Badass Woman/Races Motorcycles

Badass Woman/Races Motorcycles

– Yeah, there’s maybe like,
20 women racing motorcycles out of about 300 guys, or more,
in the state of California. I’m one of them. And I’m proud to say I’m
becoming one of the faster ones. My name’s Krystyna Kubran, and
I’m a racer with WERA West, and we’re here at Auto
Club Speedway in Fontana. Yeah, the pigtails are pretty easy to spot on the racetrack. One guy told me, he said
that he was just getting angrier and angrier as he
was trying to catch me, and he said your pigtails
were flopping in the wind, back there like ha-ha, ha-ha (laughs). Apparently, it gets some of
the guys pretty riled up. This is Duke, he’s my co-pilot, he’s my garage buddy. He’s my pit crew, he’s my guard dog. Motorcycle racing is a
very expensive hobby, (laughs) that I enjoy. In my full-time job, I’m
a mechanical engineer and I make turbochargers. It’s track day, which is, for us racers, it’s practice, and they run three groups, they have beginner,
intermediate, and advanced. It’s way funner than the canyons, and a lot safer cause there’s an ambulance to come scrape you up when you fall down. (laughs) And this is my
bike, it’s a Kawasaki ZX10, it’s a 1000CC motorcycle,
and I’m gonna be competing in Open/A Superbike and Open/A Superstock with WERA West on Sunday. My whole life, I have gravitated towards traditional male-dominated fields, and I’m not entirely sure why, that’s kinda just the
way my brain operates. Never quite felt like I
fit in with the crowd, and here I feel like I really fit in. One of the best parts
about being a female racer, I have no problems
bedazzling my tire warmers, bedazzling my tool box, I love putting on that glitter eyeliner that matches my motorcycle. This is the helmet, your eyes are the only
thing you get to see. The wind, oh my God, the wind out there. I’m very grateful that I’m only 5’3, so I can lay on the motorcycle and pretty much become one with it. This track, you hit about 170
on the front straightaway. But the first time I did 100 miles an hour on the motorcycle was very exciting, you know, cause that’s
just the sensation of speed and there’s nothing around you, and so it’s just a really
intense sensation of speed. Can’t get a date to save my life, they always give me the excuse,
“you’re too intimidating.” I could go on and on, but the reality is, is that I don’t want to have a penis, I like being a girl, I
want the boy to be the boy, but just cause I do stuff doesn’t mean you’re any less of a man. You just stick around to
see what’s underneath, and I’m still a girl. I like being a girl, I like to wear heels, I like to wear dresses, and
I like to be taken care of. And I’d love it for a
dude to just give me a hug when I come off the racetrack, and say, “Baby, you did a good job.” (laughs) That’s all. Alright, oil change done. I think it’s a struggle
a lot of women have, that are very successful in a lot of areas that are traditionally male-dominated. A line from Clueless comes to mind, where she wanted to learn how to do the cool things
he did on a skateboard, and he said, “Well, if you did them, “then what would I do to impress you?” The 1 o’clock session went pretty well, although the wind was quite horrific. They post the lap times
here and I’m fourth fastest. I’m pretty stoked with that. – Today I’m gonna change tires, make sure she’s got gas
in the tire warmers, and most importantly keep
her head in the game. – I got JJ Matter here helping me, and cousin Matty Buanno, I’m thrilled that they’re
out here helping me, working for beer, bacon, (laughs) and the girls that come
hang out in my pit. (laughs) – [Matty] Race day for an amateur, you usually wake up at the racetrack. I will usually make a breakfast for her because you really have to
get a decent breakfast in. You get some fresh tire on, and you’re ready for a race. – [Voiceover] Number 352, Krystyna Kubran, outside front row. – She’s in sixth place, with
seventh place hot on her tail. Oh, somebody’s out. She’s in fifth place, with
sixth hot on her tail (laughs). – [Krystyna] That was awesome! – [Man] Alright Krystyna, woo! – It was a really good race,
I’m proud of how I rode, I had a really good start. My arms are sore and tired,
from just push pulling, I mean, look at my hands. I have blisters on my hands. – [Man] Alright Krystyna, woo! Kick ass! – Two fifth places, in the big boy class, and the white came home in one piece, nobody’s injured, that’s
a good day in my book. – I am in a position with my racing, that I never even dreamed I would get to. If I end up inspiring other girls, to go and pursue their dreams, whether it’s to ride a motorcycle, or to, you know, go after
that college degree, or pursue whatever it is
that they’re excited about, then I’m happy about that.

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  1. im a bloke on my wife, Julies account at the moment, my name is Neil. I have five motorcycles myself, from a bmw 1200gs, triumph sprint to a little two stroke and have been riding for 30 years and i think this lady is absolutaly brilliant. The sport needs more of her and more like her. Her attitude towards the discrimination is spot on, just go out and beat them. Well done  Krystyna keep doing it.

