Beijing Fake Market Spree!

Beijing Fake Market Spree!

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  1. I went to silk street about three weeks ago and I have no idea how the people working there are able to do this day in day out. It must take up so much energy. I’ve also never met ruder people than some of the workers in the shops literally no manners whatsoever. I got a decent fake comme des garçons for about ¥80 I think £10.

    I had one seller there say they hate me and never come back to my shop lol because I said a t shirt wasn’t made out of cotton lol after stretching it and seeing how poorly some of the clothes are there.

    The tactics they use are very dirty and I met a few foreign customers that were scared and felt intimated by the shop owners. And there probably are foreigners who pay full price or near full price because they don’t know to haggle or are scared of doing it.

  2. He paid 43$ for two fake champion jackets and here I am buying a real champion jacket for 20$ you should really visit Greece man, bargain there and you could pull off 5$ for it or something lol

  3. Cooling goest to game store he tells employees how much for the Xbox one x employee $500 Collin in his head holly time to gamble Collin say could I get for 5c employee no Collin annoyes them till he gets it for 5c

  4. best way to negotiate in this market is simple as hell. I lived in korea we have similar marketplace.

    You ask the desired price if they say no, just WALK away. The moment you stay, that tells them you want to buy something, you're showing desperation.

    This dude is simply trolling wasting time for these merchants. You act like you're a some hero. No you're not. You're not different from what you call, "bullying." You endeavor to live at the expense of others just like them, just like everyone.

  5. Has saying " i give you best price because you are very handsome " ever worked on anybody? God damn lol that is more insulting than complimenting. I would feel she think so of me to be the biggest moron alive.
    "oh you think im handsome? Now i'll buy 2 pairs of shoes"

  6. Bro the real thing is that they overprice because so all the original are overpriced, and you can find very good replicas there because the original ones are made in the same country so they can easily know how is the whole process to make a very close replica to the original ones. Making one balenciaga shoes cost about 20$ with the labor included and they sell that shit for about 500$

  7. First lady: 30,000
    The madman: 400
    Lady: ok
    Lmao imagine someone scamming like that in america like "how much is this can of coke?" "a thousand dollars"

  8. Where can I go where they have clothes as close as possible to original versions but that are cheap and i can bargain for ? Whats the best place?

  9. You should make a video showing the difference between an original and the clothes you buy here and all the places you bargain for. That would be an interesting video

  10. Oh my this is the first time I watch any of your videos and it’s hilarious but educational haha 😆 how low can you go!? That’s my new fav line

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