Breakdown on the Road, When RVing Doesn’t Go As Planned – Traveling Robert

Breakdown on the Road, When RVing Doesn’t Go As Planned – Traveling Robert

– Well for about two weeks now, Old Kia has been at this shop here. And let me tell you, the
Pennsylvania RV show, the Hershey show, it’s about a week away so I’m getting restless. Well that was Thursday morning. It is not Saturday night. And my suspicions were correct. Apparently they ran into
all kinds of problems, putting a new engine
into, a new engine yeah. Actually I’ll tell you all
about it tomorrow morning. I’m gonna hit the road now. ♪ I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my my RV, my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ (upbeat pensive music) – Well good morning. This is where I ended
up spending the night. Now let’s get some breakfast, shall we? And my favorite is usually Grandpa’s. I just had the Grandpa’s
Breakfast, which is my favorite. I arrived here last night,
whew what time was it? Like at 1:00 a.m. And it is now sevenish. I’m gonna take a quick break
and then hit the road again. This is where I slept. Very nice, very quiet. And we’re here in Vero Beach, Florida. And now as we hit the
road I’m gonna telL you what happened to the car. (upbeat music) Alright, let me tell you what happened. A little over two weeks ago I
took the car in for service. It needed it, you know I was
gonna embark on this long trip to New England, so you
know spark plugs, brakes, belts, the works. So what happened by the time I was supposed to pick up the car the service manager of the place tells me that there is a problem. They broke some hoses and
they had to replace them and they had to order them. It wouldn’t be ready ’til the next day. The next day he tells me that
when they turn over the engine for the first time it was
making a horrible noise and they were gonna fix it. Don’t worry. Well two weeks later I just got my car. And the consensus is,
and he isn’t even sure, but the consensus is that
a tiny piece of ceramic from one of the spark plugs fell into the engine somewhere in there. I’m not a mechanic, but I know the basics of internal combustion. I guess if something
falls into the cylinder and you fire up the engine,
that could cause some damage. To make a long story short, they had to get me a new engine. And it happened to be a long weekend so the new engine took
forever to get here to Miami. There to Miami, I’m not in Miami anymore. And then to add insult to injury, apparently when they were, you know when they took
everything apart, it’s an old car, so like all the hoses, they cracked. Everything started falling apart when they took everything out. And in order to put the engine back in they basically had to
put back all new hoses, all new cables, all new. Even the reservoir for the
coolant, everything is new. So the Kia is running great. I’m on the road again and
this video is going to be mostly on the road because I’m driving. I have to drive nonstop
if I want to make it to Hershey, Pennsylvania by Industry Day, which is the goal now. So I’m leaving much later
and I’m trying to arrive one day earlier, or at
least half a day earlier. So that’s the story. Enjoy the ride and if I can
show you anything on the way, I will. (upbeat music) I’m gonna stop here by Palm Coast to put gas and buy Ile’s favorite wine. And then off we go again. Passing downtown Jacksonville. And with that we say goodbye to Florida and hello to Georgia on my mind. Let’s go into the welcome center. Well hello everybody. I took a shower. Can you tell? It is very hot here in southern Georgia and northern Florida. And I’ll probably start breaking
a sweat here really soon but anyways let’s go
inside the welcome center, see what’s going on and what they have. Which, by the way, I am thinking of taking a more inland route, in
part because of the heat. Maybe you know if I hug the Appalachian
Mountains a little more it’ll be less hot, cooler. And according to Google it’s
only 20, 25 extra minutes. So it might be worth it. Anyway I’m doing pretty good time. It is, I’ve been here almost an hour. It is now almost 1:00
p.m. and I’m gonna see if I can get a Georgia map
and hit the road again. ♪ There’s no way to the sky ♪ – My original plan was
gonna explore this area, the Cumberland Islands. You know I wanted to
explore Cumberland Island and even a little further north, like Jekyll Island and all that. But of course you all know
that’s not gonna happen, right? Here we are. Got my map. Let’s continue. (man yelling) By the way, part of the
reason why I’m taking that more of a western, inland route, is check it out, it’s because I wanna avoid like the big cities like D.C., you know that eastern corridor can get a little busy sometimes. And I imagine it is hot. Let’s go north. Quickly, let’s go into the mountains. You see, that’s why I would
like to have it motorized. You just flip a switch and
you have air conditioning, you know generator. Unless I figure out a way to permanently mount a generator here, just right now, for the
time I’m gonna be here I don’t wanna carry the generator down, take out the cable, you know it’s, it’s a little bit of an ordeal. Let me show you what they
did here with the engine. By the way I still have sand
from Key West down there. You see, apparently all these hoses, all these cables they put new. The reservoir is new as well. The only the thing that
