BMW dynamic traction control, how to turn it off

BMW dynamic traction control, how to turn it off

It’s snowing here in Poland so it’s a
great opportunity to show you how the traction control works in BMW cars.
Somewhere on your dashboard you have this DTC button, we have it over here in
1-series, in 5-series E60 it’s somewhere around here. And this DTC button controls your dynamic traction control and you can switch it
off gradually or altogether. So the traction control will intervene not only
if your rear wheels are spinning but also if you take a too hard
turn and your front wheels are losing grip. Let me just say that a really short
press is not making any any changes in the car because there’s a
special system over here that prevents you from accidentally turning of your
traction control so the central locking can be locked and unlocked with a short
press and the DTC is not responding to a really short press. If you press and hold
it for a half a second you will see that we have the DTC message over here and
this means that the traction control will now allow you to some will spin. For
example if you are on the sandy surface or you have a fresh snow like we have
over here it would be best if your wheels are allowed to spin to
remove some of the snow to dig into the surface that you can hold on to.
So with this message your car is now allowed to will spin but will be not
allowed to drift. Turned all the system back on and now let’s present hold it
for five seconds. OK, with this message – with this warning
you have all of your traction control systems off and if you
have a safe environment like we have over here (we have a pretty much empty
parking lot with some snow) you can try to drift your car. Just be careful, stay
safe and don’t do it on public roads. OK, that’s pretty much it. Give me a
thumbs up if this video helped you. Check my other tutorials for BMW and other
cars and right now I’m going to check how this car handles sideways. See you

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  1. Witam..
    Rozladowal mi sie akumulator przy BMW X5 e53,po naladowaniu i zapaleniu swieci mi kontrola trakcji,moge ja usunac tym przyciskiem DTC? Dzieki….

  2. Next to the mileage there is a warning light near the three '000', I have this in my BMW what does it mean? How can i get rid of it?

  3. Wow your video saved me! I got a problem with DSC kicking in on every left turn because of corrosion which made it impossible to drive the car, but now I just turned it off alltogether and I can drive my car again! It's even more fun now than before as it slides sideways a little bit more on roundabouts.

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