Basic Auto Maintenance : How to Buy Car Tires

Basic Auto Maintenance : How to Buy Car Tires

Hi, my name is Jake from Burt Brother Tires
and on behalf of we’re here today talking about how to select tires when
you go into a tire store. First of all as you enter in the location that you choose,
you probably see a lot of display on the wall showing the different tires that they offer.
Okay, you want to ask the salesman to familiarize yourself with all the different tires that
they offer. They’ll want to have the size tire that you have on your vehicle and that
can help them decide which tires are going to be the right one for your vehicle. Because
not every tire on the wall is built for your certain application in vehicle. So I’ll work
with the salesman really well, have them associate which one works the best. They’re usually
in range from the best and on down the line there. So in range or in steps from different
levels to good grade, better grade and then the best grade. Okay, as you can see the different
thread designs like little simple block designs are pretty basic thread designs as you get
a little up the scale here, a little more supine and different technology all throughout
the tires here. There would be better traction, better long lasting and up a little more in
price but they’ll be good tires for you.

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  1. "The best then down the line", so the further to the left the better they are. Who is this joker?

    I can't see how this would help anybody.

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