Best XC tires for mixed terrains

Best XC tires for mixed terrains

hey we’re out here today to tell you a little bit about to mixed terrain cross-country treads so first we’re gonna define what mixed terrain is and honestly it’s kind of a little bit of everything you got rocks yeah I got roots you got kind of twigs you got leaves you got some softer dirt that you can actually dig into and hardpack and what that leads to is the bars oh and the mezcal which are our two most popular mixed terrain cross country tires so how did we design these tires to excel in this kind of condition where you have a little bit of everything well the first thing we did was use an alternating Center Ridge tread design which basically does away with that classic row of knobs spaced row of knobs approach and what it does is it actually takes a symmetrical design but it shifts one side up and then in a little bit so it does interlock in the middle and what that does is provide a center Ridge when the tire spins so you have less rolling resistance in the center part of the tire where you spend a lot of your time both the mezcal and the bars are share this trait so you can actually see on the mezcal here that that alternating center ridge the mezcal we’re gonna start with that is a tread that’s really designed for dry applications into the mix and for that reason it has a bit less spacing between the knobs it also has a lower profile tread height so what that does is reduce weight reduce rolling resistance makes the tyre roll a little faster it also provides a little bit more surface area and why that matters is if you’re trying to say create some traction on a route like this these rubber knobs don’t dig into that root right you have to create the traction on top of that root so all those little sipes provide a tremendous amount of flex that then can kind of conform to this and provide traction likewise on that bars oh you have that alternating center Ridge and you have a bit more space it opens up a bit more as you transition from the center to the side so you basically allow for more dirt to pack against the effective edge providing a tremendous amount of purchase on off camber situations and just in general cornering each one of those knobs kind of works like a little soccer cleat if you think about it that way and that extra room allows for that tread to clean nicely as it rolls so this is gonna have a bit more tread depth as well as spacing compared to the mezcal and it’s kind of meant for more of a mixed application into more technical applications such as say wet conditions and rocks and things like that both are proven at the World Cup level the Barza won World Championships in 2015 and the mezcal has won multiple national championships as well as European Championships both of them share the graphene 2.0 compound which is new for this year and it is optimised for wet weather mountain bike use so it is going to be very tacky on wet rocks and roots things like that it’s gonna roll really fast it’s gonna also provide a nice amount of puncture protection as a result as well as longevity so that graphene 2.0 compound is put down using a 4c application so there’s four compounds across this tire actually there’s one two in the middle three four on the sides and so there’s a base and then a surface and so the base is to provide stability the surface is to provide traction and that happens like I said both in the center as well as the side so that is a quick tutorial on this mixed condition terrain and for more information on sizing casings all that kind of stuff please visit Vittoria comm thanks

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  1. Two of the best xc tires on the market and I've tried em all. Took Barzos to Bentonville last year and passed lots of folks in the Oz Trails 50 fixing flats. Zero issues for me.

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