Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Chin mount | SoPro Mount Review | RWR

Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Chin mount | SoPro Mount Review | RWR

hey this is Rahul, how’s it going
everyone? You may have noticed that I’ve recently switched to the helmet chin
mount angle from my usual side mount and a few weeks ago I showed you how to do
that using some simple GoPro mounts but for every type of helmet that solution
did not work. Especially for my AGV helmet the attachment arm was
ridiculously long and it made the helmet heavy. That is when I started doing some
research. There was this option of using sugru a mold-able glue to create a
DIY helmet mount or to look for a dedicated chin mount solution. Having a
premium helmet didn’t want to use glue on it and that is when I found SoPro mounts. I reached out to them over Facebook and they were happy enough to
send me a unit for review. Now this was about 2 months ago and I’ve tested
this mount ever since and very thoroughly as well. I’ve taken it to
Himalayas where we did a lot of off-roading and I’ve come back to ride
some sport bikes on the street and it has held considerably good over this
period of time. If you decide to buy this mount after watching this review
remember as always the links are in the video description and now let’s get
started. SoPro, is a less known brand and they make a universal motorcycle chin
mount that works with dirt bike helmets, dual sport or even full face helmet the
mount is made of triangular metallic piece which is covered by foam so your
helmet is not scratched and has a few straps can be mounted both to normal or
upside down based on your helmet design the best part about having metallic
strap is this can actually mold to the shape of your helmet. The straps close
with secure buckles and the extra bit can be nicely tucked in with the
provided small rubber bands on the mount they also provide the GoPro L mount and
the full mounting systems all you have to do is plug in your GoPro and you’re
ready to shoot. Some people like to mount it upside down and yet others like to
mount it straight up, again it depends on what you want or what angle you’re
looking for. In my recent trip to the Himalayas I did a lot of off-roading and
this mount stayed on position all throughout the day even through minor
Falls. it stayed perfectly attached so it gets
ten on ten on stability. now there is the other thing of how much
weight this mount can handle? and this mount has the capacity to
handle much more weight than a simple glue mount. I piled on a gimbal with the
GoPro and this mount handled the extra weight with ease. Now, gimbal is about 230 grams extra which is almost like mounting more than 2 action cameras on
it at the same time and it was perfectly fine with it. This resulted in some awesome footage which I think would not have been
possible without agenda finally the price at $40 it’s not really
that expensive many of the GoPro battery mounts cost same or even more build
quality wise it is as good as a GoPro branded mount the foam is really nicely
waterproof and it’s taken a lot of rains. there’s been no damage to it the metal
on the inside is firm but it is also moldable so it will mold up to the shape
of your helmet and stay very secure it doesn’t damage the helmet in any way so
is this 100% perfect? well in my testing, I found a few cons and I will just go
over them. The angle of this mount is fixed and it’s a dead straight
angle for sport bikes we need the camera to look upwards so while we are tucking
down it can look straight to fix this what I did was I attached this small
piece of two GoPro mounts one long arm and a short arm and now the camera can
be tilted and adjusted so that fixed the main problem the straps can sometimes
come in contact with the skin especially if you have very little space inside
your motorcycle helmet this can be a little uncomfortable in some long rides.
It also interferes a little bit with the helmet chin curtain but again I’m just
nitpicking there are not too many cons with this exceptional helmet chin mount
I’m actually surprised at why more and more bloggers are not using it probably
because nobody knows about this solution the best part is if you need to switch
between your helmets you can just take it off and mount it to a different
helmet within minutes I think if you’re doing motorcycle helmet cam videos
regularly then this is the best $40 that you will spend your money on instead of
by all of those accessories and mounts and spending a lot of money on other
things I think the first thing is the chin mount angle which is the most
important for motovloggers or moto journalists and just buying this serves
the purpose I think this is the best mount or accessory video that has ever
done on my channel so if you found this video helpful leave a like share it with
your friends and do subscribe if this is the first time on your channel the links
for purchase are always in the video description you want to buy this mount
if you’re interested to use my links as it will really help our channel. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you very, very soon, this is Rahul, goodbye!

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  1. Its good Da, But I did something way secure and cool.
    I have a Vega offroad Helmet, and I did a PVC weld on the snout, the chin part, I took it to a PVC welder, who fixes motorcycle fairings, Got a flat mount sized 4mm pvc plate welded on the snout & attached the flat mount with 3m tape on it, Its my primary MotoVlog helmet. Its very strong setup and its actually not much visible, as the weld is not visible to the naked eye.
    Costs very less as well.
    I made a vlog on that as well, you can see in my channel.

    But this is also cool. Nice one Da.

  2. Dude your reviews are great : For this one I think it is almost perfect but one problem I see that it pulls up the chin curtain and that is thing to worry about since that helps in some noise cancellation & avoid any small particles from entering into your helmet.

  3. Dear Rahul,
    I am one of your subscribers. Can I attach any action camera other than GoPro with this setup? Please reply.

  4. For how much INR can I get this sopro mount…
    I ordered it on sopro it still shows that custom charges may apply on delivery of product…
    Tell me what the fuck it is

  5. This mount is great if you live in an area with no rain and warm temps year round. If not it's worthless because the visor doesn't close all the way. You state it does, but that's not possible with not one but 2 straps on each side going through the helmet.

  6. Dear Rahul, what is your honest opinion about new GoPro 2018. My decision will be pending till I receive your reply. Please ……

  7. Dear Rahul Bhai,
    Which type of J Hook is attached here? May I use 360 degree J Hook if I try to make such item or normal J Hook should be used? Please suggest.

  8. Dear Rahul Bhai,
    I am one of your subscribers and a big fan. I like your speaking accent and watch all of your uploaded videos. You will be glad to know that very recently I have had the Gopro6. Will you please make a video on it to make us aware of various new features and uses? I am being afraid to mount it on my Studs Ninja helmet. Need your suggestions regarding this. Thanking you

  9. this will work fine for the climate in India, a bit of the windshield open on a German Autobahn in spring / autumn / early winter with speed 200 or above, I like my windshield to snugly close.

  10. My biggest concern is that it leaves the gap when the visor is down and doesn't fully close it.. Right? Say u ride fast, there will be lot of wind noise and in rain, it would let all the splashes inside helmet, right?

  11. Wow. What an amazing video you made. I swear. I was looking for this video from a month. I found it finally. Thats called real biker thinking of not applying suguru on your premium helmet. FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE BUTTON HIT ALREADY 😍

  12. Bro what about sound quality while riding.. Was it natural sound while riding bike in video or u used some another accessories like mike.. I want to buy this product.. Reply fast🙏

  13. I bought a 3D printed GoPro mount for my Shoei RF1200 and it fits perfectly on the middle of the chin without interfering in the venting. Best clean mounting option there is. No other mount compares. Check it out.

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