Basic Car Tune-Up : How to Check Car Tire Wear

Basic Car Tune-Up : How to Check Car Tire Wear

Hi! My name is Nate McCullough on behalf of In this clip we are going to talk about one of items involved in a major
tune-up or vehicle overhaul. The item we are going to talk about in this clip is tire wear
and how to check for it. As you can see, on this tire here what you are going to look
for since I have it off the vehicle are what you call wear balls. The wear balls are these
little nubs built in the water galley of these tires. They put these nubs on there to indicate
where; it’s pretty much a level indicator. Once any portion of the vehicles tread has
worn down to level with the wear bar, that indicates that the tire tread is excessively
worn and needs replaced. If the tire happens to be in the position where the wear bars
aren’t readily visible or if it happens to come from a manufacturer that doesn’t
provide those for you, there is one more universal way to check your tire wear. What you are
going to want to do is use a penny and insert in one of the rain grooves of your tire. Not
directly on top of the tread like this but in one of the grooves. You set the penny in
on the tire and what you are going to want to do is look at the level of Abraham Lincoln’s
hair. If the tread does not cover up his hair, then the tire is excessively worn and should
be replaced.

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  1. how do you check tires that dont hav the grooves? i hav the ones with wires and a cloth material running round parts of the surface

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