Hi! Tell me guys? What is an off road vehicle? Big cars with big wheels, high clearance and
four wheel drive? That`s what they are usually. But why not go a little further than that?
Let`s have a look at some of the most unusual off road vehicles you most likely never heard
of before! 1. Check out Ripsaw EV2. This all-terrain
vehicle looks a lot more like a tank and it definitely stands out among it`s peers.
Developed by Howeand Howe Technologies this monster combines speed, passability and maneuverability.
There isn’t a place this baby can`t go through. Any type of terrain, any weather conditions.
Ripsaw can handle it all. Apart from being very capable in terms of
it`s practicability, this vehicle can go pretty fast. And what`s most peculiar is that it
drifts! Thanks to modern composite, high strength
materials it weights only 4.5 ton. Believe me, that’s nothing for a vehicle of this
caliber. The creators call their brain child a supercar among all terrain vehicles. It
doesn’t have any type of armor and it`s got super modern caterpillars. Inside, there
is a powerful diesel engine that works in perfect harmony with a hydrostatic transmission.
Count to five and you`ll see it reach 80 kmph. Imagine this thing go 100 kilometers per hour
on rough terrain. That must be one hell of a show! 2. Once you see Avtoros Shaman, you can`t
get your eyes off it. Indeed, it looks quite unfamiliar. If you ask me, i`ve never seen
anything like it before. It doesn`t look like most cars.
The first thing you notice of course is that it`s freakishly massive. It is 6.3 meters
long, 2.5 meters wide and 2.7 meters high. It`s got wheels and uses low pressure tiers.
There are three drive modes: On-road, off-road and a so-called crab mode that makes it go
sideways. This guy is a great swimmer! It crosses swamps and gullies like no other.
And it does it in a way that passengers don`t even notice.
The frame of the car is airtight and resembles a kind of boat. Inside, there is a 4 cylinder
176 horsepower Iveco F1C engine. There are two fuel tanks with the total capacity
of 260 liters. Average fuel consumption is 25 liters but you can`t really speculate what
it`s gonna be on rough terrain because it would depend on many factors. 3. Recently, Toyo Tires launched a very impressive
video of a pretty creepy-looking vehicle of a military origin. It is a very unique, super
modified all-terrain finish that used to be a part of the British army. So the main goal
was to make it peaceful. Ferret is a British armored car that was developed
back in the late forties. The total of 4400 copies were made. But the one you see in Open
Country M/T commercial video is one of a kind! Ferret was modified by the Californian company
Action Vehicle Engineering. 6 liter Rolls-Royce motor was replaced by the Chevrolet Corvette
LS V8. We don`t really know what goes in sausages at this point because they keep it a secret
but one thing is clear though, this thing got a lot more powerful and it is way faster
than your regular al-terrain. What we do know for sure however is that they use King shock
absorbers. That is to allow for better energy intensity.
The most interesting part of the new Ferret is the side wheels. You maybe thinking that
those are spare once but they are functional and can be controlled by means of hydraulic
motors. There used to be a big gun on top but they got rid of that and replaced it with
a kind of harpoon that shoots a kind of hook, which is connected to the winch cable. By
the way, the rough-looking beardy guy operating the vehicle isn`t a war veteran. It is off-road
champion BJ Baldwin. 4. Sometime during the 1950s LeTourneau Inc.
made a few so-called overland trains, one of them was LeTourneau TC-497. The size of
it staggers you. It`s 173 meters in length and 9 meters high. It`s got 54 wheels, each
wheel is about the size of a regular car. Super durable exclusive tires were made by
“Firestone”. Each wheel has a separate electric motor,
which allows for a much better traction. So you can think of it as a sort of train, the
difference is that the steel wheels are replaced with the rubber ones. The overall power of
TC-497 is 5000 horses. The train consisted of 8 to 12 trailers. It
could carry as much as 150 tons of load. The total mass of the train itself was about 450
ton. You may be wondering about the purpose of
this giant as it`s obvious that it consumes way too much fuel and generally isn`t very
practical. As we mentioned before, it was built in the 1950s. The time when the cold
war between Russian and US was at full swing. So US was afraid that Soviets would destroy
all of their railroad connections with a few atomic bomb strikes and so they had to come
up with some sort of alternative solution. TC-497 used to be a top-secret development
but as the time passed, the secret was finally reviled. The price for this thing as you can
imagine is rather high – 3.7 million dollars. 5. When I first saw this genius thing, it
boggled my mind and I immediately wanted to try it out for at list a little while. It`s
wonderful what a human mind is capable of. Some engineers really push it far and think
creatively to come up with extraordinary things. It`s called Chainlink extreme 4×4
Chainlink extreme 4×4 has four absolutely independent wheels with an incredible vertical
swing of 2 meters! It`s got very capable air suspension and chain drives.
It has 5 liter V8 Ford Mustang motor, four speed transmission and a hydraulic suspention.
It is probably the most passable vehicle out there. No 4by4 is match for this guy at this
