BACKYARD TRAiL Course – Komodo TRUCK – Mickey Thompson Tires | RC ADVENTURES

BACKYARD TRAiL Course – Komodo TRUCK – Mickey Thompson Tires | RC ADVENTURES

– [Man] Well, me, oh, my! What do we have here? This is my Gmade Komodo. Now some of you may recognize it because of that body I
have in the back, there. I have done videos on this
model before, of course. But I’ve been modifying
it slowly over time. Not with a whole bunch
of modifications, though. Forgive this panel,
it’s just stuck up here because I wanted to show you the AE-5 I’ve got wired in here. The AE-5 is a fairly
inexpensive axial based ESC. Which is the electronic speed controller. And the reason I had it out, was because on the top here
you can either switch it to LiPo battery or nickel-metal hydride. And then I believe on the back here, this is for my drag brake setting. Now stock, the drag brake
is a motor driven brake. Basically the ESC slows the motor down to give the whole vehicle breaking power. This is a fairly
inexpensive easy ESC to do, that I actually set the drag brake from 100 percent down to 50 percent. Now why would I have done that? Yesterday when I was
setting this truck up, because I’ve added actually extra big two point two sized tires. Here is the one point nine size tire that I was running on here,
these are the old flatirons. One of my favorite tires, actually on the old axial beadlocks from axial these are
just plastic beadlocks. But a classic that I’ve been
using for a very long time. In fact, you can cut this tire tread to make an amazing tire tread
even though you can see, it’s already pretty beefy as it is. But I switched myself over to the Mickey Thompson
two point twos right here, on aluminum beadlocks. I didn’t
put the center hubs on yet, only for easy access
while I’ve been working. Also on the body, I went and installed one too
many OnetoomanyRCs LED light. You can see that right
here as a front light bar. Now it does have this top
roof rack on it already. Plus, I also modified an axial jeep cage to give me a back cage, for the back bed. Now I like this whole setup here, very aggressive, very beefy. The one thing I like
about the Komodo, well, there’s several things, but the one thing I really like is that it actually came
with a lot of accessories. For example, this top rack
right here, the mirrors, the snorkel came with it. You can also see the front
bumper is quite aggressive. This came with it, as well. I already had a light kit built in here. I installed it so we could
have back red taillights, as well as some good front headlights. With the OnetoomanyRCs light bar which is huge power on three S LiPo, I basically, just went into
the battery connection area. Right where the battery connects and Soldered the power
lines right to the battery. So it’s got a little step
down voltage regulator that’s on here, which allows me to run basically any LiPo I
want through that light bar. But, I’m only running a three cell. A lot of people ask me what are the sizes of batteries I use, for
a trail truck like this, if I’m just puttering around, I usually use a 2,200
milliamp hour three S LiPo. This happens to be from Gens Ace because you can buy them online during their sales for pretty good. I think I ended up getting this one here for nine dollars US. I usually look on Gens Ace,
their Facebook page or whatever. Not sponsored by Gens Ace,
just lots of people do ask me. If I was running out on the trail, I would either run a 5,000
milliamp three S LiPo. Or if I was going for a long trail track I’d put a two S LiPo in here that’s 7,000. So they’re a little bit longer,
they fit in this back tray. This is where the 5,000
or the 7,000 would fit. And of course for this three cell, it would be turned around. And just slide in here to these adjustable zip ties that are here. So you can also see that I’ve
put king shocks on my truck. I am running a 20 turn
brush motor in there, which gives me quite a bit of power. And wheel speed, but if
I’m stuck in the mud, this one can get very, very hot. So a 35 turn is normally
where I settle at. But if I’m just out
booting around in the snow and I need some good wheel speed, a 20 turn is where I like to sit. You can see the links
are all done up nicely, these are stock drive shafts. The one reason I had turned
the drag brake down on this, is yesterday I was booting
it around a little bit. I actually snapped a front axil. Which isn’t really a surprise, when I’ve got big tires like this, in a truck that’s been
beat up pretty hard. Was the tire responsible
for snapping the axil? Very possible. But what I did, here is a WRAITH axil, because I didn’t have the proper one this is a WRAITH front axil. Or pardon me, a rear. I actually just used a grinder and got rid of the lip that was on there. So I was able to fit it right in. It’s a little bit thinner. While I’m waiting for the ones to come in the mail for the