has me kind of nervous is that they didn’t put the plastic cover. I don’t know if that’s just ornamental or if that’s like something that helps anything with the engine. And this seems to be loose. Like they forgot to put a screw somewhere. I’ll figure it out. Anyways, let’s continue north. Next state is South Carolina. As I’m about to leave, I get recognized by this nice gentleman and his family. Sorry I didn’t get his name. But if you watch this
video, you made my day. As my travel woes are about to begin. A couple of miles down the road the check engine light came on. Engine vibrations and
loss of power followed. And I’m like, this is no good. Luckily they have Tires
Plus locations everywhere in this area. So I’ve decided to stop here in Brunswick to see if they can take a look at it. They don’t seem to be very busy, but they’ve said that they
cannot look at it until tomorrow. I understand, it is a Sunday afternoon. I’m just gonna use my OBD2 reader here to have an idea what is going on and get this show back on the road. Well the check engine light did turn on and it started running rough for a couple of miles back there. The code said something
about cylinder five misfire. But I cleared and I forgot
to take a screenshot. I’m sure it’ll happen again. I went to the Tires Plus, but they couldn’t do anything there. They didn’t have enough employees I guess. It’s Sunday. We’ll make it there. Since the misfire seems
to be very intermittent and 90% of the time the engine runs well, I’ve made the executive decision
to continue pushing north. Maybe it is just a glitch,
maybe I’m just a fool. But at this point, I’m
still kind of determined to make it to Hersey by tomorrow. Let’s stop here at the South
Carolina welcome center and take a break. Hmm, it looks like we have
a couple of stowaways here. Some much needed coffee and
on the road again we are. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s talk about gas mileage. Not great. Last fill up was at 9.87 miles per gallon, but it’s been hovering around nine. I thought with the new engine,
new spark plugs and all that, that I would get better mileage. But… It’s actually a little worse, which is, unexpected. I am going to take I-26 west now and make that inland detour. And there is the occasional rain. But this is my kind of landscape. Rolling hills which is a nice
change of scenery for sure. (bright music) As night begins to fall,
I arrive at Columbia, not the South American country, but South Carolina’s capital city. And check out exhibit A here on the left. There’s a Walmart nearby,
apparently RV friendly. So yeah, goodnight. Well I can’t sleep, so I’m
gonna hit the road early. By the way, good morning. I think we might get to Hershey today. I don’t know if you noticed, but I moved last night. I decided to come to the Cracker Barrel. That Walmart looked a little sketchy. And in my experience, if
a place looks sketchy, it usually is and it’s better
to err on the side of caution. So anyways it is now 5:30 a.m. And let’s try to beat
Charlotte’s rush hour traffic. (upbeat music) Hmm, well so much for beating
rush hour traffic, huh? And now it doesn’t look like Old Kia is going to make it very far. So I pull over to regroup here. I mean the misfiring is
still very intermittent, but it is evident that
it is getting worse. As we pass the Carowinds amusement park we are now in North Carolina. – [GPS] Welcome to North Carolina. – Thank you. The drive across Lake Norman
by the city of Mooresville. And by this point Old
Kia is limping along. Let me stop at this rest area here because I have to make a decision. But first, breakfast. Okay let me tell you what’s going on. I am here about an hour north
of Charlotte, North Carolina at this rest area. I just had breakfast. I put that OBD2 code reader and it says PO2O5 which is like, like an injector on the voltage or something like that. And then there is a B0305 which is a cylinder five misfire. I don’t know if that’s
something really serious, I don’t know if I’m gonna make it. Or if I should take it to a shop. You know there’s no Tire
Plus here in this area. But they told me that I could
take it to any Firestone. I don’t know if I should try to make it. I’m still about five to six
hours away from Hershey. I mean if I take it to a place
here I’m not gonna make it to Industry Day. So I don’t know, I’m in… What’s the word I’m looking for? You know what I mean? Indecision. Dilemma. Well I’m gonna have to
backtrack to Mooresville. I’m gonna take it to a Firestone. See what’s going on. Oh well. So I’m backtracking about 20 miles. Yeah I was gonna try to push it, see if I could make it, but
I’d rather get stuck here and not in the middle of nowhere. By the way, Mooresville here is home of many Nascar
racing teams and drivers. So it is probably also home of some of the best
mechanics in the world. So if I’m going to break down, this is probably the best
place in the nation for it. Well I’m boondocking at
the Firestone. (mumbles) (thoughtful music) Well I’m gonna start to do like Mike and say that my plan is not to have a plan because I did not have a plan to spend the night here in
Mooresville, North Carolina. But it looks that way. I’ve got my generator going back there. And apparently there is
one connector on the engine something that the people in Miami didn’t do correctly, apparently. And they’re ordering it,
it’s coming tomorrow morning, so by tomorrow morning, by tomorrow noon, I should be able to
