Australian 5 cent error 2008 double rim

Australian 5 cent error 2008 double rim

so hello people here gone this is
glimmer from Guwahati coins and banknotes and here I have with me our
Australian fire since 2008 and as you can see from these images they have a
rim doubling now you these coins are actually not that common but they are
not rare as well you might be able to find one in your coin edge change but
when I searched through bulk lots I don’t really find that many maybe I’ll
find one in a hundred but I haven’t searched through five cent coins for a
while because there’s actually not many our varieties to collect so if you can
see we have a rim doubling and the inner ring or maybe it’s just a flaw with the
actual dye itself because the diameter of these coins is not changed but the
reading of these coins is a pretty shallow so I’m not too sure what
actually causes this maybe it could be something wrong with the color like the
reading and the color is not as it’s not as fine as should be so the actual metal
has been pushed to the color a bit more more extensively but as you can see from
this one this looks like a and the actual metals being pushed out no that’s
what I think anyway reverses okay you can see a little bit about doubling the
edges the milling on this coin is actually quite good here we have a
normal 5 cent coin as you can see there is no no they say
room W oh it’s just a little bit it’s not too extensive besides I don’t see
any and if you have a look at the milling milling is quite good and if I
compare both together as you can see you can see the error quite clearly there in
the milling the milling and you can see differences in the milling they wipe
their error it’s pretty shallow milling so obviously the metals being pushed
more towards the edge and this one has done normal coin has done all milling so
you can actually I’ve only actually found these in five cent coins off to
personate I I haven’t found it really as extensive you know any other
denominations or any ever year of five cent coins so it’s only particular to
2008 five cent coins that’s all the information I have if you have any ideas
of what could have caused this problem can you please leave a comment down
below if you like this coin give it a thumbs up and yeah have a nice coin
collecting day

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  1. I have a 1967 5 cent with a strange raised rim found amongst my late fathers coins. any info on this year for errors and such?

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