Gmade, this one will work fine. For today’s trail run,
just on my back course, just to have a little bit of outside time. Get some sun, it’s been February, very, very cold this time of year for me, especially where I love in
southern Alberta in Canada. I still want to go out and have some fun because it is not so cold today. About minus nine, minus
10 degrees Celsius. So I’m gonna go ahead, mount up my ESC with
some double sided tape. I’m gonna get everything here and I think we should go outside and
have a little bit of fun. People may be wondering about these two point two size tires, before I go outside here I
just wanted to address this. I did raise the preload ring on my springs here on the king shocks. Plus, I also raised the body post and where this truck actually sits. So even when it’s flexing and turning we’re not gonna have a lot of wheel rub, cause I hate hearing
flex when I’m out driving cause of the wheels rubbing. Proper clearance gives you
proper crawling ability when you’re out on the trail. But there you go, look
at this nice big monster. All right, there you go, for all those that know that I’ve got a
big blue truck, as well. My full size. You’ll see that they’re very close and for those that can remember way back, I used to have a front RDS bar, a light bar on my front
windshield, as well. But because I do a lot of highway driving, also out on the back roads, it doesn’t really give you
really great fuel mileage to have one of those bars on
the front of your windshield. But in a scale truck, I’m not too worried. Let’s go! So here we are, viewers of the show will recognize my backyard trail course. All covered in snow and ice,
very slippery right now. And it’s about minus
nine, minus 10 outside. We’re gonna see the shocks
actually be pretty stiff. we’re also gonna see those
tires be pretty stiff. Even though they’ve got
quite a bit of air in them. They are a sealed beadlock, but when we get into temperatures like this everything starts to firm up. Now I think we’re gonna see some hard times on the teeter totter. Especially when we come
into the side hill area. Only because everything
is covered in snow. So I think we’re gonna see some carnage, but hopefully I can drive it well for you. And I can give you a good show for today. He’s ready to go! (laughing) Let’s do it! Now for those that have a keen eye, you’ll actually see that the
teeter totter or the see saw, has actually become quite twisted
and warped in the weather. But I think it adds a great challenge. Especially with not
having a full drag break, this should be a heck of a show. Come on, tipping point! Is it frozen to the ground? Are you gonna tip for me? Here we go! Down she goes, all right! On to the side hill ramp. Look how slippery it is! Still getting traction, oh! No problem. Let’s try it again. Need some snow chains, but even if I had snow
chains this is on wood, so it’d be very slippery. Gonna have to ride the outside rail here. Come on! I know you want mud, not snow. And I’m talking to the
tires, not you guys. (laughing) Let’s see it, come on now, power up there. No! Trying to ride the outside rail, I think that’s a safe spot to have some traction and control. I took it too far. Turning my tires for traction. There’s that 20 turn motor
giving me the wheel speed. Slowly crawling. I think I’m stuck. There we go. Let’s see if I can do it a little easier. Stay riding the outside without slipping. Come on! Must have more traction! Back up. Whoa, dude, look it just
sliding right off there. Backing up and falling. That’s why I put the back cage on. Even if it’s ugly, it’s
helping protect my truck. I knew I’d need some
extra body support today. Is the snow too much for those tires on these
slippery pieces of wood? Really not a lot of traction here. But this is the only way you can really improve your driving, is by putting yourself into
areas that are challenging and you really kinda have
to work your way through. now, that is still covered in snow. But, I think we’ll have a better chance. Let’s try it again. More traction than
before, gotta be careful. Oh, no! Can I save it? Nope. Let’s try it again. Maybe wheel speed is my friend here. That’ll mean a quicker crash, though. okay, that’s where I was, wheel speed. Very nice, drag break, letting it roll. Made it. Okay, well i wasn’t able to do the ramps and that is disappointing because of the tires I have on there. But, that just goes to show you
when everybody’s asking you, “What’s the best tire
for your trail truck?” It really depends on the type
of terrain that you’re in. It really depends on the weather, as well. So I do have multiple sets of tires, both two point two and one point nine. That I like to switch
out depending on the type of terrain I’m tackling,
