– Spectacular, actually. Really, really spectacular. (soft music) Good morning world, 25th of August 2018! We’re at Bryce National Park! It is about 9:30 in the morning, and I’m accompanied with
this character over here. Robyn Whale with her omelette. And then we’re gonna get out
there and check out the canyon, do some hiking, we’ll show
you the maps later on, but this is what we have,
the little trail guide here. 10 o’clock in the morning,
we’re checking to see if we have a flat tyre. Alright, so we got a tyre
pressure alarm (laughs) the tyre looks alright, I
don’t know what the hell– – [Robyn] You might
wanna hurry up especially if it’s a slow puncture. – No the tire’s fine. Those stupid alarms in
that car, false alarms. Ruby’s Inn is huge, huge! We have a lake view, check this out. That’s our view, they call
it the Lake View Place. And we’re getting ready
for a massive hike, we’re gonna do six hours of hiking, one of the bigger trails here. This one’s getting a barakah. Yeah, I’ll take it in my backpack! Protein bars, couple of apples,
banana, nuts, Quest bar, water, water, that’s about five litres. – [Robyn] Big guy and this big
muscular, as he goes walking around and he’s got a little pink unicorn! (laughs) (mellow music) – Alright, about to catch a shuttle bus, and this is where we are! Real quick, we’re actually staying there, at Ruby’s Inn, really cool place, huge! I’ll actually give you a
proper tour of the place, maybe tomorrow or later on
today, in a separate video, ’cause it’s such a big place, it deserves a video of its own. But check this out, that’s
where we’re staying, this is where the shuttle
bus picks everybody up and takes them to the
beginning of all the trails. Coming up to Bryce Point. Oh no way, check this out! Oh Robes, come over here! (mellow music) That’s amazing, that’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Spectacular, actually,
really, really spectacular. Let’s walk around, let’s have a look. You use this camera, it’s
set to automatic mode so you can’t stuff up. Alright, so we’re walking
to the main lookout, where there’s quite a few
people, but amazing views! Gosh! Oh, look at you, deeply
immersed in taking photos. I guess this is where all
the tourism photos are taken, right from this point here. This is the lookout
area, behind the scenes. Spectacular, huh? – It just makes you wanna
know more about the– – The geology of it.
– I’m reading about it because it’s just so fascinating. – Yeah–
– The shapes and the erosion. – The colour. – And how that erosion occurred and it’s like this amphitheatre. – [Brad] The amphitheatre. (soft music) Tell the world what you just told me. – Well, when you go to the
beach and you take the sand, the wet sand, and you balled
sort of peaks with the sand, the wet sand, and you drop it, and it hardens and it builds up. All these structures remind me of that. – It is, actually!
– I remember doing that! Yeah, down at the beach,
I did that as well, like, and you just create
these little towers, and then a point at the top. – The same way.
– That’s right. And then a wave would come
along and wash it away. – And what I read about
these is all the hard rock forms on top of the soft
rock, it actually protects it! See on the top, it’s lighter? That’s hard rock. Underneath, it’s really soft rock. – Is that the red rock?
– Yeah! So if you think about it hardening
as you’re building it up, it’s the same concept, it’s cool. – [Brad] I call this an amphitheatre. – I love that, so cool! – [Brad] They actually
look like people though, really, don’t they. Those statues look like little statues. – They say that they range
between, the height of them is from a normal sized person all the way to a 30 story building.
– What? – Yeah.
– Guys, guys, we’re at Bryce Canyon right now, you have to check this out, come with me! They really do exist Look at that thing, look, look, look! (Brad and Robyn laugh) I have never seen anything quite like it! This is a classic example
of how close the track is to the cliff face. Now that’s the rim track
right around there, and there’s no fence, and it’s a straight drop into the canyon. We’re walking around
the rim of Bryce Canyon, and it’s an incredible rim walk actually, I’ll show you the map later, exactly where we’re walking but, look at what we’re walking up to! Look how amazing that is! I know, you’re not gonna
see it too well with this wide shot, with this camera, but when I get get this onto it, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Look how incredible that is. (soft music) So we started here at Bryce Point, and then gone all around the rim, and we are now at Sunset Point! Yeah, Bryce Canyon, amazing! We did the rim. We ran the rim, absolutely incredible. And highly recommend it. We went from Bryce Point to Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Sunset Point. I’ll throw that map up,
it’s actually just a rim that runs around, track
that runs around the rim of the crater. Highly recommend it. Tomorrow we’re going
back into Bryce Canyon, and we’re going into the canyon itself, so stick around for that video! Yeah, but a great experience, hope you enjoyed the footage. And, yeah, 35 US dollars
per person for 7 days, to access the park, and
this is where we’re staying. Walking through the main doors. Having dinner here at Ruby’s
Inn Restaurant, Bryce Canyon. Steak, tenderloin, ribeye. Check this out. Robyn over there has a tenderloin. Alright guys, check this out! Have a guess, what we selected
from the dessert menu. Robsy Bobsy. Pecan cheesecake! You go first. – Really, you’re gonna
film me eating this thing? – Of course I am. She breaks the ice. (Robyn and Brad laugh) (soft music) Right, surprise, back in our room, Bryce Canyon, staying at Ruby’s Inn, and that wonderful human
being behind the camera surprised me with this,
and what can I say? I love it so much. What do you think, guys? What does it say on the back? – Nothing!
– Nothing, just on the front. Bryce Canyon. How cool is that, huh? Just then, she just surprised me just now, so tried it on, fits perfectly,
really happy about it. Which means, I can wash this. (Robyn and Brad laugh) – It’s been a while
since I’ve washed that! Anyway, I’ll be wearing
this for the next week, it’s gonna get good use, trust me. Anyway, had to share that with the world, she’s amazing, she’s a keeper that one.

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  1. Cool, outtakes at the end! More please, Mr. Brad "David Attenborough discovering unicorns in Bryce Canyon National Park" Newton!

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