Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Microsoft, Google & Walmart

Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Microsoft, Google & Walmart

bjbj,E,E HYPERLINK “” Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Microsoft,
Google & Walmart I have always wondered on this question that, How a company becomes
the preferred option in the minds of their consumers? That s what we are going to talk
about today. Hi! My name is Aziz and I am the founder of Days to Domination. Days to
Domination is a blog where I discuss how successful companies use, what elements are so common
within them, that we can use in our business to take our business to the level that they
enjoy. Today, I am going to discuss with you 4 principles that are used by top companies
to become the preferred option in their marketplace. First Principle – The Power of Less The first
principle is The Power of Less . Have you ever wondered why Google is at the level that
they are now? Think about that! Google s number one competitor is Yahoo. How many clicks or
how many buttons are on and how many buttons are on Google applied
this principle the power of less, to their website. They eliminated every other opportunity.
They eliminated Google Weather, Google Docs, Google Email or Google Maps, I don t remember
how many other options they have, but they eliminated every other option from their website
and only focused on one thing the Search Bar. They leveraged their power. The unique element
that Google had was their search algorithm and they focused their power on the search.
So when a person went to Google, the only and the most prominent thing that they saw
on Google was a search bar, and Google leveraged the unique asset that they had, to become
the top player in the whole world. Did you know that Apple was 90 days from Bankruptcy
when Steve Jobs came in and took the position as the CEO? When Stave Jobs came in, he eliminated
a lot of departments that Apple was focused on and he focused on some key products, that
he thought in his mind, are going to take Apple out of bankruptcy and make it a company
that it is today. Steve eliminated all the departments that he thought were non-profitable
or not contributing towards the success of Apple. He focused on projects like iPod and
later iPhone, to take Apple from the company it was near bankruptcy, and make it the company
it is today. Apple did not stop there. If you go to today, you see a huge
advertisement or a huge link on their feature product – Right now it is iPhone 4. If you
go there, you are going to see advertisements and features about iPhone 4. On the top, you
are going to see the navigation which is really clean and on the bottom you will see other
information, but that is not really highlighted, because they want to focus the majority of
their attention, promotions and target on iPhone 4 now. When I used to work in the computer
store, I saw that in the Apple department there were only 5 laptops and in PC department,
there were like 50 laptops. The conversion rate in the Apple department was much higher
than that of PC department, because people would walk in the PC department and they would
see all these computers and get confuse as to which PC is right for them. They would
get a lot of information that they had processed. But in Apple department there were only a
few choices, people were able to absorb the information and make a buying decision much
faster. I am going to give you another example, how the power of less worked for a watch company.
There was a company who hired a marketing firm to do some advertisement on their wrist
watches. The marketer said that we are going to market one watch at a time, but the owner
said, No! No! No! I want to market all my watches , so he said, OK! If you insist we
are going to do a split test . What they did was that they ran one ad with one wrist watch,
and on the other ad consisted of like 7 watches. The results were that the ad which consisted
only one watch outsold all the watches sold combined from the other ad. It means that
the sum of all the watches sold combined was less than the ad that had only one watch.
Second Principle – Slightly-Better Syndrome The 2nd principle that I am going to share
with you is the Slightly-Better Syndrome . This principle was introduced to me by Marshall,
who is a guru at AdWords or Google Ads. He used this principle to explain that if you
ad is slightly better than your competition, then you can dominate the market. What he
meant by that was, let s say that your ad was slightly better than your competition,
there are going to be more people clicking on your ad and you are going to enjoy more
people coming to your website and you are going to enjoy lesser cost-per-click, so you
are winning in all situations. But I believe that this principle works in a broader sense.
I was reading a blog on and there was a blog about 2 Opera singers.