  2. YES YES YES! I have been wanting to start racing for a while. Finally went to the track last week and I am hooked! I just want to go again already, practice, work on my form, and get better so I can build up the confidence and hopefully get to race.

  3. You are a racer and a mechanical engineer?! Hats off to you, hope more women are like this so men will not see us just human beings who wants to be pretty all the time. They have always thought that we can only be in the kitchen, be sexy "whores" etc.

  4. I think she's awesome a chick that can do what I can better even sounds like a hell of a good time to me.

  5. As you can see in the video, all the men are supporting and encouraging her exactly like they would do for a guy rider. As it should be.
    I often ride motocross with female riders, some are faster some are slower, and it's just as awesome as when i ride with men.

    Fortunately, most of the nastiness comes from the internet and it stays there.
    People on Youtube will say anything to get you angry, so you just need to accept it and move on, keeping in mind that in the real world very few people have that awful mentality.

  6. My dad does this sport and I is scary watching people fall or in some cases die but, my dad says that it is amazing going so fast on a bike like that.

  7. got my first dirt bike, just waiting for a few fix ups and i accidentally stumbled across this vid on a bf marathon.i started off being generally impressed and full of admiration for her but started fangirling when i saw we both have scorpion helmets! i feel like its real…like i'm actually going to do this!! even though my fam are making jokes about me riding (my bro and dad and his bros are riders) it's so important to me. i spent 5 years watching on the sidelines and i want to not only prove myself but to be good at it bc i really want to. i don't want to impress anyone, i just want to enjoy it and be supported for it. even though they say they'll be selling the bike after a few runs when i get tired of it, daddy still got me it and i really appreciate that sacrifice and want to make him and my bro proud of me. it's hard liking 'boy' sports bc when i fall and i will get bruises and scrapes etc it will automatically be a turn off to guys, i know, and guys still want delicate little flowers and i'm just not. yes i want to be pretty but can't i have fun AND try to be pretty too?idk, i know alot of comments are negative but she's an inspiration to me now. two 5th places?like wow. i'm so proud of her and hope she finds someone who appreciates her and loves and supports her regardless. when i get on my bike i will think of krystyna, my helmet buddy woman handling another kind of bike and try my best to make her proud too!

  8. i was expecting this to be about Jenny Tinmouth, but I guess the story being about anyone but a yank was too much to expect.

    My only question for Kubran: Do you really race with earrings in? Male drivers who wear earrings (and players in other sports, like football) remove them for safety.

  9. there, a woman who's very clearly NOT a feminist, doing what feminists try and convince themselves that women can do. obviously she's exceptional. she's just amazing.

  10. awesome !! ran into a woman racer named "allie" from canada racing on a gsxr 750 in Portland Or. today. (9-20-15)
    she just walked up and introduced herself to my 2 girls after they started looking at her. all the racers were amazing to us but it was cool how open the women were to chatting about their day and what they were up to. your doing a great thing out there women riders. keep it up. 😎👊

  11. I'm so jealous. I only have a rebel 250 and it's my only method of transportation. I want to upgrade to something bigger, but tuition costs kind of prevent that. And I must admit, if bikes make guys twice as cool, they make girls ten times as cool.

  12. she is great 😀 I ride a bike too 😀 and in my country men who rides bikes love to see girls on bikes 😀 😀

  13. Hey people. My Name is Lily Spear and I'm a 17 year old female motorcyclist. I have always wanted to ride motorcycles even though no one in my family rides, and it dangerous. People are constantly warning me about the dangers of riding and how 17 year old girls just don't ride, which is weird because here I am, riding my heart out. When I got my license at the DMV in 2014 the people working on my paper work we walking around to all they're co-workers whispering to each other and pointing at me. The lady who worked on the paper work even said she had never seen a girl my age getting a motorcycle license, ever. I'm just happy that women like me are getting involved in the things that they love and that videos like this are getting made. Motorcycle riding is fantastic and some day I hope I can race with the best of the best.

  14. I realy want to be a racer to im 15yo so ill have to wait a few years to pass the exams to get on the fast motorcycles, ughh still 9 years to wait

  15. Gosh, I hear you!! I ride a motorbike (but don't race) and I hear it from guys all the time "You're too intimidating.." I also fly light planes too. Double whammy……I'm feminine also, I love to wear high heels and get dolled up. Just because we ladies do male-dominated things doesn't mean we're butch or masculine?!? I'd love to get a hug too and have a guy say "Baby, you did a great job". Ride on fellow girlfriend biker and keep on being awesome xxx

  16. I absolutely love what you do, and I so agree with you on being a girl and a biker! Respect♥

  17. I think it's hard for a lot of guys to understand those conflicting dynamics.
    Respecting a woman for her career and economic success, while at the same time taking care of her emotionally and treating her like a girl.
    I think women are taught this and are better at this from a younger age because of societal expectations. I believe it can be taught/learned by men, and should be more intentionally.

