BFGoodrich Advantage TA Sport

I’m Terry Earwood from DeLand, Florida. And I have the privilege of teaching for 32 years now at Skip Barbara Racing School on BFGoodrich tires. So I’vem already pre-sold on the product. First thing we’ll do is a 0 to 50 miles an hour run to see — acceleration is not a lot — but to see where the car stops in a panic situation if somebody stepped off a curb, and we jam the brakes on, not only where does it stop but how did it feel. Tremendous amount of information through the tires. A lot of grip that’s a function of the silica in the tire and the structure. Keeps the entire contact patch nice and flat on the ground. Talking about structure in silica, we have an in-and-out slalom when we get to feel steering response, body roll — ot lack of — and then as we accelerate off, the corners, does it spin the tire? Or does it put the power to the ground. Little lane toss, trails from breaking that are off-ramp, and the cars nice and stable looking through the corner a little bit of the tire noise, which means we’re using the tire, and then squeeze the brakes for our no wake zone. So short course, we still got tremendous amount of feedback through the car, through the wheel, through the see, through the pedals. As to what’s the tire do it, everything starts and ends at the tire. So all that information is there. The more information you get, the better the car responds, the better driver you become, because instantly you feel better. You have more confidence. Acceleration again, we’ll do another panic stop, 50 miles an hour, jam on the brakes, and you can feel each individual tire working down. Look to the left. Our vision is our biggest asset. Where are you looking? I don’t care how smart car is, you gotta be looking. The lack of body roll as we flick it back and forth, and what that is a transition, Like if you had to dodge something on the street, and get back in your lane, how does the car feel to you. There’s a big difference from tire to tire. Like a bodyroll means a little G which insert is holding the tire up, which keeps the contact patch on the ground, which gives us our best rubber, for out best grip. Good tire, make you look good.

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