Building Justin’s 2017 Ford Raptor From Stock To Badass | 35″ Tires + 2″ Lift + Tune – The Haul

Building Justin’s 2017 Ford Raptor From Stock To Badass | 35″ Tires + 2″ Lift + Tune – The Haul

On this episode of the Hall, we’re gonna put
all of this onto that and have a whole lot of fun in the process. Well, here it is guys. My 2017 Raptor is in the shop, finally. I’ve own this thing for about a year now. It’s been awesome. I’m having a lot of fun in it. But, as you can see, it is still painfully
stock. Now, don’t get me wrong, a stock Raptor, is
still not that bad at the end of the day, but it’s time to start moding this thing. So, we’re gonna dive into the suspension a
little bit more, give this thing some stopping power that it needs. Of course, add some performance, some armor,
some lighting, and then at the end of the build, take it out, have a little bit of fun,
get it muddy. Maybe take it off a sweet jumper, too. You’re gonna wanna subscribe to our YouTube
channel guys for more cool builds like this, product overviews, and so much more. But for now, let’s get this pig in the air,
take these wheels off, and get into it. Now, one of the first things Joe and I are
doing this morning with my Raptor is actually taking off one of the parts that makes it
a Raptor in the first place, removing the Burley Fox Racing internal bypass stuff and
replacing it with these absolutely massive three-O coil overs from our friends over at
Sway-A-Way. Now, Sway-A-Way has been around since the
late 1960s, making hardcore off-road suspension. And sure, they might not have that big flash
name like Fox Racing or King. They certainly know what they’re doing. Now, recently our friends at AFP power took
over the shop division here at Sway-A-Way, made a few tweaks, and are basically carrying
the torch for the brand moving forward, and this is one of the newest products available
for the second gen trucks, but just check these things out, man. Absolutely massive, true three-inch coil over
here, mono tube design, and again, you have this big old reservoir. So, what’s that mean? You’re getting a lot more fluid in the coil
over itself here, making for a lot more damping, and you’re separating that fluid from the
nitrogen in the reservoir, so a lot less shock cavitation, a lot less shock fade, things
like that. The hearts of these things are work. You’re gonna get more consistent shock performance
overall. And on top of that, guys, you’re just getting
a lot of adjustment here with the Sway-A-Ways, in fact, independent of one another compression
and rebound adjustment, so you can tweak these things to suit your driving style, your terrain,
things like that, and you’re also getting some height adjustment out of these things
as well. Now, right out of the box or set up, to give
you a roughly two to two-and-a-half inches of lift for the front end here making for
a more leveled appearance overall, help you stuff some bigger rubber under there as well. We really can’t wait to see how these things
handle both on and off road. All right. So, some small progress here, guys. The Sway-A-Way front passenger side is in,
reservoir is mounted, and I got my stock tie rod end in my hand. Why? Well, because the next part we’re installing
comes with these beautiful new Billet tie rod ends to make room for what’s gonna go
here. Any guesses? Well, if you get big brake kit, you would
be correct. So, I’m gonna stop talking, and get to work,
and get these beautiful new pieces in place, and find what to do with this. This right here is one of the most exciting
parts for my build. I know it might not be that exciting to you
guys watching at home, but for me, this is an incredible part. What you’re looking at here is outcomes front
and rear brake setup for the Gen two Raptors. And I actually caught my first glimpse of
these things at the 2017 SEMA show. They had this thing stuffed behind a 17-inch
wheel, but was more important or more I guess mind-blowing, was that this thing, this kit
equipped on a Gen two Raptor was stopping from 60 miles an hour to zero and about 90
feet. Now, guys, for reference sake, that’s roughly
the same as a C6 ZO6 Corvette, absolutely mind-blowing. I’m gonna be eating my steering wheel, standing
on the brake pedal once these guys are fully installed, but Billet aluminum bracket tree,
really nice rotors and calipers. Again, that’s where that tie rod kick came
into play because we are just growing this thing a little bit more. So, you need to make room for it. And again, you’re stuffing a 6-piston caliper
behind a 17-inch wheel, which is crazy. Not too many people are doing that in the
market. And I know my Gen two owners out there watching
this, you know how bad the brakes kind of suck in these trucks, tends to do everything
else pretty well, but stopping is just not one of them. Well, that’s all gonna change here. Thanks to our friends at Alcon All right, guys, well, to keep things consistent,
we are yanking out the Fox Racing stuff in the rear just like we did up front to replace
it with the corresponding Sway-A-Way 3Os. Look at that, compression adjustment, rebound
adjustment on that side. You also have to finish up the Alcon brakes
back here as well. And then, one of the trucks up in the air,
we’re just gonna finish up a couple things underneath the truck, throw an exhaust on
this, attempt to make the EcoBoost sound a little bit more angry, and a little better. All right, so the boys and I are just finishing
up the Corsa Sport exhaust system here on my second gen Raptor. Yes, I know, I’m putting an exhaust on an
EcoBoost truck. A lot of you guys probably feel a certain
