Audio-Technica BPHS1 Headset Review / Test

Audio-Technica BPHS1 Headset Review / Test

Greetings earthlings, I’m back with a headset review for you guys So today, I’m reviewing these guys the Audio Technica BPHS1 broadcast stereo headset with Dynamic boom microphone if you are interested in this little setup thing It’ll set you back around 200 bucks like always I’ll throw some links in the description down below and because this is an XLR and 6.3 millimeter headset I’m running it into my 2i2 2nd gen with the input gain set at around 75% I’m not gonna add any compression any EQ This is just gonna be raw audio with maybe a slight boost in post which I’ll mention in the doobly-doo now Let’s go ahead and talk about what you get for 200 bucks You’re obviously going to get the headset you get 2 additional foam windscreens a spare connection screw and some documentation when it comes to the build quality you would be expecting something pretty spectacular for a $200 price tag And it is pretty good It’s about on par with the audio technica m50x’s or m40X’s the headphones have a lot of give to them so they’ll fit pretty much Anybody’s head no matter how fat it is the padding on the headband is plenty soft and does not get Uncomfortable at all the ear cups rotate on all axes to ensure they contour to your head the ear cups do have plenty of padding however it does Not breathe that well and the ear cups are a bit on the small side so they do get warm and Uncomfortable over long listening or recording sessions the point where the microphone connects to the headphones is nice and firm So I don’t feel like it will fall off and it stays exactly where I place it So I can have this microphone set at any angle without it coming loose and losing its position the microphone also Rotates all the way around so you can wear it on either side of your head the boom arm allows you to adjust the microphone to any position that you want to get the sound you’re looking for then as far as the cable it does have a Proprietary connection, but given that this is such a specific use case headset that does make sense the cable is a standard rubber But it is relatively thick and it feels very high quality So I’m not concerned about failure the cable measures in at 3.3 meters long and it terminates into an XLR for the microphone and a 6.3 millimeter plug for the headphones as far as the microphone specs this thing has a cardioid polar pattern a millimeter plug for the headphones as far as the microphone specs this thing has a cardioid polar pattern a frequency response of 40 Hertz to 20 kilohertz a sensitivity of negative 57 decibels damn that’s quiet and in impedance of 560 ohms and that as far as the headphone specs these things have 40 millimeter drivers of frequency response of 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz and an impedance of 65 ohms and just for a reference point my buddy over on the podcast mic channel just did a review of this headset and he mentioned that the headphones are very similar to the m30 X’s so here’s a quick look at the m30 X’s frequency response and 7506’s which I love so much 75060 chil of so much While you were using this headset like in a broadcast situation or in a podcast Situation so now I’m banging on a keyboard with cherry MX blues Which are really loud directly in front of me to demonstrate. What kind of background noise rejection this headset actually has So does this headset sound perfect No, but was it designed for a specific use case and do I think it would work really well in that use case absolutely In terms of pros everything’s in a single package and everything runs through a single cable It also does a really good job at background noise rejection given that this is a small diaphragm Dynamic cardioid microphone capsule built into a headset I think it sounds surprisingly good, and as I already mentioned of the headphone sound pretty great to me Comfortable I’d prefer them to the m40 or m50 X’s and on that note in terms of cons the headphones just aren’t that comfortable Comfortable I’d prefer them to the m-40 or m50 X’s and on that note in terms of cons the headphones just aren’t that comfortable The microphone is lacking pretty significantly in the low end and the price tag on this Headset is pretty high for the mic quality that you’re getting here now I know that I just said that $200 is a lot of money to pay for this headset given the microphone quality that you’re getting But I only say that because I don’t want people seeing a $200 headset and thinking I can buy that headset And it’ll work perfectly on everything because it just won’t the microphone ignores a lot of the lower omnidirectional Frequencies which is where you would hear a lot of crowd noise or wind noise or cars or anything? That’s really gonna muddy up the sound and make it difficult to get vocal Clarity to put it simply this microphone was designed to sound this way to cut down on post-processing times So would I recommend this headset absolutely? But it’s not gonna be for everybody if you’re gonna be recording in crowds or really loud environments than 100% I recommend it if you need an all-in-one solution for a broadcast Situation with a single cable running out of it then yes, but on the other hand if you’re looking for a gaming headset I would say look somewhere else Because for me this headset was not comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time the microphone doesn’t sound Amazing and you can get something better for your money all right guys well guess what wrap up this video If you found it hellpful Thumbs up if you hated it thumbs down if you want to influence the gear that I review next and cast your votes there if you want more videos logo beneath me check out the discord server at linked in the description and i will see you all later,thanks for watching and listening,bye (All subtitles were all done by Michael)

