Beginning to Unicycle : Picking Unicycle Wheels

Beginning to Unicycle : Picking Unicycle Wheels

One of the most important things about learning
how to ride a unicycle is first picking the best unicycle for your personal needs. So
in other words; what is it that you want to do with a unicycle? Do you want to be able
to do a lot of tricks? Do you want to go off roading? Do you want to be able to commute
on it? These are all different kinds of unicycling and there’s a different kind of unicycle for
each different kind. So what I have here is what’s known as an off roading unicycle. They’re
usually 24″ wheels. That’s this wheel size and the tire is usually 2 1/2″ to 3″ in diameter
and it’s extra cushioned so that when you hit rocks and stuff on the way down hill it’s
not going to, it’s going to give you that kind of cushion. Twenty-four inches is kind
of a standard size as far as beginners go. So if you’re a full size adult you probably
want to look at a 24″ wheel. If you’re too short to fit on a 24″ wheel you’ll probably
get a 20″ wheel. There’s another kind of unicycling called trials unicycling. Which is basically
just hopping over stuff. It’s the same as trials biking where they just hop over cars
and all sorts of things like that and it’s similar to the off roading except there’s
a smaller wheel so that you have more control and it has just as fat of a tire. So that
would be a 20″ tire that you’re looking for. If you’re interested in commuting getting
from place to place you obviously want a wheel that’s going to be bigger than this. So that
you can go faster. There’s two different types of commuting unicycles. One is the 700 C series
or the 27″ wheels. That has the same size wheel as most road bicycles and it has a skinny
tire so that you can go on the road. Usually it has shorter cranks so that you can have
less foot rotation and you can go faster. There’s also the Coaker which is the 36″ wheel.
It’s the biggest of all the standard unicycles and you can go the fastest on it. The only
problem is that it’s a lot, a whole lot heavier. So if you have any hills to go on you probably
don’t want to get the Coaker. You’d want to go for the 700 series. So depending on what
your needs are for unicycling or what you plan to do with it, you have to take that
into consideration when you’re shopping for unicycle. I recommend if you’re just getting
started and you don’t already know how to ride you should definitely start with a 24″
inch or if you’re not tall enough a 20″ because those are the standard sizes and going from
the standard size to the non standard sizes will be an easier transition than going the
opposite direction.

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  1. There really aren't any 27" uni wheels out there. Just 26", 29", or 36" are the standard large wheel size.

  2. Ive been doing trial type stuff on my 20" uni but Ive been using a very smooth and slender road tire thx for this video you answered a really important question for me

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