Best Way To Mount Tires?

Best Way To Mount Tires?

welcome back everyone I have been
looking forward to shooting this video for a while now so I’ve had this tool
sitting in my toolbox for a few months and I haven’t had the chance to use it
until today alright here’s what I’ve got going on today I’ll be mounting up this
fresh set of dunlop MX series tires that rocky mountain sent over which while
we’re on the subject Rocky Mountain has the best prices on
tires hands down and these tires are going onto this beautiful set of wheels
that I built in the last video so the tool is referring to is the Baja no
pinch tire tool and like I said I’ve been waiting for months to try this
thing out I’m super excited here’s what Baja provides you with in the kit we’ve
got the push rod this is what hooks onto the bead of the tire and pushes it over
the rim and then the lever and for different sized axles for different
sized wheel bearings so the axle slide in the wheel bearings just like the
normal axle would Purple’s for the rear a pretty snug fit and the blue should be
for the front that one fits pretty good as well so here’s a really quick
demonstration before I show you the real thing the lever just screws right onto
the axle here and then I’ll slide in the push rod it’s pretty easy to see why
this would work so well we’ve got a nice big handle for some leverage here and as
you move the handle it’ll push the tire over the rim let’s give it a shot before
I get started got to make sure I’ve got the rim locks and rim bands into place
if you don’t have rim bands you can always use duct tape the wheels are
ready to go just gonna prep the tires and tubes now I prefer to start with the
tube in the tire but before I put them in I’m gonna dump in some baby powder
and that’ll prevent the tire and tube from chafing against each other got a
good amount of baby powder in there just gonna roll it around so that way it’s
spread out evenly the cool part about it the baby powder makes the tire chain
you’d process smell pretty good and now I’m just feeding the tube into the tire
I’ve always found it’s a bit easier to mount tires with the tube rdn to get the tubes situated inside the
tire I’ll add a little bit of pressure to the tube and then pull the valve stem
out getting it nice and settled inside the tire that way it’s not interfering
when I’m trying to put the tire onto the rim and then pulling off the valve stem
ensures that there’s no pressure left in the tube I apologize I was calling to
the stem so I’m gonna leave the valve stem core out of the tube for the entire
process let’s mount some tires already so I’ve got my handy tire changing sand
which is available from Rocky Mountain link down below but I’ll have to pull
out the center axle so that way I can use the Baja tire tool and as far as the
tire mounting Lube I’ve had good luck with this llaman lube stuff and yeah it
does work on Honda steel all right I’m gonna begin with the front wheel and
front tire first thing I’m gonna check to see if the tire is directional and it
looks like it is we’ve got an arrow right here pointing the direction of
travel is this way so if I were to mount the tire like this
it would be on backwards so I’m gonna flip it around first step is to line up
the bow stem with the hole on the rim get have to pull the tube out of the
tire a little bit no I almost forgot there are two nuts here on the Bell stem
and I’ll need to remove one of them so there should be one nut on the inside of
the rim and one on the outside so for now I’m just gonna thread this other nut
on to keep the tube into place then I’m gonna do my best to push the tire on by
hand that’s about as far as I can get it I’m getting excited to try out this tool
now I’ve been playing with this tool a little bit just trying to get the
tension right it looks like however far the axle is
threaded into the handle that determines the amount of tension put on the gears
here so if you have it threaded in too far you can see pretty stiff not really
wanting to really move much or move freely and then too loose and it’ll just
be sloppy and it’ll wear out the gears so before you use the tool at all
definitely want to make sure the tension is somewhere in the middle there I’m
gonna thread in the axle all the way and go about a half or a three-quarter turn
out see how that is feels pretty firm but not loose to the
point where it’s gonna wear out the gears and then to lock it in at that
tension I’m just gonna tighten down the allen bolt here it’s pretty
self-explanatory how this works it’s basically pushing the tire over the rim aha that is so awesome super cool and of
course with any tire mounting you want to make sure the tube is tucked inside
the tire that way there’s no chance of pinching it but with this thing the
chances of pinching a tube are very slim what I’m really impressed with so far is
the tool doesn’t touch the rim at all so it’s not gonna scratch up your brand-new
rims I’ve got one side of the tower
completely on just seem to get the rim lock inside of the tire now and how I’m
gonna do this is by using a couple tire levers to pull the tire over the rim
lock so that way the rim lock slips inside and of course to protect the rim
I’ve got some rim protectors here and these just snap onto the edge of the rim
like so definitely not going to hurt to spray a little bit of lubricant inside
here as soon as I pull the tire over the
other edge of the rim lock it’s gonna push the rim lock up inside the tire just like that and then release the
levers and we’re in so that should be the only labor involved with mounting
this tire just gonna freshen up here on the lube before I start on this side so
I’m gonna start over here at the valve stem and work my way towards the rim
lock and just to make things go a little bit easier I’m gonna throw in a bead
buddy to hold the tire down while I’m working my way around and when you’re using this tool you got
to keep it down flush against the hub that way you get the right angle on the
tire and keep your bead down inside the rim
this will allow for a lot more space over here for mounting as I’m working my way towards the last
little bit here just continually checking to see that the beat of the
tire is down inside the rim given me as much room on this side as possible as
with any new tool there’s a bit of a learning process and on that last push I
went just a little too far and I nicked the rim but you know what that’s part of
it nothing a Sharpie can’t fix good as new I will not be doing that again
now I’m gonna pop this valve stem core back in and add some pressure to the
tube just going to add enough pressure until the bead seats on the rim looks like I’ve got a seated bead on
both sides all the way around last step is to set the tire pressure and tighten
down the rim lock on front tires I like my pressure set at 14 psi oh boy we’re
at like 40 so on the valve stem you definitely want to run a rubber grommet
followed up with a valve stem cap I find that if you have a nut on there
tightened all the way down it’ll restrict a tube from moving around
and could possibly rip off the valve stem inside the tube this is the rubber
grommet I’m talking about just slides right over and then I’ve got a sweet
little valve stem cap here already scraped up I don’t have to worry about
scratching that one and then for the rim lock I’m gonna replace this ugly-looking
nut with a red anodized one and it’s always a good idea to apply some
anti-seize to the rim lock since these are susceptible to corrosion well the front wheel is all done and I’d
say she looks pretty good everything went pretty smoothly except for that
little nick which is just minor details stuff happens
all right let’s bust out this rear tire the rear tire definitely went on a lot
smoother than the front did one thing I learned with this tool is you don’t want
to push the tire over the rim too far you just want to push it right up to the
edge and then it’ll slip over the rim push it any farther than that
and you’re just risking scratching the rim overall I’m pretty happy with the
Baja no pinch tire tool just like anything else there is a learning curve
to it it’ll take a tire to to really learn the intricacies of this tool it
does make the process of mounting a tire less labor and as they get better with
it I’m sure it’ll be quicker as well definitely got a thumbs up in my book to
check these things out head over to Baja no pinch com I’ll put the link down
below I’m gonna wrap up the video right here
if you enjoyed it make sure you drop a like or a comment down below and once
again big big thank you to Rocky Mountain and Baja no pinch tire tools
for helping out with this video if you want to see all the parts and tools I
use throughout this video check the links down below and I want you guys to
hang in there I’ve got some big plans in the works for the upcoming videos I will
see you all in the next video later you

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