Bontrager R3 Road Tires

Bontrager R3 Road Tires

Faster rolling, longer lasting, with fewer flats. The R3 Hard-Case Lite road tire is an everyday road tire that is fast enough for race day and durable enough for every day. In developing and testing the R3, we wanted to really understand what happens when rubber hits the road. Most tires are tested on a steel drum with tires pumped up to 100+ PSI. But we know nobody rides that way, so we created the Trek Performance Lab. The Trek Performance Lab uses high-speed cameras, precise data collection, and a customizable rolling surface to recreate outdoor riding conditions. For the R3 tires, we compared different rubber compounds, tread patterns, and puncture protections. Then, we benchmarked them against ourselves and the competition. Science does not lie – the all-new R3 is faster in the lab, and in real world conditions. 7% less rolling resistance makes for a faster tire and a faster rider. A 22% increase in puncture protection means fewer flats. We nearly doubled the tread life to make sure the new R3 is a tire with performance that lasts. For the R3 tire, we created an all-new proprietary TR-Speed rubber compound that rolls faster and provides a longer tread life. We also added a lighter and more durable layer of puncture protection that feels supple and rolls smoothly. R3 tires feature a lightly treaded casing that adds traction and confidence without sacrificing rolling speed. The wider the tires in the family the more tread they get. All of these features add up to a faster, longer lasting road tire with fewer flats. The new R3 is not just better, it is best in class.

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  1. Not wanting to troll but it wouldn't be hard to better the old tyre. So this one is better than the old one, but how does it compare to the current crop?

  2. Still waiting for a response to a message I sent about my new Bontrager wheels where the rear hub seized after 5 months (It's been over a month despite your 48 hour reply note).
    If you can help me fix it then maybe I'll buy a pair of these to fit on them, deal?

  3. Make video on 2019 Trek bike.
    Someone please tell Trek to allow customers to pick a custum color for the bike

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