The famous one was Pavarotti, who got so famous and so popular that he had wealth like 200-400
Million dollars. Now another singer whose name is Flores is as good as Pavarotti, but
he is not as rich as Pavarotti was. Now why is that? That is because Pavarotti was slightly
better than Flores and this is the reason that he accumulated so much more wealth than
Flores did. What s the reason behind this? Let s say that you are a consumer and you
are going to buy a car. There are two cars equally priced, equally everything but one
is slightly better than the other. May be the tires or the grip on the tires are slightly
better, or let s say that the color is a little bit more shinning, you are of course going
to buy the car that is slightly better. Although it does not even matter to you, but you are
still going to buy the car that is slightly better. But you are just one consumer. Think
about million and billions of other consumers altogether. They are all going to prefer the
car that is slightly better. It does not matter if it is a car, or a singer or a Google Ad,
or it is Google or Yahoo. Think about Google and Yahoo They are similar search engines
but Google was slightly better (or may be a little better) than Yahoo in searching websites
and producing results that the users wanted. And look at the results. Google is a far better
company and a far powerful company than Yahoo is. Currently 60% of all searches are done
through Google. So you see how you can become the leader in your marketplace by being slightly
better than your competition, whether it be Google or a singer or a phone or a car, it
does not matter. Third Principle – Zero-Risk Free Entry The 3rd principle that I am going
to share with you is the compelling Zero-Risk Free Entry . What I mean is that you must
offer your customers some compelling zero-risk free entry into your funnel, so that they
can experience how awesome and how cool you are, and then you can offer them to but your
products or services. Let me give you some really good examples. Let s talk about
Have you ever wondered why they introduced First of all, was slightly
better than its competitors like Yahoo and Hotmail at that time, when they were introduced. offered 1 Gig of space in their Gmail account and at that time MSN was charging
for that service and Yahoo was not even offering that. Google was offering that awesome service
to everybody for free. Why? Because they wanted to create a database of respective customers
that they can future market to. Have you ever thought about that? How cool an idea is that?
They offered a free Gmail account and people associate with their accounts, address, phone
numbers or email addresses far more than any other thing. They offered that email address
for free so that they can have that customer in the database and they can make that customer
loyal to Google, because they have a Gmail account now. s see what Apple did. Apple introduced
their iTunes and they were offering a song for $1. Do you think that they were making
a lot of money from iTunes? No! They were not making any money; in fact they were losing
money, because they were breaking even or a kind of losing money in their service. By
doing that, they became the leader of the whole music Online Purchase industry. And
think about it that Apple had their iPod, which was the leading MP3 player at that time.
iPod helped iTunes and iTunes helped iPod and they helped each other to grow their shares
in their respective industries. And think about it that both and
grew virally, because they were offering such an awesome service, they were slightly better
than their competition and it was a compelling offer and a free entry and they became viral.
I have got that service and I got so impressed by their service that I was offering and inviting
other people to use the same service. Right? I know you might not have the budget to make
a whole or, but what you can do is offer some kind of free entry
to your customers to enjoy the services that you offer. s say that you can introduce a
free trial or else you can give them some education to educate your prospects more about
your products and services, so that they get experience how it is like to be a customer
of yours. You can offer a free booklet, video or an MP3 interview. Fourth Principle – The
Power of Vision Now the 4th principle that I am going to share with you is The power
of vision . Bill Gates had the vision that he wanted personal computers on every desk.
I think that he is pretty successful with his vision. Now think about it 40 years ago
when Microsoft started, people could not even think about having a computer on their desk.
So Bill Gates sold a lot of computers and he sold computers that people were not even
thinking like, Oh no! I don t want that thing. I don t want a computer on my desk. At the
moment, you might be selling cell phones. When you go to a person who does not have
a cell phone and say, Hey! I am going to offer you a cell phone ; he might say, Ya! I really
need a cell phone and I am going to buy it. But then, 40 years ago, you might go to a
person and say, Hey! I want to sell you a computer. Are you going to buy it? and he
says, No! I don t need that computer. I don t want that computer . Bill Gates was able
to make billions of dollars to make himself the richest man on Earth, by selling something
that people DID NOT want at that time. How powerful was his vision at that time to make
that happen? What about Sam Walton? He had a vision that he wanted a big store, that
would have cheap items and it is going to be affordable with bigger aisles and more
diverse items. Back then, when he had that vision, it was almost impossible to make that
happen, but he had a vision so strong that pulled him towards the achievement of that
goal. Now you might say that no, I am not Sam or I am not Bill Gates, but think about
it. When Bill started, he was just a young kid; When Sam started, he was just an employee
in JC Penny but they had a vision so strong that it was inevitable for both of them to
achieve that goal. I really hope that you like this information and you are going to
join me at, where I am going to have some more videos and some more
posts about how we can take our business to the next level, using online marketing and
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