BEST Winter Tires for 2018

BEST Winter Tires for 2018

(chill music) – Ready?
– [Man] Yeah. (cracking) – Oh! – [Man] That sounded brutal. – It was. Everything hurts. – [Man] Yeah, it’s getting cold. – Pain is weakness leaving the body. Are we recording?
– [Man] Yes, we are. – Oh (beep). (laughing) All right, so if you guys didn’t know, in certain states, there
is this weird white stuff that comes from the sky, and what it does is it makes the ground cold. (screaming)
(gravel pinging) Makes it slippery. (thuds)
(screams) Makes in uncomfortable. – [Driver] What the hell are you doing? No! No! No!
– You can’t do much on it. (trance music) (beeps)
(crunches) Besides judge it tremendously, pour salt on it, and pray it goes away, and I’m not talking about any sort of diseases or anything that would come out of your hair if you
scratched your head too hard. We’re talking about
winter, and we’re talking about how, if you live up north, or you don’t live in Texas and California, which just happens to be 80% of where everybody lives, you have to deal with winter time, which means if you’re driving your car all year round, you need some tires that are gonna get you from point a to point b without miraculously getting into point d, which you never actually
anticipated going to, because you slid into some sort of ditch or somebody’s house, in which case, both happen every single year. And every single time it snows up here, in Wisconsin, we always see some ridiculous story of somebody flying into the third story dorm room because they just didn’t
have winter tires. So we thought we would help you. We are here to save children. We are here to save college students, because we’re here, doing
the government service by telling you the best winter tires that you should probably
think about buying if you’re looking to get a
good set of winter tires. So I’m Alex, from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe,
and we’re gonna jump right into it, starting off with
probably the most iconic tire. And for you guys to understand, we are going for what we really think is just one of the best winter tires. Now, there are other winter tires out there, so if you don’t hear your favorite brand, don’t get mad, but these are ones that we’ve ran in the past, that we’ve really enjoyed, and that a lot of people that we help get these tires, they’ve
really enjoyed, as well. So we’re starting off with Blizzaks WS80. So the predecessor was the WS70, which did have some
very good things to it, but the WS80 is actually
a really big step up, in terms of (stutters)
technological advancement. I don’t know why that was so hard to say, and a bunch of other stuff, and we’re gonna get right into it. So it uses NanoProTech multicell compound, which is just water-loving
hydrophilic coating, and essentially what it does is it keeps water at bay
when you’re going through in winter, and slush, and
everything in between. Now, one of the biggest misconceptions is that the more tread that you have on a winter tire, the better off you’ll be, and that’s not true. It all comes down to the channels, and how it disperses the
snow and slush the best way, that’s gonna get you the
best traction, hands-down. And it’s the same thing with ice. So what it also has is what we call these microscopic bite particles, which are like these mini studs, and they allow the
compound to stay flexible in freezing conditions below, obviously, zero degrees, and everything like that. What it honestly really allows you to do, is when your tire is running around on this freezing,
cold slushy ground that we love to call our native roads, six months out of the
year, these particles, and this coating, essentially
helps the water stay away from the tread, pushes it away, and that also just gets as much traction onto the ground, to help
the tire stay connected. And what it also does,
is with the channels that are set up with the tread design, is it evacuates the water in a way that actually keeps it away from the inside of the tire, versus
the outside of the tire. So it actually escapes the water away from the vehicle, which helps a lot, in terms of, if you have the same tires on the front and the back. And those little bite particles act as studs on the tire, which is really cool, and it’s molded
in a directional tread design, which helps with that channel water, and all the slow slush,
and all that sort of stuff. The WS80 has these zig-zag sipes, which essentially help
with all the channeling for the water, and everything like that. Now, the WS80 isn’t the
most affordable winter tire, but it is probably one of the best, and if you go out on the internet, a lot of people will say WS80, or Blizzak, or bust, because there really isn’t anything else like it, in terms of a lot of the testing
that they do with this tire. It competes on dry performance. It competes on wet performance. It competes on cold performance,
as some of the best. But where the WS80 truly shines is in its actual mix of water and snow, and everything that has to do with slush. It does the best, in terms of
going against the competition in the conditions that
aren’t just one thing. It does great when it’s raining,
and also when it’s cold. It does amazing when there’s slush, and there’s snow on the ground, which, if you guys didn’t know, slush behaves a whole
different way than snow does. So WS80 takes our number one spot for one of the best winter
tires you can buy right now. So if you’re looking for a tire because, let’s say, you just happen
to drive an Aston Martin in the winter time, and you
just don’t wanna be a pleb, driving on some normal winter tires, because they only come in a 220, 550, 517, and you want some sporty sizing, and some sporty high-profile winter tires, you actually might find out that Blizzak also made a tire for the six of you that would probably ever buy it. But it’s actually a very good tire, and it’s called the LM32. So the LM32 was a tire that
was originally designed for the Aston Martin winter lineup, and it was something so
that they could drive these cars in the winter time, that would also be kind of a
sportier-style tread design, give you a little bit more
of a low-profile tire, but still give you all the benefits of being an actual winter tire. And we found a lot of