way about that and hell, I can’t blame you. But, of course, it has been known to make
things sound a little bit better no matter what platform, and I had full confidence that
this system will do the same for my rig. Talk about bigger is always better, right? Well, 5-inch black PVD tips, these things
are coated in a way to really take some high temps, and they just look so damn good on
there. So, even if this thing doesn’t sound as good
as a V8, it’s certainly gonna look the part. If I wanna turn off the volume down the road,
I can always add the resonator delete kit, essentially, turn this thing into the face-melting
extreme. But I’m gonna kind of ease my way into a little
bit more volume here with my Raptor. We’re gonna do a couple more things underneath
the truck here including a diff cover from our friends over at AFE power, dress things
up a little bit, nothing too crazy there. Now, let’s get the truck down a little bit
and head up front or you got some more cool stuff waiting to go on. The biggest performance killer on any forced
induction application is heat and heat so. Well, as you can see, right now, we’re carrying
that problem here on my second Gen Raptor. Thanks to eliminating this puny little stocker
and replacing it with this massive core and N tank setup from our friends over at ADD. Now, this thing, obviously, as you can see,
just absolutely dwarfs the stocker in every way, which should help lead to more consistent
performance through more consistent intake air temps. And again, as a Gen two Raptor owner, I can
tell you, repeating performance is a little tough with these trucks because once they
get hot, they tend to fall on their face. And we saw that with our stock Dyno numbers. So again, we’re gonna be curing that, but
in addition to helping our performance, we’re also making room for so much more activities
down here with the help of our next few modifications, which you will see very soon. Now, it’s actually gonna move up into the
grille opening. Another thing I really like, there’s a certain
bad ass tree to this thing when installed, seeing that big front now peeking out behind
that grille. So that’s our next step. We’re getting this guy in place. Then we’re gonna show you why we’re moving
this thing in addition to helping the performance. Well, check it out, guys. We’re making some serious progress. Up front here, we have the addictive desert
designs from mount in place like we already showed you, because we added the Stealth Fighter
winch bumper down below. Now, the first time I saw this thing on a
Raptor, I fell in love, like, “That’s the bumper for me. I have to get it.” So, here it is, guys, with the winch in place. And listen, as someone who has gotten stranded
on the beach and stuck before, it is not fun especially when you don’t have any buddies
around. So, I wanna make sure that is not gonna happen
to me again. We also have the KC HiLites flex or a 40-inch
bar in place. Joe is just finishing up wiring our barricade
9,500 pound winch. It’s looking really good up front here. We did some small little goodies from Factor
55. The fairlead is in place right now. I also have one of their pro links going on
as well, red, of course, because little white and red things happening all over the truck. What can I say? I’m OCD. I really dig the look, but we got a matching
Stealth Fighter rear bumper coming on with some KC HiLites cubes. We’ll get that on. And now, we’re gonna add some performance
goodies. And it’s almost time to fire this thing up
and makes some noise on the Dyno. I’m finishing up the Roush quarter intake
now, easily, one of the most popular systems for the 3.5 EcoBoost including a Raptor. It looks really OEM underneath the hood, and
that’s kind of Roush’s MO. They like to make stuff that looks like it
could have come like this from the factory and case-in-point here. The cold air fits right in nicely. We’re gonna finish up a couple of things and
see how this thing is doing. That last lug nut, the build is essentially
complete here. Yes, we still have to upload our tuned, Dyno
everything, but let’s talk about this wheel and tire combo. Black Rhino makes these wheels. It’s called their sprocket. I really like what this company is doing in
the truck market. They also have a wheel called the armory,
which is very military looking. It’s like an H1 wheel, but they’re doing things
a little bit differently in the truck wheel market, and I really dig this mesh style wheel. Now, it’s wrapped in the very capable Nitto
trail grappler 35 by 12.5. I didn’t wanna go up to a 37. Yes, I know, it probably would look a lot
tougher, but I drive this truck every day. Gas mileage sucks, and I have a long commute. So, I didn’t wanna take a chunk out of that
gas mileage any further by stepping up to a 37. And listen, guys, ever since Vaughn Gittin
Jr. and I won the Ultra4 Nationals on a DOT trail grappler, I know what this thing is
capable of. So, that is definitely the tire for me, but
trucks looking good. I can’t wait to get it down on the ground,
load up our tune, head to the Dyno, and see if we’re making some more power. We’re at our next part of the build, the custom
tune. Now, yes, this is an EcoBoost truck. And our experience, these things like to make
a lot of power and more importantly a lot more torque just using a simple calibration,
a couple more pounds of boost, things like that. We’re actually gonna use a tune from our friends
at ID Motorsports loaded onto the new Rev-X device here. So, we have a 93-octane tune on this thing
and hopefully, we’ll improve on those baseline numbers with the help of our new goodies,
