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Hey this is Anthony with RevZilla TV where
you can watch, decide, and ride. Welcome to our Bridgestone tire family overview
and guide at [noise] At a high level, for those of you new to Bridgestone,
they’ve been around since the 1930s. Japanese manufacturer of tires, all of their tires
for motorcycle are built within one factory. Just like a lot of the products that we see
come out of Japan, quality control is very, very key to them. The reason why, if you’re a moto fan, you
might see Bridgestone everywhere, besides the fact they make a wide range of tires,
they fit a wide style of bikes, they are also the official sponsor of Moto GP, the official
tire of Moto GP. The cool part, especially if you’re on a sport
bike is you see that Moto GP race bred prototype technology that gets vetted out at the highest
level of riding, and then trickles down into a lot of the consumer oriented products. The really five key families of product from
Bridgestone, and I have five tires here on the street oriented side in front of me. On my left are the tires that are going to
be a little more towards the big bike focus. I have the Bridgestone Battle Wing which is
the 80/20 dual sport tire. There’s also a Trail Wing for lighter bikes. That’s going
to be on on road-off road tire. Moving down underneath that, I have the Bridgestone
Excedra Max tire, which is really a cruiser oriented tire for metra cruisers. You have the Excedra Cruiser, which is a V-Twin
tire, and then you’re also going to have the Excedra Gold Wing tire, which most people
don’t know is now the GL-1800 OEM fitment for Gold Wings. A 1200, a 1500 and an 1800
fitment. These are going to be heavier bike, longer distance all season tires. Staying within that theme, thinking about
that technology, now we move over to the sport technology. Let’s start with the more well rounded sport
option. This is the BT23. A very popular option, all season sport riding, high mileage sport
riding, but also a sport touring option. It comes in a GT size which will handle something
like your FJR 1300, your R1200 RT from BMW, but really we see this in a lot of normal
instances for something like a VFR, or really for a guy who’s riding a sport bike commuting
on it, 800 to 1,000 cc range. A phenomenal tire, handle all the seasons really well. Remember, we have a video on all these different
tires and families of tires, so make sure you watch them and refill in all the blanks
that we’re leaving out at a high level in this guide. Moving on from that, you see some of the more
popular tires, the ones that we really sell a lot of from Bridgestone. You have the Battlax family of hyper sport
tires. Really three tires within that family. You’re going to have the BT16, which has been
around for a long time. It’s typically an OEM fitment tire for your R6, your R1, your
gixxer type bikes. From there you move to the newer S20, which
is a dual compound tire using upgraded technologies. Better wet grip and longevity, but it’s also
what I would consider a 90/10 sport to track. You’re going to be riding in different scenarios
of street riding 90% of the time, but you can do a track day on the S20 or the BT16. From there you get into some of the consumer
facing race tires from Bridgestone. Really these are going to be track tires that
start with the BT003RS, which is a racing street tire designed for 70% on the track,
30% on the street. Then you kind of go from there with the racing
pro and different tires, some of which are only available on the track. From a price point you’re looking on the sport
tires that are all starting around $100 for a the front, right around $100 for a rear.
As you go up into some of the higher mileage tires the prices can tend to increase. One thing I didn’t mention also about this
race tire, the BT003 is that it’s designed to heat up quickly for high grip on the track
to really be a consumable race bred tire. Keep that in mind if you’re looking. Remember, like I said before, watch all the
different videos on the Bridgestone family of tires as I dive in at a much more granular
level. The purpose of this video is really to de-mystify
really your starting point. Depending on what you ride and what your budget is, hopefully
you can dive in to one of these family of tires be able to narrow in to find the right
tire for the right application for the right budget for what you’re riding. Always, we want to hear your thoughts. If
you’re riding Battlax or Bridgestone tires for the first time, if you’re currently been
riding for a long period of time, leave us your comments and your feedback on our You
Tube channel, in the comments on this video, on the product detail page on our site. We’re
always here to answer your questions there and we always want to know what you’re opinion
is. As always too, if you need help call our gear
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way to save you some money by continuing to shop with us. Thanks for watching our Bridgestone tire guide
and brand overview. Hopefully we’ve de-mystified some of the families of tires from Bridgestone,
and from here we can offer you that great starting point. Find the full family of Bridgestone tires
at I’m Anthony. See you next time.

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