success with the LM32, especially considering what people want in a winter tire, these
days, is not just function. They want it to also look nice. I have to burp. I forgot to breathe. So the tread compound features
a unique polymer tech, and to enhance the cold weather traction. It does a lot of stuff, essentially, just to help it with the
colder inclement weather. Now, it’s not gonna be as fantastical as the WS80, in terms of
the freezing temperature, but it’s gonna do a great job at handling the
less-than-stellar temperature. So if you’re one of those people that live, let’s say, in
South or North Carolina, that sometimes get that weird weather, or maybe you live in north Texas, and you pray you lived in south Texas, ’cause north Texas actually gets weather, you actually would probably pick up some LM32s, because
they’re gonna behave exactly how you want,
pretty much all the time. You really don’t need the WS80s unless you’re living in a climate that really does need some heavy, aggressive winter tires, because, a lot of times, if you’re
getting a little bit of snow, or a little bit of ice, or a little bit of slush,
you’re not gonna need the WS80, because it’s more for
the aggressive setups. It’s for the people up here, in Wisconsin, or Canada, or Minnesota,
that get 16 inches of snow overnight, and you still have to make it into work the next morning, because your boss, Jim, is an (beep), and he doesn’t understand that your house, that’s 16 miles away, is no possible way that any sort of plow is going to get to your house in a country road. I remember living in the country. Nobody comes to plow
the road for 18 hours, and you are stuck inside, and it sucks. And in case you guys are wondering, from down south, yes, we
legitimately do get stuck in our houses, sometimes. It’s kinda weird. You’d think it would be fun. It’s really not, ’cause then you have to plow, and it’s just
this video’s bringing back harrowing visions of my origin. It’s just terrible. So the LM32 has rounded shoulders, to promote dry and wet handling. It has stepped independent
tread blocks, and sipes, that helps increase the biting
edges, to increase grip, which the shoulder’s
gonna help a lot with. It’s gonna help with turning,
and things like that, as well. It also allows the tire
to combine winter traction with the h minus v, w
minus rated speed quality. It’s branded with the 3PMSF symbols, so if you guys wanna know what that is, you can go on the internet and look into it, because it’s boring, and only the people that would really tell you that would probably be somebody that was ordering an IPA at a bar nobody heard of, because
really, it doesn’t matter. It’s a good tire, but
the, come on, really? Are we really gonna do this? I would say one of the coolest things about the LM32, though, is the fact that there are these
snow platform indicators that are molded into the tire, to tell the driver when the tires, snow, and ice capabilities
will be reduced. So it’s something that
just helps people figure out if the tire is still gonna be able to do what it wants to do,
and that’s pretty neat. There’s a lot of tires
that are getting smarter. There’s a lot of tires that are getting more environmentally-friendly, and there’s some pretty
cool stuff coming out there, and the LM32 is kind of one of those tires where you do get to see a little bit more user-friendly technology, versus the WS80, which
is just pretty much built to be a tank, and to handle everything. And the third one we have is
the Firestone Winterforce 2, which sounds like a username I made on the Xbox 360, 10 years ago, but at the same time, it
is a very good winter tire. If you guys are looking to get out of the Blizzak sort of range,
or something like that, and you wanna go into the Firestone range, which is actually a
kind of a play on words, but is also a very good tire, this is something that you could honestly pick up. It comes in a lot of pretty decent sizes, and the pricing isn’t terrible, considering what you’re buying, especially for winter-specific tires. If you guys haven’t watched
our previous videos, we talk about all-seasons, versus summer, versus winter, winter being some of the most expensive
tires that you can buy, right next to summer-specific tires. And this is kinda something that’s not gonna be as pricey, but it’s still gonna give you great
bang for your budget. Now, with the Firestone Winterforce 2, you get deep circumferential (splutters), deep circumferential circles,
wide lateral notches, and open-shoulder slots,
that channel slush and standing water away
from the contact patch to avoid hydroplaning. It’s also a stud-able tire, as well, so in case you wanted us to stud your tires, to be a cool kid on the block, you can actually do this,
with the Winterforce 2. I had to look at the name, again, because I just can’t get over the name. Winterforce. It’s just kind of a weird name, I’m sorry. Anyway, moving forward, another thing, is it has a high-step
density tread pattern. You have a lot of biting
edges, that helps. The internal structure
has twin steel belts, which is super nice. It has a polyester casing
to combine strength and ride quality, and it’s also branded with all the sorts of symbols and things that you would want to expect
from a good winter tire. So if you guys are out there, and you’re looking at tires, and you wanna get something affordable, these might not be your option, in which case, if you’re looking for something more affordable, let us know
in the comments section below. And you can actually
check out winter tires at,
there’s the plug. But let us know in the comments section if you want us to talk about
different kinds of tires. In our eyes, we’ve seen a lot
of people run these three. We see a lot of people running the WS80. We see a lot of people running the LM32s, for a sportier style, more
of like a milder winter tire. Then, of course, we do
see the Winterforce 2, on occasion, not as
frequently as the other two, but still something that I think
Firestone does pretty well, is with that tire. So let us know what you guys want us to talk about next, in
the comments section below. Don’t forget to subscribe. I’m Alex, from Fitment Industries, and we will see you later. Peace. (chill music)