depart towards Hershey, (babbles) I’m tired. Towards Hershey, Pennsylvania. And see some of the RV show
and meet some of the guys. I think I’m gonna edit
some video while I’m here. I’ll turn on the AC a little bit. Had I known I would have
leveled the RV a little better. But it’s not bad, it’s level enough. I’ll keep you posted. Oh by the way, did I mention
there’s a hurricane coming? Yeah, that too. I went to dinner with my friend and fellow YouTuber Brian
Wood and his family, but we didn’t even take a selfie. Well good morning from
Mooresville, North Carolina. Here I am, editing a little bit of video. I brought my generator in last night. It’s a little bit of a mess in here. There’s my mobile office
with my CDs and stuff. And here I am, boondocking
at the Firestone still. I’m going to make some coffee
now and some breakfast. And then I found the post office. I have to walk like 1/4 mile or so. And I’m gonna mail one CD
and then hopefully by noon, Kia will be ready. Wrap for breakfast. I put some ham, cheese,
chicken salad from Publix, some veggies and some Thousand
Island dressing on there. And one of these organic
Mission tortillas. The mechanic said that he’s going to, the parts arrive around 10, 11 ish. And the mechanic told me he
was gonna get right to it, you know he’s gonna drop
everything and get right to it. So he gonna get me out of here soon. So, I’m anticipating
between 12 and 1:00 p.m. I’ll be on the road but who knows. Well I just mailed a CD
here from this place. Now check it out, they have a Publix here. I know in New England
things might start to look a little unfamiliar, but at least for now, we’re still in Publix land. My mechanic here owns a vintage Dodge Ram. So you know he’s legit, right? Still, he’s been working
all day on Old Kia. And still there’s no solution
to the misfire problem. Alright everybody, quick update here. I’m trying not to lose my cool, but it’s been one of those days. I don’t know if I told you but
they are not able to fix Kia. It’s a little bit of a red tape issue with the Miami office and
the Miami original manager. I don’t know exactly what’s going on yet. But anyways I came to
U-haul to rent a truck. And unfortunately everybody, very nice here in this
town of Mooresville, but unfortunately their trucks only have the four pin connector, so it’s no good to tow Minitini. Now Richard, a viewer of a
friend here in Mooresville, he’s going to, he’s going to come, pick me up, we’re gonna pick up Minitini and I’m gonna be boondocking
at his home tonight. And hopefully all this
will get solved soon. I really do. I haven’t been filming much today because it’s been a little
bit of frustrating day, but hopefully tomorrow
we’ll get on the road and eventually begin the
real portion of this trip. We just arrived here at Richard’s house. And this gentleman,
what’s your name again? – Barry. – [Robert] Barry was so kind to tow me, tow Minitini with his truck. And I’m boondocking
here at Richard’s place. – Hey we got Robert all straightened out. – Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. – Don’t worry about it. – And hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to get a truck and get on the road before this hurricane passes through. – Listen, my house is your house. You can stay here as long as you want. Don’t worry about it. – Thank you so much. – You’re welcome, you’re welcome. – Wow, here are my luxury
accommodations for the night. (country music) That’s where Old Kia
is spending the night. Let’s take advantage that
we’re here at stoplight. Richard, where are we going? – We’re going to Tim’s Table. – Tim’s Table. – Tim’s Table in downtown Mooresville. – Let me tell you it’s
been a stressful day so I could use a nice
meal and an IPA is what– – Well you’ll get a nice meal, a good IPA. It’s, it’ll be good. – Yeah, it’ll be good. It’s been a stressful day but
it’s already getting better and tomorrow, I have a feeling tomorrow is gonna be almost back to normal. We’ll see.
– Yep, cool. – I have to find a truck. That’s the main thing. – Yeah, exactly. – Alright, talk to you guys later. – See you guys. One of the oldest hardware
stores in North Carolina, right here. It’s D.E. Turner. Such a great little place. It’s all original. They’re not open though, too bad. Oh it’s so cool. – [Robert] Local honey for sale. Alright, here we are. Let’s eat. Pretty cool place. I think I’m going to go
for the Cuban sandwich. – [Richard] Palm trees, I love it. (laughing) – Well let’s eat. And just like that, the pretty
stressful day comes to an end as the sun sets over
Mooresville, North Carolina. (thoughtful music) Good morning from my full
hookup site here at Richard’s. On the next video I will let you know how I finally got on the road again and escaped Hurricane Florence. How’s that for a cliffhanger? But before that, I would
like to express my gratitude to Richard Lima, who made me feel at home at a time of distress. His friend Barry, who towed Minitini and tried his best actually,
to get me a rental truck. To Brian Wood and his family,
friend and fellow YouTuber from Mooresville. Andrew just from south of Charlotte who also offered me
his home and his truck. And the many people, the many
many people on social media and everywhere who showed their support and offered to help. Even to drive several hours
to tow me and Minitini out of harm’s way. I will never forget this. And all I can say is, thank you from the bottom of my heart. (bright music)

