUT Im interested to see the results 👍👍👍👍

  22. I love that clip of the one dude dragging that guy around. I immediately thought of that clip when I saw the thumbnail for this video thinking, uh-oh haha

  23. I think if they tare up the Ford then banker and fuller should fix it and if they mess up the Chevy then Shaun and brad should fix it

  24. Sure hope co2 gets it need to tune the shocks right and the line them up for a drag race can get 3 more videos out of it

  25. I hate Powerstrokes but as long as it doesn’t blow a head gasket then it’s over and K350 is gonna destroy that gas job.

  26. Business must be doing very well and stable because Shawn is back! In the videos. Was a long run without the boss in the videos must of been building up that wheel company..

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