Braking: Brake Yourself Fool! – The Racing Line Ep. 5

Braking: Brake Yourself Fool! – The Racing Line Ep. 5

it generates the most g’s on a racetrack
what am I talking about breaking of course and that’s what we’re talking
about today on the Racing Line but where do you brake well right here in
the brake zone these breaking markers give you a reference so you know just went to
slam them on when is that exactly when you start to see the bright white of the
pearly gates break market’s leading into the corner give you a reliable reference
to hit the same exact break points every time every lap without markers can be
difficult to find an exact breaking point for you to find your own a skid mark a
crack in the pavement a crime scene rough neighborhood so how late is too late
when I hurts your exit speed exit speed is king or to state the obvious if you
end up in the wall the wall is not your friend now we need to talk about antilock
brakes ABS has been around for the last couple of decades and in every new road
cars for years but there somewhere isn’t always allowed that’s racing some
serious emphasize human driver control over the computers so if you’re going to
be a racer learn the ins and outs of racing with ABS and without first I’m
going into a foot to the floor panic stop with ABS then I’m gonna do the same
without ABS and we’ll see what happens with ABS ABS is easy you just jam those brakes on computers do all the
work working and they quickly turn the brakes on and off without ABS as you can
see from the results ABS stop the car much faster than the
car without ABS but using abs still isn’t the best way to stop and we’ll get
into that later let’s do that again but this time I’ll try to steer with my
break to the floor avoiding this wall of cones cone navigation with ABS great thing about
yes that you maintain steering control like this is the car will still turn he even under heavy
braking cone navigation without ABS without ABS no matter what we do with the wheel we’ll still go
straight as you can see in on ABS car locks the tires continue straight on no
matter how much steering you give the other hand with ABS engage the car’s
computer adjust breaking so the wheels keep rotating and steering can still
happen and this leads us to the Tire Rack minute tires grab best with just a
little bit a slide too much and they’ll lock instantly losing bite losing steering
response and possibly ruining the tire the flat spot like we’ve done here just
flat spot throughout a race this is only going to get worse to tire will tend to lock up right there on that same place flat spots will hurt your lap times they
ruin a tire and if you haven’t figured this out tires win races for
what we learned so far the first rule of break club is to not lock up your tires
so what is the best way to break well there is no one best way it depends
on the situation and there are different types let’s start at the Max threshold
breaking a threshold
break is right on the edge of
the ABS it’s the strongest way to stop the car on track it’s when tires develop
their ultimate bite with just a bit of slip this type of breaking is the most
common and reserved for breaking when straight and balanced as you can see
threshold breaking stops just a bit faster than full abs and way faster than
locking up the wheels without ABS so threshold breaking can stop and a
shorter distance what’s the point of ABS on track well if you go just over the point of
threshold the ABS is there to make sure you don’t flat spot the tires and lose
steering even for professionals can be difficult to break perfectly at the
threshold every time brushing the break what’s the problem with threshold
breaking heartbreak transfers a ton of wieght forward unbalancing the car sometimes
a brush break is all that’s needed to balance the car for the turn a brush break can be good mid corner
very lite breaking point the nose and it transfers way to the steering tires and
improve their grip trail braking break hard and straight and then as you turn a lil
trail off the pedal this is erasers bestfriend because it loads the front tires helping
the car steer the tighter the turn the longer the trail break because as soon
as you go to the gas the front gets lite and the car straightens out
left foot braking automatically CTS and quickens the time to get to the brake pedal it may
only be milliseconds but that’s what wins races emergency braking and finally say
it’s lost control spun out you got no idea where the cars going next what’s the best thing to do take your
hands off the wheel sing Jesus take the wheel Jesus take the wheel no this is the time to lock ’em and lock em hard and get that clutch in too make sure you remain predictable and don’t
hold back on the track with the rest of the field barreling down upon you on
that note break late break hard and don’t break yourself driving enthusiast and
will see you next time on The Racing Line I’m at Road Atlanta racing a sportscar
152 miles an hour down the back straightaway I go to the brakes and I
get a hard pedel but no brakes are not very much and I thought wow and I drove the car
sideways cash the dirt underneath the bridge come out from under the bridge upside down in the air and I’m thinking
to myself I could end up in the hospital on this one and I get

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  1. "..thinking I could end up in the hospital on this one…. and I did" HAHAHAHA! The amount of thoughts that goes through the human mind in an instant as before/during a situation like an accident (or one which may be followed by regret) is just amazing.

  2. Threshold braking is hard to perform unless you're on smooth dry tracks. By the way, a little bit of front lock up is quicker into turn in with better combination of speed and arc length but again, the amount of slipping is hard to maintain and that's why car manufacturers are trying their best to tune their cars and try to reach the optimal handling. That's what I love to see.

