Behold! The Tallgoose Dolomite Tall Fat Bike

Behold! The Tallgoose Dolomite Tall Fat Bike

Okay, so I owe you guys an explanation. Let’s do a quick recap. As you know I ordered a ridiculously cheap
mongoose dolomite fat bike from Target. Although it was heavy and clumsy, it exceeded
my expectations for $180. So I did what any reasonable person would:
Ride into the port and try to surf the wake of the largest cruise ship in the world. I failed miserably, but learned that fat bikes
were buoyant. After getting run up on by a manatee, I rinsed
off the bike and put it away. Except for a guest appearance in the bailing
tutorial, we haven’t seen the Dolomite since. Until now. This is Raven. As you can obviously see, he’s installed new
grips and shifter cables on our Mongoose Dolomite. Oh yeah… and he welded another Walmart bike
on top of it. Raven has built a lot of tall bikes for a
lot of people. He doesn’t grind his welds and he doesn’t
paint his bikes. Each one has its own story, written in battle
scars, modifications, and original decals. From what I can see, building these bikes
is just a means to an end for Raven; His real goal is to ride them. We’ll be meeting up with Raven again in Key
West, for a tall bike gathering of sorts. These gatherings take place every weekend,
but this will be the first time it happens way down in the keys. The Florida Keys are a group of islands connected
by manmade bridges, and Key West is the Southernmost one. From downtown Miami it’s a 3 hour drive, which
all the participants will make with their tall bikes in tow. Tall bikes feel surprisingly similar to normal
bikes when in motion, and require no special skills to actually stay up on. It’s the mounting and dismounting that become
difficult. Although some varieties are easier to mount
than others, they’re all a challenge, which is why many tall bikers will do circles or
make right turns when faced with a traffic light.The name of the game is avoiding
stops at all costs. Raven’s crew is used to riding in South Beach,
so they feel right at home here in Key West. Everyone else though is very surprised
to see the tall bikes.For Tall Bikes Miami, tallbikes305, or whatever
you refer to the group as, this is a passion and a lifestyle. Not one of their bikes is similar. Many of them proudly display the original
walmart brand decals, while others have been painstakingly engineered for performance. The Tallgoose, as someone on Instagram called
it, is the first tall bike I’ve seen with 4″ tires. At over 70 pounds it’s not easy to pedal,
and the chain line is super close to the rear wheel. Still, it’s one of a kind, and can turn heads
like no other. It’s safe to say that it fits in with this
group, and will see the streets of Miami for years to come. As for Raven and his crew…they are one of
the rowdiest groups I’ve ever ridden with, but also one of the warmest and friendliest. If you happen to run into Raven and have a
few old bike frames for him, you might end up becoming a tall biker yourself. If you end up building one on your own, make
sure you hashtag it with #tallbike, so we can all see it. I’ll leave some links in the description. Reporting from Key West and back to Miami,
thanks for riding with me today and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. This bike mean you can’t stop on the fly in case of an emergency or even a sudden situation. This is such a stupidity to exist, you are a dumb shit to want to create or even begin fathom the existence of such stupidity. Smfh.

  2. Cheap fucks using Walmart bike, if they used pro bikes they would actually get some respect, fuckkng street bums

  3. I immediately thought the video would lead up to you riding the bike in water while barely getting your feet wet. Maby next time?=)

  4. The place you were with the graffiti, the white and black striped one, there’s an escape room near there, I have done it before 🙂

  5. I clicked just to comment that's dumb, but on the other hand to each his own I'm sure there are other people that will find that interesting as I seen the video LOL. Respect for all riders!

  6. It needs electric power. It would help with center of gravity/balance and it resolves the issue of leaving from a stop.

  7. Ive been key-west and miami im form england we got on a cruise around america and cozumel and mexico it was cool

  8. His videos are so well put together. So unique with the narration in the background. Love it! Come back to Whistler soon for some DM laps!

  9. This gave me a flashback of the mid 1980's. A friend in my old neighborhood built a 20 inch wheel BMX bike as tall as a house with extra long seat post, extra long goose neck and mounted a bike crank way up there somehow with an extra long chain. He had to get on top of the roof to get the bike going and it worked. I laughed my butt off seeing him ride it off the roof like watching a circus show. I remember when he had to get down he simply just lean backwards and land on his feet while still holding on the handle bars.

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