point. 6. Australian Ferox Advanced Vehicles Corporation
created a prototype of a six wheel all-terrain concept. It is based on fluid operating system
and has two modes of transport. It uses BMW 1200GS motorcycle power unit.
It`s got four liquid motors, each of which responses with it`s wheel. They are connected
to a single pump that pumps over the 95% water liquid. Engineers claim that such motors are
98% effective. A single motor is capable of producing 680 Hm of torque. One motor weights
11.3 kilos. The rare suspension is balanced and allows
for a very smooth ride even over a rough terrain. Creators say it feels like it glides over
the surface 7. The cross country vehicle Hunta, also known
as Overcomer is a brainchild of Belarusian and German specialists.
This thing can move just about anywhere. Be it the rocky terrain, water, swampy and even
icy areas. Hunta has very unique low tires that provide
high maneuverability and most importantly, the tires are designed in a way that they
don`t damage topsoil. That is due to low ground pressure.
It`s got a fiberglass body. The cabin provides outstanding heat and sound insulation. Hunta
can run on gasoline or diesel engine. Manufacturers say that Overcomer can make
up to 8 km per hour on water and can reach up to 70 kmph on land. Hunta basic configurations
comes with 1.9 liter diesel engine with 95hp. 8. vehicle is one of a kind. It is especially
designed to withstand harsh polar conditions. Designed in 2015 by ATVs Makarov, Burlak is
a six-wheeled amphibious vehicle based on the concept of the soviet armoured personel
carrier BTR-60. It`s length is 6.6 meters, it is 3.2 meters
high and 2.9 meters wide. Outside diameter of the wheels is 1.75 meters. It weighs about
4 ton. All the units and assemblies can be accessed
from inside the cabin, so that the harsh polar conditions don`t interfere with the vehicles
repair process. Waterproof body and the water-propeller allow Burlak to easily float among the ice
cracks. Some parts of the vehicle were taken from
the armoured personel carrier and some from Toyota Land Cruiser. Transmission and transfer
case however are custom made. Low pressure tires were manufactured on request in China
. Inside, there are four berths, there s a kitchen
with gas-burners for cooking, there is a wash-basin and a shower. By adjusting the engine heat
supply a stable, comfortable temperature can be maintained. The interior is sheathed with
insulation and synthetic felt that retains heat for a long time. The body is made of
aluminum and is 1 mm thick. All in all, a very promising and capable vehicle for the
harsh realities of the North. 9. Tarta 813 8by8 was a military truck produced
in Czechoslovakia from 1967 to 1982. It`s got a very firm frame, independent suspension
and V12 engine of 17.5 liters, which is a lot! It has a main, auxiliary gearbox, single
step down transfer case, planetary overdrive, clutch and a lot of other stuff. It is a great
example of the olden days all-terrain vehicle. It offers a very smooth ride and it seemed
like it was too good to be true at the time. Thanks to it`s high engine power and uniquely
designed gearbox, Tarta 813 used to carry heavy loads and was generally very rapid. 10. ZIL the Punisher
When first images of Zil the punisher appeared online it made some people praise it`s aggressive
design that kind of resembled a batmobile. Others laughed hysterically at those huge
windows that were obviously too big for such class of a vehicle. Some people even said
that the car wasn`t real at all. They thought it was some sort of joke.
But the truth is that Zil began making the car back in 2008 together with ford technology.
Some specs remain a secret till this day. Not that anyone cares much about it. The windows
are very large indeed and are a potential threat for those operating the vehicle. Those
are heavily tilted however and that minimizes the damage quite a bit but at the same time,
not really. Zil the punisher makes 200 kmph but the fuel consumption is crazy. 100 km
per 50 liters. And now, can you guys tell me what the hell
is this? I found this pic by accident and I have no idea what a hell is this. So what
is this giant crazy SUV? Also, tell me which one of today`s ATV`s did you like most? Don`t
forget to share your answers in the comments guys! Also press the like button if you like
the video! Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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  1. im still not impressed by any ATV vechical ive come across. None of them would be able to navigate the old lava flow on the south side of hawaii without breaking down or getting stuck. Irregular, hard, sharp pointed terrain that can brake off and get your vechical stuck and break your under carriage at any time AND giant holes and open and closed lava tubes make for tough climbing.
    Tire systems get shredded and tank systems get stuck.
    The Chainlink Extreme 4×4 might have a shot but those small tires and no undercarriage protection wouldn't hold up.

  2. ..the 'BALL TRUCK" at the end is a computer created "future" idea…seen here..

  3. That is a Ksub 2211. It was made in the soviet union in 1987. Made 20 of them they are a shallow submersible sub that is light assault land capabilities.

  4. Final image is: digital generated mix media concept design of sci fi futuristic vehicle weapon mech track ball with missile fire bomb. Taken from Shutterstock.

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