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  1. I imagine something like this would be used for audio monitoring or some sort of media production (be it audio, film, or theatre). Honestly though I'm surprised that it has a dynamic mic (supports the production theory) with that wide of a frequency response.

    For people who will be asking, yeah it'll work just fine for voice chatting and video commentary, but remember it's a dynamic mic so don't try it for anything where you want a ton of sensitivity.

  2. I don’t know if that lack of low end could be fixed with Eq in post or not. But I do agree that they are over-priced. Nevertheless, another great review!

  3. about f'in time you did this headset review and its literally the best review for the bphs1 on youtube (i've listened to them all) – good shit bandrew – I definatly wont be getting this and heard the headphone get uncomfortable and wow I would entirly miss that warm lower sound that my voice projects – thanks

  4. Congratulations on your work, Bandrew 🙂 . I do own a couple of these. We're recording a podcast, not live yet, with a friend. After testing the Blue Yeti, and ATR2100, which have far better audio, I settled for the BPHS1 because of the all-in-one factor, portability, ambient noise rejection, easy monitoring, and to cut down on post processing times. My setup is BPHS1 > Simply Sound Mic Activator > Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen. In a previous review Bandrew didn't like the Simply Sound Mic Activator because of it adding some noise to the line, I think it was that, but in my case if there's noise it's hardly noticeable. Issues I'm having is mouth noises, which this headst picks up very well because of the proximity factor, but that's something I need to fix with good mic technique, etc, it's not the headset fault. And if you accidentally rub the cable against desk or shoulder the mic will pick up this noise. If you could review other headsets in this price / quality range it'll be great. I'm a fan of using headsets for podcast recording as you can guess. Just my 2 cents.

  5. I've been using these to broadcast hockey games for 3 years now, and they're fantastic for that. Having a decent noise gate is helpful because they don't reject outside noise all that well, but otherwise they're great for live sports.

  6. Should I get the Audio Technica AT2020 or the Samson CO1u for recording vocals? And does sound quality differ between the AT2020 because it’s usb or xlr?

  7. You mentioned that you could get something better for your money. What other headset (or what other solution) would you recommend for table top gaming, convention floor broadcasting and all-in-one mobile recording solutions would you recommend instead?

  8. The Dynamic on this thing isn't the worst I've heard, and it's probably leagues better than 80% of headset mics on the market these days, but boy do these sound like there's just something missing when you talk. Kinda like talking into a cheaper end cellphone or walkie talkie. It does sound clear at least though. Color me curious about what it would sound like through a Cloudlifter, even if that would kinda kill the point.