of course, and this custom calibration. Well, if you’re on the fence about tuning
your EcoBoost powered F150 or in this case Raptor, here’s all the proof you need to sway
your decision, right? Before the truck is making roughly 359 horsepower,
396-pound feet of torque to the tire, the truck is now making a whopping 428 horsepower
and 477-pound feet of torque. The truck is making a lot more power underneath
the curve. It’s gonna feel like a monster pretty much
everywhere in the power band, but especially down low. We’re getting those nice fat torque gains
before about 3000 rpm. So, I’m gonna get it out on the street, bed
those new Alcon brakes. So, they’re good and then we’ll go out and
have some fun. Yeah. I mean, it feels way stronger now than it
did before with the ID Motorsports tune. The truck feels stronger mainly down low and
mid-range. Now, mostly your time in the power band is
gonna be spent down low mid-range, things like that. Sure, you’re gonna floor it once in a while
and then you really light those turbos, but for the most part, I’m really digging this
ID Motorsports tune. And listen, it’s hard not to love that kind
of power gain. And on top of the tune, thanks to that front
mount from ADD. It’s making repeatable power. He took nearly as bad as it did before with
the stock intercooler in place. Now, when we had the truck on the Dyno, we
showed you those initial numbers. I wanted to run it back just to see if the
power drop-off, if it would heat soak really bad. And honestly, the truck made within four to
five horsepower and same thing in the amount of torque back to back with this thing being
hot. So, the fact that it made that kind of consistent
power is a huge upgrade compared to what it was the before. Intercooler is doing its job on top of that
tune making awesome power. All right, the exhaust. Yes, I know. There’s gonna be some comments. There always are. Obviously, these things don’t sound nearly
as good as a 6-2 or even a 5-4, but that being, said, Corsa, I really like what they did with
this system. They’re using their muffler. Of course, you get that drone free operation. So, obviously, this thing’s whisper-quiet
while driving on the street. It’s a nice bump up over that factory system
without being obnoxious. Let’s see what these brakes are all about,
shall we? There you go, 50 miles an hour. Hey, look it. There’s that tool I’ve been looking for the
last couple of months. Now, that was a full-blown panic stop mode,
but it was pretty damn close. Listen, guys, the Alcon stuff is extremely
nice. You’re getting the six piston calipers up
front, just these monstrous calipers, tons of clamping force. You’re also getting a 4 Piston rear caliper,
which just dwarfs the stock rear caliper. It’s a noticeable improvement all around. Last but not least, the suspension, right? I mean this stuff is completely bad ass. Overall, the trucks fit a lot nicer. In my opinion, not so much nose down rake,
no rubbing whatsoever with the offset and the 35 by 12.5, which by the way are surprisingly
quiet even on the street. It’s a little firmer than stock. I will say that. But at the same time, it’s not offensive. I don’t think my family’s gonna mind. I don’t think my wife’s gonna mind one bit,
but not bad, not bone jarring. On road impressions, truck rides really nice,
but that’s enough on road stuff. What do you say we get this thing to where
it belongs, off road, wind it up a little bit, and have a little bit of fun. [inaudible 00:13:26] holy shit there. Man, this thing feels awesome. So far, so good with the Sway-A-Ways. Now, one thing that one of the engineers at
AFP controlled told me about was that these bypasses, they’re gonna make a little bit
of noise, that check valves working hard obviously doing its thing on the shocks. It is something you have to get used to, but
the end result is definitely worth it. My god. We are rolling about 50 through this field. And honestly, guys, yeah, the truck is getting
sideways. It’s stepping out a little bit, but never
do I feel out of control on this thing at all. But I think we seen a little jump. Okay, it’s not a huge jump, but, you know,
we got a crawl before you walk, right? Here we go. Okay, a little bit of speed. Oh, shit. It felt way more violent inside the truck. It probably maybe got 6 inches of air, but
it felt pretty damn awesome. I’m speechless, guys. Again, I can’t believe. You see my child seat back there. I mean, this is my daily. I take my daughter to school in this thing,
but we’re out here jumping it, bombing through fields at, you know, 50, 60 miles an hour. See? Watch, I’ll show you. What do you think? One more jump for the road? Absolutely, let’s do this. Well, guys, you see that smile. That’s the sign of a good build and a great
time out here off-road in the fields with my newly pumped up Raptor. This was a fun one, gang. We hope you enjoyed it. And as you get a little bit of air underneath
these little trail grapplers and the truck a little bit dirty, but don’t worry. We’ll be fixing that here soon. We’re gonna be going off-road a lot more of
this thing. Trust me, you’re gonna wanna subscribe to
our YouTube channel to see that and more. Guys, we wanna thank Addictive Desert Designs
for all the goodies, AFV Power, of course, ID Motorsports for the killer tune, and all
the other great vendors that work with us here in this build. It’s certainly looking the part, it’s driving
the part. And I am having an absolute blast in this
thing. We hope you enjoyed it again. Thanks for watching. And for all things F150 and bad ass Raptors,
keep it right here at

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