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  1. Unrelated, but you guys should do a "The Truth About Nokian Tires," since they're starting to spread their R&D to more tire types besides their Hakkapeliittas in the US. Pretty good bang for your buck stuff.

  2. Blizzaks does best in slush. General perform better on ice. fyi its mandatory to drive studded tire in most of Alaska. We did a test with a friend my studded tires in 2 wheel drive out performed his wrx with blizzaks.

  3. i am just over here in north dakota running 295/45r20 toyo proxy s/t on my 02 yukon i should probably put it in 4wd but rather know what the road is like than driving through a ditch at 80mph

  4. I have worn all seasons😂😂 that’s not it….. I also need an alignment….that’s not it… I also need…. my front control arms replaced, one of my front inner tie rods, both front cv axels, both ball joints, and a bunch of bushings. Oh and my brake lines are rotted and my model year is the only year not under warranty. Yes it’s terrifying, yes I’m an idiot. But I don’t have over $2k for it so I’m just going to live it out until December when I get a new car🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Thank god for California weather. We rarely get serious winter storms here. Props to those that do have to fight through snow!

  6. My hankook Ventus v2 concept2 are NOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD in snow or ice . Dry and wet they do great . Once it’s too cold forget about it .

  7. Dude. I run lm 32s in new hampshire in all the worst storms in my 2017 mustang gt and its great. Absolutely fine even with 5 or 6 inches on the road. Im sure the ws80s are better but lm 32s are not the least bit sketchy

  8. Affordable winter tires? Hankook I*Pike RS W419. Studdable, 30% cheaper than the Blizzak WS80, and holy crap they have a lot of traction for the price.

    I run them on my 06 legacy GT (turbo) and I can't even do donuts in the snow if I want to. They are too grippy haha. The only time they ever spin is on sheet ice, either caused by neglected roads with refrozen slush, or freezing rain/ fog

  9. Swedish here, Nokian hakka 8 & Kumho Winter craft is among the best for our roads. Both are studded though, but you just need to run studded here when winter comes.

  10. I’m surprised there was no mention of the Nokia’s Hakka’s or the Michelin xi3’s. Even the conti wintercontact SI’s.

  11. "… or if you don't live in Texas or California, which is like happens to be 80% of where everybody lives…"
    An American just being american.

  12. Yeah, Bridgestone, Firestone in Europe are not so good, even in tests, but i think it is because of different weather conditions. But nice review.

  13. I personally run LM-32's because that is what was available to me when I moved to MN from Cali last winter. They get the job done on my Genesis Coupe I just threw some sand bags in the trunk and haven't had any real issues. Definitely going to switch to a Jeep, subaru, or evo, but until then so far so good. Might have to grab a new set of tires when I buy new rims, might try Nokian out.

