Barbie Car Turbo #3 Tuning and Hitting the Streets

Barbie Car Turbo #3 Tuning and Hitting the Streets

first launched on pavement with the Barbie turbo I’m just guessing here but I’ll go ahead and say that that’s faster [Music] so we just got a really big box from BMI carts which means the Barbie car is gonna be fast again and have more traction than she’s ever seen in her life yeah and maybe be a little bit more control oh yeah we got some shiny super lightweight aluminum wheels those that’s the front so you can see how much wider that’s gonna be than what was on their [Applause] new rear wheels oh yeah I’m gonna have maybe too much traction it’s like early Christmas really early Christmas ya know it’s birthday was your birthday just two days ago there’s a new rear hub it’s a totally different mounting system for these wheels so it’s just a keyed hub very cool we have compared to that that’s twice as wide at least finally some traction yeah I’m sure you guys have noticed that Barbie car has about two inch wide foot tires man if only we’d had these for the beach oh yeah these things like literally we can’t even turn yeah and they’re pretty close they’re just a little bit larger in diameter so you might have to redo our fenders but [Music] grind hard grind hard crew today’s a really cool day because we have our first legitimate professional on the channel a friend Casey’s here trying to help us out with some engine stuff so what do you do professionally Casey I work on harley-davidson 411 you look at everything from engine rebuild even just services and dyno tuning and performance work otherwise so cop performance work early so you have a guy for the job yeah well it runs exactly like it did before so we didn’t do any permanent damage on at the ocean that’s good the bad news is it still runs like crap yeah so I think we’re gonna try and resolve the issue be without the turbo on it if we can solve that that’ll be a step in the right direction owning it once the Turk wants the turbos back on it so definitely well I think we’re gonna start by pulling the carburetor off of it and see what’s going on there maybe later on with the jetting a little bit so see if I can change something yeah try something see what happens [Applause] [Music] so you drilled out the jet bigger and it got worse yeah so we’re gonna crank on the other direction you just trying to make sure this as we can get it so the solder will take to it this is all because we don’t have the right jets we can make it work so how far down are you going we’re going down six thousands from what it was stock originally you might have to do this process all over again when we did the turbo on there but I really want to just get it running properly without the turbo so that we know what that issue is if it turns out to not be jetting we need to figure that out well just there’s a little slide in here that lifts up and down and it allows more air to go in and there’s needle on this slide that controls the your part throttle anything from about quarter throttle maybe even a throttle up to about half throttle or so and maybe 3/4 throttle and that controls the amount of fuel that goes into the carburetors so what we’re doing now is we’re lifting this needle a little bit to help the mid-range power a little bit and there was a little bit of a stumble when we open the throttle real quickly and this should help some of that so so we got a carton of almond milk here with this suspiciously sized hole in it I don’t have any proper gasket material so we’re gonna see if this works [Music] [Music] basically we’ve taken it all apart we change the jetting in the carburetor a little bit to get running properly before the turbo just so that we have a good baseline and then we put it all back together we cleaned up the booze didn’t take pipes a little bit they were kind of rough around the edges we Casey took the die grinder to him and smooth them out basically ported and polished it and then we made some gaskets got better bolts that have lock washers so nothing will rattle loose that was a problem and then I put a banjo made a new banjo bolt with a smaller orifice so it’s should restrict the oil flow at least a little bit so other than that it’s basically the same as it was but we’re not on a beach trying to race and we can actually take time to tune in a bit nothing’s blow up yet and that was pretty decently better than before yeah well let’s go steal the boost gauge for my Subaru so that we can find out what’s happening with it yeah it’s pretty funny taking a boost gauge from a perfectly fine car to using a Barbie car the ho look look how perfectly it fits in there Oh [Music] ready for the first test with bouche gage install oh yeah well I was a couple pounds of boost I mean for free-revving yeah it makes more under load right yeah it should make more boots under load well I guess we clear off some spaces do another North Idaho Dino to me ha ha all right we got our North Idaho Dino set up [Music] [Music] the but the tires are bubbling molteau that’s awesome right at the bottom of the turbo where this housing with an intake housing needs to was the centerpiece of all whatever where it makes the centerpiece there at the bottom it’s leaking a little bit out there flowing a little bit hair this is the inside of our tiny turbo probably guys want to see that swag yeah it looks pretty sweet so the problem is this seal here is stupid it’s a very poorly designed thing because these bolts are so tiny and they’re just into such a little amount of aluminum that you can’t really get them that tight and all it is is like this little tab it’s just not that like there’s not a lot of clamping pressure and they’re just relying on this gasket sealer to keep it sealed so [Music] so we are ready to test the turbo again we found a little tiny o-ring well not that tiny but an o-ring that we stretched out to like its maximum stretch and got it around the thing here and stuck it in there we’re thinking that might seal a lot better than the gasket sealer the oil consumption problem dealt with it’s not blowing oil through the turbo anymore we’ve got the sputtering problem dealt with surprisingly we had to make the jet smaller by like two sizes everyone was like oh you got to make a bigger jet because it’s turbocharged well it’s not creating that boost for that to really matter at this point and it turns out the sputtering at the top and it was just running too rich so we’ve got those major problems taken care of it’s not leaking any pressure around any of our gaskets so it turns out that almond milk containers make a good gasket material and it’s running pretty good so we just need to get it back out on the road and do a real test see how