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  1. Hello Robert So so sorry about your Kia. I'm just glad you were able to reach out to a friend and come to your rescue. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your mechanical problems. It is very stressful for anyone traveling to and from work alone by car, but to travel as you do with all that expense time and distance to cover is heart breaking.

  3. You got very lucky having a mechanic who admitted they made a mistake. Many, if not most, would just say, "It had that issue when it came in. We are not responsible." One of those fast lube places destroyed my daughter's Accord engine by running it with no oil and frying the main bearings. Of course they denied everything. It was obvious when opening the engine what had happened. It cost me $3500 for an oil change!

  4. Very nice, it restores your faith in people in general, when problems come your way and good people will step forward to help.

  5. Robert, sorry about "old Kia". Following your travels around the country, in my opinion I think you would be more comfortable in an SUV type vehicle rather than a truck. Just an opinion. Safe travels and good luck.

  6. Thanks for sharing the hard times as well as the great times of full time RVing. I appreciate your honesty and candor in this very frustrating time. I really enjoy all your video. Glad you're back on the road.

  7. Maybe I just don't understand the new engines being put into "tow vehicles" but that Kia seems to be at it's performance limits. It is what a 2.4 liter? Seems to small to me

    For me I would want a v6 of some sort to pull a trailer of that size.

    So does Firestone do warranty work for the tire and battery place?

  8. People do not take your vehicle for maintenance at a tire shop or body shop or oil change place. Let them work on what they specialize in and no more. Go to a a certified mechanic that specializes in your type of car or truck or vehicle, ie Japanese, German, American, Italian, Truck, RV, etc. I had a similar experience at Mr. Tire in 2000s. It was a stressful situation and never made right. I had to drive a broken car for 6 more years. Lesson learned. Always carry an OBD device to diagnose issues and use the internet.

  9. Robert, Great share! For those of You who offered to provide assistance along his way… On behalf of the Larger RV Community – THANK YOU for keeping your hearts open. Continued Success, Robert. BTW, please enjoy your next Moka and – Please, share with us a pic of your favorite Italian wine –

  10. I wish I had your optimism and positive thinking. I would never have trusted "tire changers" to replace my entire engine. Didn't the mechanic look at the porcelain of the spark plugs? They think it was a piece of that? Could have been a bolt?, maybe the one they didn't put back in your hood/grill. I'm surprised they actually got it running after installing it. And while the plastic engine cover is mostly for looks, where is it? That's your property. I hope in your travels you have good fortune and don't require wanna-be clown mechanics abuse your property. Again, I envy your trust and positive attitude, a real example for all.

