Basic Auto Maintenance : How to Make Tires Shine

Basic Auto Maintenance : How to Make Tires Shine

Hi, I’m Jake from Burt Brothers Tire and on
behalf of expert we’re going to answer a question here for you and talk to
you a little bit about those shiny tires you see on other cars. They always have that fresh,
new appearance; like they just drove it out of the showroom. There’s a product that they
sell called “Tire Shine”. It may have a few other names, including Tire Dressing, and
different names like that. You can find it at your local parts store, even your supermarkets,
and the automotive sections of different stores. Any manufacturer is fine, as long as it shines
your tires. I’m going to show you, it’s fairly simple. If you just had your car washed, it
always makes it easier. You can see this tire is pretty dirty. We’re just going to spray
this on, cover the tire, let it sit on here for a moment, make sure you get the entire tire covered,
then just wipe it off with a piece of cloth. It gives the tire a “brand-new” appearance.
works really good for keeping the tire clean. It also helps protect the side wall from cracking,
so go out and buy “Tire Shine.”

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  1. dude, i've been trying to make my tires shine since forever but never achieved it. now thanks to you my life is easier and my tires are shining like the sun 😀

  2. Wow and all this time I was just spraying water on my tires and wondering why they wouldn't keep their shine. Thanks man!

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