Bentley Ultratank. First Run. Eng Sub.

Bentley Ultratank. First Run. Eng Sub.

Ladies and gentlemen, greetings! Today it will be a truly epic episode. This is the day that we were bringing nearer as hard as we only could. There are several technical details still, But I think that unlikely any of you would want to watch technical details, if they certainly know, that in the middle of the video The Bentley will be running! So we’ll just assemble it all together quickly and then we will make our first test drive. Everything else will be done later. I’ll tell you, we will have time for that. We just simply have to go to have a dash. That’s it, let’s go!.. Bam! GodBlessedOperator Films Vlad Telebaev “There’s no brakes now…” Vasssya! (A word with a CRAZY plenty of meanings) What for? Why did you do that? Same as always. Huh, nothing really, it’s nothing! Game over! Just go home…” Ok that was bumper, and what now? You can’t help it. It’s time to call the traffic police. So formally we have accomplished our success It drove there and back and even turned. It was made with the video editing, of course. Because we still haven’t fully explained how exactly it’s going to steer. But all we really need to understand from this test drive is whether or not this build is viable. We already encountered some issues with the engine because it’s still not tuned since the previous videos with the Bentley It’s choking up at the low rpm range, so you instantly need to rev it up, and this type of tech lives in the low rpm range. So this rpm range isn’t compatible, and we will have to solve this issue a bit later, but today the scope is to test the chassis. For now we’ll just do something as using the accelerator tuning or something else with the engine. It’s important to us today if something gets busted off, so by that we can understand where its weak spots are. Because right now it’s not going to hard off-road or anywhere, its job right now is to make these first little tiny steps for the Ultratank project, and giant ones for the whole Academeg channel And therefore we’ll need to drive straight over there, then possibly turn, and go back And this will be the best event of the year in 2019 because there’s no telling what will actually happen. The track may be taken off, or the bumper may get busted off since it’s clearance with the sprocket is 0.001 mm and the body can shift on the frame. After all, this is a body on frame construction and it’s attached with mounting bushings, no way to know what may happen. Let’s go. You’ve been asking, how do you even get into this thing? At the current stage it’s really simple.
But as you can see, all that’s left from the door is this little space Obviously the window glass will not be able to roll down, because the glass is this big and when it moves down there will physically not be enough room there. So it’ll either be a cut original door, or custom one made out of fiberglass plastic, a clone copy of this door. It will likely open as a lambo door. Or maybe not… We still have to mount some type of door hinge over here. At the moment I’ll wear these gloves because right now I have to dirt myself to get in and rub up on everything here Fine, now let’s place ourselves. Settling in, it’s exactly as it would be if we have a door. And that’s it, at this point all that’s left is
The brake pedal, touching it for now is pointless, since we don’t have brakes. But they will appear. We can break for now by simply trying to turn with the steering wheel, roughly speaking, because regardless, it is still active. And turn on the engine. Yes. Just like that And like that. From here we’re not pushing the brake and turn it on drive. Wham, and it’s already trying to start driving Let’s have a look what it all will turn out. It’s running! It’s really running!!! Mother of f*ck! It’s burying everything in dust. But it’s running! And it’s even.. Ooooh, that’s it, i’ve undressed it. This is exactly what we wanted to test, the tension sufficient on the tracks, because we would actually not have enough. And when you’re turning, the tracks can come off. This is an absolutely typical situation because the vehicle is still not tuned. Right now we have to adjust it and figure out how much tension is needed to be on tracks. And then everything should be in complete order. This is why we are here I’d like to tell you, it’s isn’t that simple to remount the track, But there is a method… But we’ll probably need some helpers. That what we’ve missed! Do you still have that paint marker? We have to repair it So, let’s try to accelerate properly, yeah!? [Brutal Music] Holy shit! And so, it turns out that everything is just perfect! Obviously, just as I’ve told earlier, we encountered some problems which were expected. We don’t need a turbo engine, amazing! We have devoted 3 or 4 episodes to that, when we were building the turbo engine.
Seemed to be great, but it turned out to have high revs. It needs to blow. Turns out that off-road vehicles… who would ever thought, that in the off-road world, engines with low revs are dominating? Completely unbelievable! That’s never happened and then it happens…again. And the second problem which was known at the very start, even when we ordered the tracks, that these tracks don’t really fit in our needs. The guide lug in the middle of the track, which keeps it on rollers, and prevents it from shifting right and left, is a little short. We still need to improve a huge pile of little things in order to make it live long and happily. For example the engine… and etc And the next test run won’t be too far in the distance. It will be more battle-kind already. We will need to try to show some speed, Because today we weren’t really able to understand how the track behaves at higher speeds. We got only about 50km/h today. As you remember, the goal of the project in addition to everything else is to reach 100km/h And it would actually be perfect to make that happen by winter, because then we would have no problems absolutely. I’m buzzed! Bentley Ultratank. That’s a victory, I think. That’s why I thank you, for watching this project. Thanks a lot for watching the earlier videos. Great luck to you all Happy holidays to you, and goodbye!

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  1. Какая победа? Поражение! После каждого поворота слетает гусеница!

  2. Небылицкий чуть не описался от радости за этот хлам убитый,даже успел хвастнуть что ажно прямо лично Костю знает и прям "сегодня ему будет звонить!!!"жрецы Египта оба,причем верховные!ПРивет Никитушка!

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  4. From 9:36 to 9:42 is the most epic moment. In fact, it makes clear to understand who the Russians are))

  5. Мне вот интересно, почему вы взяли бентли???почему жига не подошла бы?? её хоть не так жааалкоо блин….

  6. Зимой он у вас не поедет.На малых скоростях точно. Снег налипает на звездочки и приехали. Нужно чтоб у звездочки и гусеницы было минимальное пятно контакта, дабы наледь не успевала образовываться и разрушалась

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  9. Awesome ….pls make it work at its peak performance….hope u do the next video with the necessary updates…..keep up the great work ….

  10. bare 4 tires bently would performed more properly than this tank, did you guys see at on single turn belt shaft fell off. It only looks like robust vehicle , but in relaity its chained demon. what a waste of bently

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