  14. Yee Yee just got my Nokian Hikkapeliitta R2s for the northeast. Switched From blizzaks ws60, very good tire when new . Above 55 mph was sketch especially on a windy day. Love the raw hilarious content, no shame 👍🙌👌. Winter forces are a great option.

  15. I have michelin xice3’s right now and they are OK, i feel like the blizzaks grip better on ice, they feel like grappling hooks on ice

  16. As far as the Blizzak ws 80. It is a dual compound tread. Once the tread wears down it performs more like a all season with more aggressive lugs.
    I contacted Bridgstone last week about this and this is what they said… and I quote.
    "When the Blizzak WS80 is 50% worn, a tread depth indicator molded into the tread design lets the driver know that only 10% of the remaining tread is Mutlicell compound."
    That to me says it all…. Do yourself a favor and get some Nokian's or Michelin x ice's.

  17. I only Run General Altimax Arctics, and now Altimax Arctic 12s! They are FAR better than Blizzaks IMO. Ive run Blizzaks & Altimax Arctics on my STi and Altimax Arctics & Arctic 12s on my Evo 8. Its damn near impossible to break traction.
    You have the option to run studs if you plan on strictly driving in Snow/Ice conditions, but i never have run the studs, and i still think ther better than any other option. Not only do they perform better than Blizzaks, but they are so much cheaper!
    This is what i paid:
    -General Altimax Arctic's
    -General Altimax Arctic's
    -(New)General Altimax Arctic 12s
    I doubt that i'll be trying any other Winter/Snow Tires anytime soon!

  18. You guys should make a video on winter tires that focus on dry/ wet road performance as well, aka they won’t ruin the handling of your car when you aren’t in the snow. Perrelli and Dunlop both make tires like this

  19. I currently use Pirelli Sottozero 2’s on my Mercedes and they’re awesome but if I do end up getting a C63 I’ll definitely get the Nokia’s Hakkapelita 9’s studded (they’re allowed in my area for specific months)

  20. I've run Blizzaks and Winterforce tires, and both are very good. One big tip I can give you with winter tires is to get them mounted on their own rims. Re-mounting a tire can be risky and it's best not attempted more than once or twice. And when the tires wear out, you can re-use the rims for the next set.

    Now if you want something with studs you're going to want to look elsewhere. And of course check your local laws when it comes to running studded tires.

  21. If I get a good set of winter tires is it ok to use them all year around ? My issue is I don't have anywhere to store my all seasons when I put winter tires on . Is it worth just getting winter tires for everything? Or is that bad idea ?

  22. I got lm32s and I think they are warn out now. Used them for 3 winters flawlessly. This winter it’s not performing that great. Maybe I should have been easier on them on the dry roads

  23. Winter tires come in several varieties all designed for different use.
    Dedicated snow tires have deep aggressive wide spaced tread made to hold and grip snow which is what you want on untreated roads.
    Ice tires have less aggressive close spaced tread that is not as deep so they perform better on ice but lack snow performance so are better for city driving on plowed roads.
    Performance winters also have little tread depth and focus instead on stiff sidewalls and tread patterns that shed water for handling so they too are not good for untreated roads and snow.
    For maximum traction, Snow tires with studs is by far the best
    for untreated roads.
    Simply reading snake oil literature from.tire companies

  24. Alway entertaining when millennials finally discover 100 year old tire technology.
    …. ..
    Wait till they discover sliced bread! LMAO!!

  25. I just got a set of 235 40 18 blizzak ws80 for my 2018 focus st I tried to get the car stuck here in Michigan and I only got it stuck when I beached it

  26. What a great vid. This guy has got great commentary and provides interesting explanations. You have earned another sub.

  27. I need so advice…I live in Escanaba,Mi and I'm sure you know the winters are brutal…I can afford to do a winter specific tire can you suggest a all weather tire that will do well in the winters but also runs quiet and is great for the summer also…my vehicle is a 2013 ford escape

  28. Idk, if you have them in us, but we have continental ContiIceContanct 2 tires. Hands down, 1 of 4 best tires available

  29. I would arguethat those clips were from stupidity, not traction. That being said, I love winter tires and recommend them to everyone I know. For what it's worth, I'm a technician in MN.

  30. My tires are made up of a 50/50 combination of salt and sand with high grade steel studs needless to say I never wipe out or get stuck

  31. Watched this video just to find out what tires I could use for grass roots rally racing. 245 40 R17s are hard to find in actual rally tires man

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