Automotive Troubleshooting  : How to Buy New Car Tires

Automotive Troubleshooting : How to Buy New Car Tires

Hi I’m Dave Erb from Dave’s Ultimate Automotive
and we are going to be talking about how to buy a tire. There’s a lot of things to consider
when you are buying tires. Most of it is the physical things to do with the tire. Does
your car require any special tire, a special speed rating, a special load rating. Are you
using the tire for commercial use on a truck, it’s going to be loaded down a lot. You know
what’s important to you. Are you a soccer mom who drives a caravan around with kids
in it. So you want a good long lasting tire that works well in the rain. Performance all
these things need to be considered when you are buying a tire. Really it’s just a good
idea to understand what the different main things on the side of the tire mean for you.
The different ratings as far as speed, a load, traction, temperature all these things that
you consider buying a tire, try to match what came with the vehicle. The manufacturer knows
best what should go on the car, because they built the car. So just make sure you get an
equal tire to what came off the car as to what goes back on the car. As far as the pricing
a tire, there is a lot of main brand tires out there. Understand you are going to be
like, Michelin is an excellent tire, but you are going to be paying a little bit for the
brand as well. There are private label tires out there that are built by the same manufacturer
that don’t have the marketing in the tire so they are not as expensive. Now they might
not carry as good of a warranty so you know, all those things are what you need to consider
when buying a tire. Also consider buying a roadside, road hazard, for the tire that if
something goes wrong with the tire, they’ll replace the tire for free, if it blows out,
or you run over something or you know it gets a nail in the side wall and it can’t be fixed,
a great investment, for very little money you an protect the tires for a long, long
time. Now it’s going to be a prorated warranty. Another words if they have to replace the
warranty it’s half worn they are going to give you half your money on a tire or you’ll
have to pay for half the tire. So that’s a great investment so really the basic points
of buying a tire, just make sure you are getting equal to or better then what came on the car,
what the car was rated for. Other then that you can’t go wrong.

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