it actually runs it seems like it maybe grabs a little bit slower with the turbo on there cuz it takes a while to spool up but with the sputtering gone and with maybe a couple pounds of boost at the top-end we might get some more top speed so next stop is put on the new wheels and tires and then do a top speed run yeah I think so the dago’s are pretty tired and their paws are even bent the same way right now [Music] [Music] so Ethan finally got these tires beaded what did that take so you read some forms out of the form say people were saying it takes up to 135 psi to seat the beads on these things which is insane and most people were saying they used a tire ring which is like a big piece of sheet metal that wraps around the tire with a bolt to clamp it tight – probably you know avoid it exploding um a lot of those and I didn’t feel like making one so the only real bit of information I had was that people were saying getting in warm helps and then someone suggested taking a torch and heating up the inside of the wheel a little bit and that accomplishes two things it gets the rubber nice and soft so it’ll expand more and as the heat spread throughout the wheel it heats up the air inside the tire and increases the pressure very gradually so that’s what ended up working it was still kind of scary torch to it tire with over a hundred psi in it yeah but it did eventually go and squirt out a bunch of wd-40 that was in there to live it up there you go so the plan is mount these bad boys take Barbie to the streets and try to hit a new top speed run now that the turbo is running right before it gets dark and right now it looks like that [Music] so we’ve gotten a lot of comments saying Barbie car looks like a Mario Kart and now with these go-kart wheels and tires it really looks like a Mario Kart well we got the wheels on we fitted the body a little bit better so it’s not rubbing and we still have a little bit of daylight left huh girl you the girl and I were working on the bus all day so she’s kind of finishing up while we rush and do this she’s the best you first launched on pavement with the Barbie turbo [Applause] I’m just guessing here but I’ll go ahead and say that that’s faster [Music] [Music] I think more tuning may be required [Applause] something sounded pinging yeah shoot well I don’t know what’s going on oh yeah after the test-drive last night didn’t work out well we blew out the gas lines thinking that there might be something clogging it he turned out to be running just fine after that so yeah but I was just doing some testing doesn’t really sound like it’s super great I didn’t have to head off of this thing I can count only once in the Barbie car but when it was my dirt bike Barbie might have blown up it’s possible yeah she never quite wants to work for us you see that right there yeah has a little tiny piece of something stuck in it which could very well be a piece of turbo turbine all the Rings are still broken and that parts all good that’s got to be piece of the turbo I probably [Music] [Music] so upon deconstruction and reconstruction engines fine turbo not so much this little nut supposed to be on here when I pulled this side of the housing off that nut was just sitting in there luckily it didn’t go through the turbo and into the engine because that probably would have caused some damage mm-hmm and I very much doubt that it’s anything that we did that made it come off I think it’s just that this is a really cheap crappy eBay turbo and the nut just decided to come off for no reason and destroy the turbo it’s loud [Music] subscribers that have been watching for a while might remember this is the place we did our last speedrun and got into the race with the Honda Odyssey but this time we’re expecting to put down a much higher top speed we’re hoping anyway yeah we got 70 last time 69 72 yeah absolutely so there’s a few things that should allow us to get a better top speed this time one being better tires so it’s not terrifying to being these are slightly larger diameters so the gearing should be a little bit different and three being it’s actually running right hopefully it revs to redline now instead of sputtering out at the high end which obviously that’s where our top speed comes from so that last couple hundred rpms might actually get us a few more miles an hour oh yeah all right well get out on the road reset my stats [Music] [Music] well Ethan’s been out of sight for a while now my best guess is either went for a joyride so so much fun given the Barbie cars history I’m gonna go with the bladder no idea just won’t start yeah dump the clutch and I won’t even try to start so we have tested the engine by now and there is no spark so it’s an electrical problem so we will be redoing the Barbie engine once again and giving you guys a real speed record so stay tuned for that thing [Music] we are in the West Valley Oh headed to spine cop which is one of the sweetest outlooks in North Idaho I reckon and it’s got a pretty fun road to get there – yeah and with our friends Michael and Emily and [Music] [Music] [Music] well I should have known better than to wear my nightshirt camping it’s the girls first time it’s pine Cup I’ll show you girl [Music] the Sun is like reflecting underneath the clouds right now that is so cool so this is the girl her name’s Mariela she does have a name believe it or not I’ve been trying to bring her here for like a year [Music] Wesley’s in camper mode the girls in sleep mode and we are out of propane so there will be no coffee or hot chocolate this morning but we get to check out the view the view has been different every single time I’ve been here [Music]

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  1. Sir my friend build suzuki fx 125 turbo.. U can see motorcycle.. Tq sir.. U just write suzuki fx turbo.. Sory my english not good.. Im from malaysia..

  2. hi mi name is jc i from to colombia, bogota city. i have a 2 for the process turbo for motor byke. 1 question de real position turbo y next for carburator last air filter. 2 the intercoler every conection with motor bom oil, for disminussed temp the motor and turbo my whatsapp its +573164869746 i have work in the proyect bike motor turbo ohc 200 cm3

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  12. The reason why the intake part of the turbo has a broken seal or gasket is because you put the carb after the turbo so the air and fuel mixture will go thru the turbo before it gets into the engine, and gas is known for breaking rubber gaskets. another one possible cause is the over intake pressure due to absence of the blow off valve that makes the turbo seizure during realising of the throttle.

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