Bicycle Repair & Ownership : How to Inflate a Bike Tire

Bicycle Repair & Ownership : How to Inflate a Bike Tire

Hi. I’m Travis from Mad Dog Cycles here in
Provo, Utah and we’re talking about how to inflate a tire. There’s several or two different
types of valve stems. This one for instance is a press a valve. The other one is a Schrader
valve like the American ones that you see on cars. What you want to do on a press is
unscrew this a little bit and maybe blast that open a little bit. Put the pump head
on. Pull up on the thumb lock right there and go ahead and just pump away. Okay. Make
sure and you check and see what the recommended pressure is for this tire like for instance
this is about 80psi. So you want to top it off to about 80 if that’s what you feel like
you need in there. Go ahead and remove, pull out, screw that cap or screw that press the
knob back down okay. Screw the cap back on. and that’s it.

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  1. 1. Get quality tires
    2. get (quality) tubes with car valves
    3. Fill them at the gas station

    Don't worry about flats!

    I do a lot of city riding (got a MTB) and this works really well.

  2. I think we are very aware of how to pump a bike, the only thing in this video that anybody could learn is that there are 2 different valves, and they don't even show what they look like. I'm unsubscribing now.

  3. thanks dude, to the simpletons like me though, could have done with a close up on how far you put the pump onto the valve.

  4. damb your dumb you don't even show the valve when you are placing the pump on it . and I thought I was dumb because I didn't know how to air up a tire

  5. Very helpful, thank you! I couldn't fathom out how to inflate my tyres as I'm a complete novice! But I now know I have a presta valve so after managing to lose all the air out of my tyres, they are now fully inflated 🙂

  6. How do you do this without deflating the tire as you remove it? Every time I pump up the tire I can’t get the pump nozzle off the valve before it completely blows out all the pressure. Maybe I have a crappy pump? Yes?

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