  9. so im planning on getting the xenyx302usb during blackfriday/cybermonday but still not sure whether to pick the newer 7000 or the (forgot the brandname) bm800
    since you tested them both i am hoping you can clear this up for me and help me out since im quite new to this world and i dont really know what im looking at when you talk about numbers and high or low pitches :p

  10. Please I need your help, I've been writing you in different videos and unfortunately I didn't receive answer. Sorry for my insistence but I'm in rush because I need a quick advice. 11 months ago you recommended me a microphone (neewer nw800 and the sabrent usb sound card) I'm very grateful for that… Now I would like to change my neewer. I have a budget of 70/80$ and I saw different reviews of the mxl770.(70$) Also yesterday I found your review of the behringer u-phoria (40$) I currently use my neewer exclusively for recording my voice to make videos. I would like to improve my quality but I'm not enough experienced to know what to buy and if it's necessary… that's why I need your help. I tried to talk with you by MD on Twitter asking you on a tweet but it was impossible. I only need an answer (of a professional like you) because tomorrow is the black Friday and probably I could find some offers. Greetings

  11. Hey bandrew, so im planning on building a home studio. Ive chosen the mxl 770 im looking for a pop filter and a preamp can i use the neewer 48v box or do i need a audio interface. And i need some links for studio foams. Can u also reccomend me other things i need.

  12. Please can you recommend microphone for singing (vocals) under 40$ which works fine without phantom power or audio interface. BUT I CAN BUY A USB SOUNDCARD. PLEASE suggest me. Thanks.

  13. Great video. Do you think the 2i2 is better than the ZOOM H6? That’s what I’m using right now, but wonder if I’ll get better audio quality from the 2i2.

    I am using the DBX 286s in my setup as well.

  14. Replace the earcups with BrainWavs and this headset becomes a real beauty. That is the setup Seananners runs with and I always thought he had the best headset audio (when taking into account its noise cancellation).

  15. In case you didnt know.. this is one of those headsets used in eSports by casters. The more popular ones you see are the Senheiser but they are more expensive but again.. build for 1 specific case :).

  16. Great review! That said, I'd recommend a 2 finger with distance from your mouth. You get a better sound if you get it closer.

  17. There is something about the sound of this thing that makes me hate it. It's like it is literally hurting my head. In fact I notice a distinct difference between when you were using it and not using it.

  18. What's a better option for gaming then? I have the scarlett 2i4 but I can't use it most of the time because my headset won't work with it.

  19. I'm going to be live broadcasting (and recording) a 1 hour radio show/podcast from a restaurant. I'll be skyping the broadcast back to the radio station. I've pretty much decided on these headphones. Do you have any other equipment that you would recommend?

  20. @ 1:25 — I think the padding in the BPHS-1 is basically insulation…What's great for keeping heat in a building is great at keeping sound out.
    This is my suspicion. I have not researched beyond putting them on my head for few hours

    On a side note:
    You would be surprised by how much research I perform just by putting stuff on my head!!
    [joke alert for the ironically stupid who take seriously every absurd comedically stupid comment]

  21. This video is nearly perfect, except that you miss to mention at least 1-2 headsets which would be BETTER for Gaming 😉

  22. I have a question, i need to set up braodcast with 3 these headphones. What is the best way to connect them? use one mixer or audio interface? (and if yes then what model?) Or use Preamp for headphones and mixer separately for microphones?

  23. Great job as usual. We have a problem I hope you can help us with. We do a radio show and frequently have guests who absolutely refuse to stay close enough to standalone mics. Often they are a bit older and uncomfortable with the idea of being in front of a mic anyway. We get frequent complaints about the in-again, out-again volume, and sometimes reminding the guest to speak into the mic annoys them and changes the tone of the interview. Of course we've tried to compensate with tricks, but the noise and other side effects are not desirable. Here's my latest idea: a good quality headset mic, perhaps with headphones. The priority for us is the mic quality; the headphones just have to be good enough to hear the other voices in the discussion. Any suggests for someone in our shoes?

  24. I use these for outdoor radio broadcast and sometimes for podcast recording. I have two sets. They are nice for keeping fidgety people on mic.

  25. Thank you very much! I was looking around for a headset that would work with the Focusrite, and you were the one to show me the way. I immediately made the purchase, and I made sure to use your aff link in the description rather then just going straight to Amazon. Thank you!!

  26. Sounds cheap, thin, and unpleasant to me. I have one of these sets in a box somewhere around here, now I'm worried 🙁

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