Biggest street legal Ford 350 in Europe 54 inch tires in snow action – Iceland

Biggest street legal Ford 350 in Europe 54 inch tires in snow action – Iceland

Now you will go full power! if you look at Joey’s car there is a trace
between the tires cause of the housing Baldur go with him, he’s going to try the
car (Ford) bitc**s, just taking the road Well Baldur, how are you just fine where are we going …I have no idea Hveravelli yes, Hveravelli

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  1. Уделал как кутят всю классику проходимцев… С этой тварью только военный Камаз справится.

  2. What is the fuel consumption with these trucks? I get it they have big tanks and extra tanks etc., but are the engines not burning a lot of fuel in those snow conditions?

  3. Henry Ford (founder of Ford Automobiles) and Adolf Hitler admired each other's achievements. Adolf Hitler kept a life-size portrait of Ford next to his desk. "I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration," In July 1938, four months after the German annexation of Austria, Ford was awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest medal awarded by Nazi Germany to foreigners.
    Ford disliked the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and did not approve of U.S. involvement in the war.

    This is why i hate Ford

  4. Yea you boys and your high end shit!!!!!!!!!! Not everyfuckinbody has $150,000 to spend on a rig that doesn't spill coffee bounc'in through the arctic. I've body-off-frame restored 28 '67-'72 Chevy and GMC 4×4's and sold over 200 of them since 1980. Put 44" boggers on Chevy dana 60 front 205 t-case, 14 bolt rear both axles with air lockers by ARB, sm 465 4-speed with Gear Venders OVER/UNDER drive behind it, 572 Chevy crate with 250 single stage push button nitrous, 8 inch spring lift with air bags too, and to top off the ride some nice 1972 Cheyenne or CST package bucket seats with console and two point shoulder harness. Four single LED''s across front bumper/winch mount and two 50" light bars on cab top —one facing forward and one facing back and last of all two 10,000 lb. winches, one on front bumper and one on custom bracket under rear factory bumper. I can do this up with everything mentioned for $30,000 —-no labor cost. If your building this stuff that you love you eat the labor. You suckers better get into classics and put up a shop. What style truck would you rather see rolling down the highway? Wheel'in has gotten to be for grandmas!!!!!!!!! AND DAMMIT HAVE VIDEO TRANSLATED, HOW THE HELL CAN US ENGLISH SPEAKERS UNDERSTAND YOUR CONVO?

  5. woa an actual ford 350 thats not on the street 😀 awsome video
    and in my recomendation to my right is a f 350 with 0 ground clearence with giant crome weels .

  6. nice, from first seconds of movie I was thinking that's Iceland. Increadible view. Great cars to drive on this beautifull island.

  7. I plow snow for a living. I will say many times when I head out at midnight the roads look like what they are driving through. You just drop the plow and roll on through. I would hate to recover a vehicle out there.

  8. interesting to see what other countries consider big and what is allowed there… here in middle of USA in the farmlands if you are going lifted truck 50 inch is a minimum on tires pretty much… the F350 in this video is about our average for lifted trucks we use for mudding.

  9. what happens when you run out of fuel and you are not near a fuel station? and does the tires make the truck float over water or is the water shallow?

  10. This is amazing . this looks though .how much gas so this trucks hold cause from the looks of your video it's long drives.

  11. The amazing warm voice of Cesária Évora at 5:42 in the middle of all that snow… quite a contrast. Greetings fra Sørlandet, Norge. 🙂

  12. has that truck been deleted cuz if so you probably be driving over sand dunes and picking bananas off your back porch

  13. All them Riggs look like they was set up pretty nice had lockers on them that looks like a pretty tough group man good video

  14. I had the opportunity to ride in one of these trucks when I was in Iceland about ten years ago.
    It's incredible the amount of engineering that goes into these rigs.
    The owner explained how it was built. Even describing how they had to move the front axle forward so the massive tires wouldn't catch on the back of the fender wells.
    They really are set up more for glacier work though.
    The vibration through the cabin at speed on paved roads was a little disconcerting, due to the fact those huge tires can be difficult to balance.

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