but check this out. It’s really performing well here. Suspension articulating
exactly how it should be. I think I’m actually gonna
turn the truck around and give you guys a
really closeup look at how that suspension’s
moving, even in the cold. Nice, I got my on and off wire
hanging down, no big deal. I can make it down. Beautiful. Nice, it looks kind of stiff. Though it is moving, look at that. Coming up on what I
call the mountain climb. Now on this hill with very,
very little bit of snow and only some snow in my treads, hopefully I can knock it out. I’m really hoping to see the
Mickey Thompson’s accel here. Now I could go around the
outside onto the left side and make it easy. Or I could try to go up
on the right hand side, which is the more difficult one. Yeah. Nice. Such a beautiful shot. Now, that is a old skid steer tire I have built right into the ramp, here. Just like in full scale rock
hoppers going up the hill sometimes even in ultra four,
they’ll have the tire out. It even looks like I’ve pulled
a beadlock, check it out. Right there, it’s come
out of its beadlock. Well, I’m not quitting now. (laughing) it’s gonna have to suffer
until it comes right out. Okay, back it up a little. I was hoping to get a good hop up there. All the axils are still spinning. Very nice. Now we’re into an extra slippery part cause of that rock and having wet tires. But, man, come on, Mickey Thompsons! Almost, there we go, there we go! Up and over! Here it comes cresting the hill. Little bit of show off,
there’s some good articulation, all four tires are planted right now and now the back one’s lifted up. Ready to come down the hill. I’ve got a small rock pile on this side I wouldn’t mind giving a try. No! Everything is covered in snow! I wonder how we’re gonna do, I think we should hit it anyway, man. Just try to see how they do, even though it is slick in here. Come on, line up. There we go. Now, rock crawling in the winter
with the Mickey Thompson’s. Gotta pick a good line here. Good. That’s not as perfect
as I’d like it to be. Let’s go on this side. Eating it up, eating it up! You get to see all those, little holes that you get stuck in here. Sorry about the shadows, guys, that’s just the way it
goes in the winter time. I can make it to the top, I can do it! I’m stuck! Up and over. The old saying, when
in doubt, throttle out, can cause you much damage. You can see that I’m actually
getting hung up under the truck on that particular
rock on the under chassis. Do I choose a different
line and back out of this? Or do I keep going? I’ve got the camera on a bit of an angle. The real angle is about that. Which isn’t too bad, but
for these little trucks, a little angle can certainly make a big difference in performance. Now, which way? Off to the side, trying
to free up the chassis, but my back drivers tire
is getting stuck in a hole. There we go. Up and over that way. It’s where a little
wheel hop and wheel speed can really help you out
over things like that. Let’s refocus in on the top. Okay, keep going. Very nice. Gotta get the truck
maneuvering over like this. Up and over! Not that over, let’s go save it. Truck is completely on its side, but if turn my wheels towards
the tip and move forward, we can save it. Let’s go the other way. Back it up. And then this way, please. No camera angle here, just straight up and down and complete snow in the beginning. I don’t think we’re
gonna make this, today. But, if you say, “I don’t think we’re gonna do it.” And then don’t try, you’ll never know that you could do it, if you could. (laughing) Obviously the secret
here is good wheel speed and good hopping and good luck! Down it goes. If at first you don’t
succeed, try and try again! Kicked off! Straight down, did we break anything? Nothing broken yet! Just wants to hop me off the sides. Did I turn it off? Battery came undone. so slippery and on an angle. Got it! Satisfying! (laughing) Well, there you go, my friends, it’s getting a little late in the day. I wanna go and clean off this truck, assess any kind of damage it may have. As I approach the shock towers here and the original starting point, I just wanna say to you guys thank you so much for
tuning into the show, today. I know it wasn’t my best driving. But, of course, this is the
only way you can improve is by practicing, practicing in all types of weather, all types of terrain. And overall, really why I
do these films is inspiring to try to inspire you guys to get outside. And have fun with a hobby
that I find so enjoyable. The hobby of radio control. Hopefully you’re a subscriber, hopefully you’re part of
the notification squad and you can keep up to date
on all of our new releases. And we will see you in the
next episode of RC Adventures. Thanks for tuning in, bye bye! (laughing)

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