Bobcat tires Proscape customer success story

Hi! My name is Mohab Yakout I’m the aftermarket manager for Middle East
and North Africa working for Bobcat. Today we are here in Dubai in Expo 2020 project. This project is the key project in the region for the biggest event going to happen next year. This project works 24×7 Did you know that tires are very essential
in helping you manage your operating costs and achieving the best performance
over the lifetime or your machine? Choosing the right tire is very important and helping you have the best performance of your machine and also increase your productivity,
reduce your down-time and help you maintain your operating cost
to the minimum level over a longer period of time. Follow Proscape example
and select the right tire for the right job! Hi! I’m Adarsh from Proscape Company. Right now we are in front of Expo 2020 project,
one of our premium in UA. We have been working here for more than 19 years
in the construction and landscaping field and we are relying on the Bobcat machines,
on more than 50 Bobcat Skid Loaders in our fleet. In construction field the competition
is very high in this region, that’s why the efficiency is a key factor
of doing the business. Here the safety, reliability and efficiency
are the key points. Tires are key part in machine operational costs. I need to be sure that Bobcat Skid Loader will
work to maximum uptime and moving non-stop with as little punctures as possible. The biggest issue is to balance the performance and cost. Bobcat Heavy Duty tires offer the right
combination of service life, performance, traction and cost per hour. These tires have massive thread depth for longer life, ensuring that traction is never an issue
during off-road applications, even when working in difficult conditions. A lot of tires damage can be seen on sidewalls. That is why Heavy Duty tires
have extra thick sidewalls with impact guard, ensuring superior tire and rim protection
against punctures and damages. We know how high safety standards are for Proscape, that’s the reason why we have recommended
Heavy Duty tires for their Skid-Steer Loaders. They’ve given us a great feedback, and we consider
their success as our success as well! Of course, you can get a cheaper tire options,
but eventually, when you run a cost-per-hour analysis, you’ll find you are paying more for the cheaper tire by replacing it quite frequently. That’s why we always recommend Heavy Duty tires for their machines. When you decide to buy a tire,
you have to differentiate between ‘price’ and ‘cost’. Price is what you pay now for the tire,
cost is what you pay as an expenses
over longer period time and maintenance and replacing the tires. And for sure, you can find a lot of cheaper options
on the market, which can give you a better price, but we in Bobcat believe that we would give
you the best cost per hour analysis and we would give you the best value
for money that you would pay. Bobcat provides only optimized
and engineering-approved parts for your machine. We have tires that fit variety of different applications, from muddy soil, soft surfaces,
to very hard surfaces. You rely on your Skid Loader to do a hard and touch job, so choose the right tires that can work
as hard as your machine in the job.

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