  18. OMG I think she is the sexiest thing ever. I also ride a  ZX10, I think, actually I know she could teach me a thing or 20. A million big-ups to u – – – –  Your doing the sport proud. Thank you.

  19. It's to bad that there are not any women that are good enough to make the pro races. I'm talking motocross because I don't know about street racing but there are never any females in the main events one I think qualified but didn't make it that's just how it is I guess. They used to have a female only motocross race but I think they stopped it because it wasn't popular. Finding females that are actually into/good at racing that is bikes cars whatever is rare.

  20. Here's a question in what careers are women the most abundant in for a non example men are far more present in racing. I thought maybe cooking but I see on tv a lot of men are on the cooking shows so that wouldn't work. Any thoughts ?

  21. I don't know why the headline calls her a "Badass woman".

    She seems like a very nice, intelligent and objective lady who loves to race road racing.

    Actually, I am more impressed that she is a Mechanical Engineer, and builds turbo chargers, but racing is a good life spirit, (and best left to the minds that think), nothing "badass" about it.

  22. and a lot of comments start with "why men can't accept when women can do something they can?" or "I can't understand why men hate women"…

    and yet all of those comments started by women.. before the men even said anything

  23. Coming from a motorcycles freak, straight (not pc) man – she's awesome.
    There's no need to make things that complex – if you like what you're doing and there's no harm, then have fun doing it.
    That was a "generic" statement, like.. I really don't mind other people's business – but I really enjoyed seeing her ride and taking care of her bike, lots of respect to her dedication.

  24. Nothing like the thrill of speed.Surprised its not the number one female activity.All that pulsating power between your legs.Surprised this Girl ain't got a partner, there's loads of blokes who'd love a girl that can ride .

  25. Thank God, this is a video I can really respect. Every other buzzfeed video starring a woman is all about "omg men are so misogynistic"… but this woman proves herself and says that she's just like the men. she doesn't say I hate when men do this and that, she doesn't ask loudly in a crowded workroom for a tampon, etc… RESPECT for her.

  26. I love motorcycles, like doing construction and lifting heavy things. I do many things guys do, sometimes better and faster. i get put down a lot, people say I'm stupid or too weak, until I prove them wrong. I do things that guys do for the same reason that they do it. It feels good or it makes money. Sometimes I get treated differently, or they try to put me on an "easier job". Something that a "girl" would do. People will try to put you in "your place", or where they think you belong. I know exactly where I belong, what I am capable of, and what my limits are. And I think riding a motorcycle is amazing. I just hope guys don't think I am their competition.

  27. So she races bikes, and she says she fits in well in that male-dominated community, so the men there are obviously very welcoming to her. Her cousin—a man—plays a support role to her out of the goodness of his heart. The evidence is that men are very good and fair. Why do we get accused of sexism all the time?

  28. Breaks my heart at the part where she says she can't get a date. I'm like that too, I gravitate more towards male-dominated fields, but underneath it I'm still a girl who like dresses and heals I still want a man who will treat me like a lady. I feel for her and I'm worried I'll have this problem in the future too.

  29. Acho estranho demais e ela é muito feia tem certos tipos de esportes que fica feio demais mulheres fazerem

  30. You are an amazing role model, thanks for the video, when I Photograph it's important to showcase the little ones and the female Riders, this let's others know, that if your chase your dreams eventually you will catch them.

    Thanks for the little glimpse of your world. Ride Safe and may you have much continued success. Harguell

  31. I'm a girl that race bikes. I am 15 years old and I started with dirt bikes. One of the obstacles I had to come over was the fact that I'm a girl. But now, there are more girls than guys in the Junior racing team in Norway! I started with a Kawasaki Ninja 250r. But I used it up pretty quickly and started looking at other bikes. I tried KTM rc 390, Kawasaki zx3r and the Yamaha R3. I'm now one of the fastest girls on the junior team. And I ended 2nd in the Norwegian Junior Standard 250 cup…

  32. WOW, this sparked a great debate…… I'M IN 🙂 First of all what a gal! secondly (I'm in the UK by the way) it sounds to me that a lot of men here have legitimate points (as far as they see it) but no idea what it's like to be a women (me included) I do know that here in the UK women get paid less for the same job and have to fight harder to get to the same rung on the ladder (in the majority of cases) The point is surely that while women have to fight to get the same rights men will perceive them as combatant, which women are because they have to be 🙂 As men fellas, we have no idea! like it or hate it there it is……. I enjoyed that……. GO GIRLS…….. AND BOYS 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. good on ya, I just wish there were more women riding, and wearing what ever color they want, trust me there are no rules, only judgemental wankers

  34. Iv been inspired by male riders but I wanted to make sure females could do the sport
    I really want to do it but I don’t think my family haves the money

  35. Krystyna is not only a great racer, she is also a great engineer. Really enjoed working with her for a few years.

  36. Come to ireland and race with the likes of Veronika Hankocyova and Mellissa Kennedy and novelty pigtails and glitter wont matter one bit.

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