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one example the Big Brand for us
especially the tire market especially the farm market is BKT which is a brand company in India currently BKT is in the replacement market, so they’re not
generally on original equipment yet but they are
huge player in the replacement tire market for farm tires and moving forward we are going to be seeing them original equipment on US brand tractors last fall we have the opportunity to
visit the BKT company in India and tour 4 or 5 plants and it was very interesting to see how important it was for them to test test test their research and development was
incredible and their really taking a lot of
market share especially outside the US home from major brands the top four
brands and as well as in the US and they just announced that they’re origional equipment on Monster Jam Trucks and shows that tour the country so that’s
a big branding US you can tell that they’re building their brand awareness in the US and we’ll be there to support it with our supply in the aftermarket yes i’ve seen them in the US original equipment on some major brand
new tractors this year and and moving forward so that’s a company that we do a lot of
business with excellent products we’re really happy to bring them on

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