  11. Your video showed patience under duress. I like your south Florida videos. Good luck in you travels. I wish I could drive long distances like you, but I wimp out after just a couple hours.

  12. My experience with Firestone is that they have some good mechanics, but they can be a little pricy. They wanted to replace things like brake calipers which a mechanic at another shop cleaned and inspected and said was ok, so my $1200 brake job at Firestone actually cost $450. I did this before my Alaska trip, and my brakes worked perfectly. I always get a price from Firestone because I like the manager, but I seldom get any real work done there.

  13. I think you got ripped off in Fla! A friend took her truck to one of those national chains…they called her with all kinds of problems with her vehicle. She grabbed our mechanical hero & he went there. He shamed them to pieces. The problem? A blown fuse! A $4.00 fuse…they had planned on tons of work & a bill towards $800.00. Beware. Search reviews on these places.

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  18. I feel for you, brother.  It's hard to find good quality and professional mechanic.  It's why I do my own maintenance and repair, if needed, on my vehicles.  I've been doing it since I was 16.  I thank my older brother, a Vietnam Veteran, who was an aircraft mechanic.

  19. Mooresville is great. I live there! Right next to Lake Norman which is awesome. You stopped in a nice location. As a recent SoFlo Transplant I was happy to see Publix come in a couple of years ago! Dont know about your mechanical experience but I hope you enjoyed the area….hard to find good Cuban food though!!!

  20. Robert I like your video and I’m sorry you had car problem in this trip. Take care , is your friend legranco Miami high .

  21. I don't mean to be rude, but are you concerned that you have a vehicle that has a max. towing capacity of around 3,500 lbs and the dry weight of your trailer is right at 3,000 lbs, with battery, propane, generator and all you carry, you are probably over gross towing capacity, be careful of an overheating transmission and wearing out vehicle components faster than usual….stay safe.

  22. Robert…Your a brave man to take your Kia on such a long trip after just having major engine work! And then to continue to drive with the check engine light and a misfire, while staying as cool as a cucumber! I could never hold it together like you did! Hats off too you!

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    Really so very fortunate for Richard's graciousness.. and for so many others offering to help him… but I have to tell you…
    I think there's definitely a lesson to be learned here… at one point I was looking at videos of people whose only home was their vehicle they were traveling around in or had sold their homes and were actually living in their vehicles.
    I don't think as many people would have offered them the kind of help that was offered here…. except maybe some from within their actual Community who are actually also living in their vehicles… especially to the older women who were living in their vehicles… I don't think as many people would have offered to help them, I am sorry to say.

  26. Towing with an under powered vehicle stresses the vehicle and increases the odds of failure.
    That trailer probably requires a V8 to easily tow. You will get better gas mileage and less breakdowns. It's easier to tow with a bigger vehicle because the trailer weight won't through around the towing vehicle.

  27. Cylinder miss fire could be the coil, spark plug, injector or cabling to injector or cable to spark plug if there is one. When you take most engines apart the cabling and connectors may fail because of engine heat. The car does not have to be that old for these kinds of problems. Most connections on cars today are pretty brittle and there lots of them. It's hard to take anything apart without breaking it once it exposed to the engine heat for a few years.

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    The worse gas mileage could be also the computer still adjusting to the driving pattern or the fuel system needs cleaning, injectors, fuel filter, etc.

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    While it's hard to tell from the brief shot you showed, I would be very confident in saying that they didn't replace your engine. Most of the stuff visible are parts that would have been reused, but from what it looks like most haven't been touched.

  40. Possibly fell in crap and still came out smelling like roses Robert! Awesome video with the realities of traveling. Great hook up at the end and kudos to those gentlemen and I think that is the essence of traveling. You go out with a plan and no plan at all makes things the most remembered!

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    It is recall issue and thankfully they had already extended the warranty to 120000 mi. cause it blew at 115,200.

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