  3. the second he asked jesus to take the wheel, my audio driver stopped working o.0
    Fucking windows 10 hates jesus 6:22

  4. oh finally … ive been a fan of this guy and when he appeared on roadkill i always thought Damn he would make a very good show on his own here… And there he is, and its awesome!

  5. Can you tell me about the segment on trail braking? With your foot on the brake pedal (I can left foot brake and often do as a normal motorist not as a racing car driver) do you still keep some acceleration or keep your foot off the pedal? Thank you for very informative videos. These are important even for non race drivers.

  6. Randy I've had respect for you from the beginning, but with this series, you really show your knowledge, teaching ability and humour. Never stop.

  7. I'm a little disappointed in the brevity of the left foot braking segment. Left foot braking can help weight transfer, balance in corners, can be used for trail braking, for preloading a differential, for staving off turbo lag… It's a driver's best friend.

  8. Let's say you're on a straight with your foot to the floor on the accelerator. When you want to brake before a turn do you mash the brake pedal right away or get on it slowly before pushing it in hard? Also, when you get back on the throttle after trail braking do you apply pressure slowly?

  9. He didnt mention how to emergency brake correctly without ABS. From what Ive learned, (on manual) you smash the clutch and brake pedal simultaneously and then right after you hit the end of brake pedal you let it off completely, then smash it again and repeat until you stop the car. If done correctly you wont lock the wheels.

  10. may we please have some more of Randy's adventures in racing please , he's got a great way of telling the story

  11. Did anyone else have Simon the IT guy from The Office in mind halfway through that last story? '… and they were going "well he's definitely dead now", landed it, pulled over and said "what were you worried about"'. Randy's matter of fact 'I could end up in the hospital on this one… and I did' just makes it that much funnier.

  12. Shame he did not show how to treshold brake in a car witout ABS cause mine 1989 mx5 stops better then a modern mx5 NC and its not all about the weight. The abs in the NC kicks in to early and the car makes more meters to stop.

  13. Great Video but need a more in depth one on this subject like how to find the best breaking point, what about should you slam them or gradually increase pressure, when to get back on the throttle in different breaking situations, what about Jackie Stewart's advice in TG for captain slow

  14. Hmmm I thought that with treshold you can only achieve max braking regarding one of the tires: you feel when it's about to slide and you don't go past that point: but who says all must skid at the same time, maybe the others can still carry some braking force. ABS helps achieve max braking on each wheel (at least ABS with independent wheel control). Why did your test with threshold give so much difference? I look forward to your answer I'm really curious. TY

  15. why did we not see the Thresh hold braking… 🙁 he did show ABS and with out ABS but not Thresh Hold braking..

  16. ABS gets disconnected in all my cars and motorcycles.

    ABS is awful if you actually know how to use the brakes… when that ABS kicks in its like hitting the throttle. it's absolutely horrible when it happens and it upsets the car to a huge degree.

  17. Thank you for these videos. My son is 10 years old and has started karting. I use your videos to help explain the proper racing techniques. He not only learns through listeni g and visuals but he also finds the videos funny and entertaining. Once again thank you

  18. I once met this church lady that totaled her car by letting go of the steering wheel when spinning out. I told her that's the last thing she should do, and asked her what compelled her to do it… yeah, that song.

  19. Everything that's useful for racing is also extremely convenieny for road safety. Every driver should be trained on emergency braking, steering, etc. If you have never pushed your car to the limits you'll never know how it's gonna respond or how you'll be able to manage it when you need it. Even oversteering, sliding, if not drifting, should be taught as well to every single driver, and how to drive on wet, icy, sandy, muddy, snowy, or gravelly surfaces

  20. Nice video…as an AMA Expert License holder it is very interesting the braking geometry of road race bikes vs. Race cars. As we have separate control of both the front brake and rear brakes what you can do with the brakes while cornering is much more dynamic.

  21. My CT200h in sport mode is all I need. With McPherson fronts and fully independent double wishbone rear. Front and rear anti-roll performance stabilizer bars, Super sticky Michelin Primacy MXM4.. I let the generative breaking slow me down into the corners before I mash the gas when leaving the corner 😂 Null to 100 kilometers in a blistering 11 seconds. Not to mention I still get 35MPG when driving like a lunatic (Zipping around town). Been 4 years and not a single mechanical issue… I'm super happy with my little lexus that could 😆. (The car is stock and comes with all that performance stuff to improve handling in an attempt to make up for acceleration. ) I think Lexus did a great job.

  22. Well to avoid locking the wheels without ABS, just sort of repeatedly pump the brakes in a manner that you don't lose control from all that shuddering of the car, but so you also don't slide like a sled.
    I went like a sled in my MR2 one wet day, from 40mph to stopped.

  23. Why are you locking the wheels without ABS?? This is stupid! If you use your brake pedal with care(not lock your wheels) you can stop faster without ABS. The key is to just let your wheels rotate (can feel it trough the steering wheel, and seat).

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