Astronaut Chris Hadfield Canadian Tire Song

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Canadian Tire Song

(applause) Chris: Good evening. Good evening. Please sit down, it’s not time to go yet. (laughter) Thank you very much, Marg. Some of what she said was true. (laughter) Um, I’ve been around the world a few times, and I’ve been across this country many times, and I was standing backstage watching some of the great variety of Canadian talent that’s been out here, expressing their particular perceptions of life and the things that are important to them through actions and words and song. And, uh… What is it that really defines us as Canadians? What ties us together as a tribe of people, as a… As a community, and as a nation. And it came to me, a few years ago what exactly is the common denominator that… that really makes us all a unified bunch. That can cheer for the same side in the Olympics, that can go to the right place to buy coffee, (laughter) And that will end this presentation this evening, so… Hopefully this is alive… (speaker pops) (strums guitar) Now it’s alive. And it’s a little loud. All right. (acoustic folk music) Chris: Lately I’ve noticed, life’s making a change. All the old values now seem kind of strange. All the old places seem kind of weird. I go to a bar, and girls drink draft beer. Oh, what can a man do that’s only for men. Where can a guy go to be with his friends? Well I’ve found a place to rekindle the fire, I go to Canadian Tire. (laughter and applause) Canadian Tire, the last refuge of men. Fondle the hardware and say hi to friends. Turtle wax, Winchesters, work boots and wire, I go to Canadian Tire. I went to the opera and watched the whole works. You know I got a French haircut, my wife chose my shirt. But the seat was too hard, and the show was a bore. I hope nobody saw me from down at the store. ‘Cause now that Gretsky’s retired, and Magic sells shoes, Where are Saturday’s heroes for us men to choose? You gotta turn off your TV and aim a bit higher, Go on down to Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire, the last refuge of men. Covers and car paint go on without end Turtle wax, Winchesters, work boots and wire, I go to Canadian Tire. (speaking) There’s one more verse. (singing) Well I stand in the rain and I wait for the bus, And I go to the office – I suppose ’cause I must. And the work’s on my desk in a gigantic pile, But I’d rather be standing in the sporting goods aisle. There’s only one problem that might lie ahead; If this store should go broke I’d be better off dead. So quick! Grab your wallet, and be the next buyer. Support your Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire, the last refuge of men. Handle the lumber and say hi to friends. Turtle wax, Winchesters, work boots and wire, (speaking) Big finish! (singing) I go to Canadian Ti-i-ire! I go-o-o to Cana-a-a-adian Ti-i-i-ire! (audience cheers) (speaking) Thank you. Picture me with 5 guys trapped with me for 6 months, playing that up in orbit. (laughter) Have a great Wordstock, it’s been a delight to be a part of it. (applause)

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  1. And thank you sir for all your tweets, videos, songs, and so forth.

    You really helped a lot of old kids (who remember Mercury!) , and young kids.

    If you still talk to schools when you come back to Earth, I have an excellent one I would nominate, but it is, oddly, not up here in Canada with us. Contact me for more info.

    Take care.

  2. is this why the jerks at the auto parts section in canadian tire treat me so poorly? i know this is a joke, but it really makes me uncomfortable when a prominent man in science laments good ol' boys-only clubs.

  3. Maybe they're not nice because you're coming off as hostile. There's nothing wrong with a guy wanting to have a place where he can feel comfortable and be accepted just for being a fellow guy. Women appreciate the same experience in the places they feel safe and at home.

  4. Yea, so aliens can visit it can bring their kids there on a Saturday afternoon like a museum of primitive tools and gadgets.

  5. I have about $20.00 Canadian Tire money and it's all in $1.00 bills. Cool, eh? I walk in there and flash my wad around to get RESPECT.

  6. Mr. Hadfield, it's always a pleasure learning a bit more about you. Every time I do, I always leave with a huge grin on my face. And thank goodness we finally managed to send someone into space with enough musical capacity to make a proper music video to Space Oddity.
    If I ever cross the northern border into Canada again, I'll want to go visit a Canadian Tire thanks to this song. So I apologize to all the men there in advance for being that odd woman who wants to visit this place of worship.

  7. Hey Evan, the audio between the left and right channel is not synchronised, and it creates dissonance, could you fix it?

  8. Makes me proud to be Canadian. Makes me think a little bit more about what it means to be Canadian. Also makes me think of the water guns they had there in the summer.

  9. Is it strange for an American wish he was a Canadian, my dad was born in Toronto but my grand parents both are from Florida so he never got that sweet Canadian citizenship. perhaps its just the Oregonian in me and our secret love of  Vancouver CA, no WA that place is ghetto. 

  10. "Please sit down. It's not time to go yet."  Col Hadfield is the least boring ambassador in the world (and sometimes out of this world!). Plenty of people have been to space, but he is the first to truly capture the world's collective imagination with his uniquely Canadian touch.

  11. Chris, you take me the closest to space that I'll probably ever be. Words cannot express my gratitude towards you. You're the REAL hero!

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