Assistant Washes the cars of Mickey and the Roadster Racers Toy Parody

Assistant Washes the cars of Mickey and the Roadster Racers Toy Parody

– Family fun for everyone! Step right up, step right up,
to the assistants car wash! – [Mickey] That’s right! We’re
all getting a bath today. Woohoo! – [Pete] Why, I don’t need
a bath. I don’t know about those other stinky cars, but
good old Pete, no bath for me! Ah, when everybody drives
by, I’m gonna try and dump this big bucket of slime on ’em. That way they’re gonna get slimed on their way to the car wash. Hahaha! That way they’ll need a car wash for sure. Here comes Mickey! Oh, I missed. – [Mickey] Why, okay assistant, here I go. Woohoo! – Thanks Mickey, you’re
the first customer. – [Mickey] Oh yeah, I’m
the first customer huh? – Yeah, thanks for your business! And for our first
customer you get it free. – [Mickey] Woohoo! I can’t wait! I’m all kinda like, I
smell like dirty tires. – And if your friends want to
join, they get it free too. – [Mickey] Hooray! Okay
assistant, here I go. I’m ready for my car wash. – Okay – [Mickey] Woah, that was so much fun. Now I gotta go up to the
top and finish my car wash. Here I go! Hoohoo, feel all clean, and
now the final step, down I go! Woo! Up next is Goofy! – [Pete] You can bet I won’t
miss Goofy. Oh missed again. – [Goofy] Assistant, I had a
bath just a couple years ago, surely I don’t need one. Here I go! – Hi Goofy! – [Goofy] Well gosh, assistant,
is this car wash gonna hurt? – No, and I don’t think
I need this anymore. (crash) – [Goofy] Are you sure
it’s not gonna hurt me? – I’m sure Goofy! – [Goofy] Alright, well
golly gee, here I go. – Okay, this is one of the best
car washes you’ll ever know. And it’s on the whole
week, but not on weekends, so you get the weekend off. – [Goofy] Well I didn’t
know all that, here I go. Haha, I’ve never been
in a washy car before, I mean car wash. Haha, up I go! Well golly, I guess I
need to take a plunge. Woah! That was fast. – [Pete] That Lightning McQueen’s not half as fast as he thinks he
is. Ugh, missed him as well. – [Lightning] Oo Whee, here I go! – Hey Lightning McQueen, do
you want a super fast car wash? – [Lightning] You bet I do! Cause I do everything really fast! – You do? – [Lightning] You bet,
here I go! Bye assistant! – Bye! – [Lightning] Super fast car wash begin! Wow, that was fast! Now
I guess I’ve gotta go up. Here we go! I’m gonna try to just jump right
over that water, here I go! (gurgling) Didn’t make it. – [Pete] There’s no way I’m
gonna miss Donald the Duck. Oh, wow, I almost slimed myself. – [Donald] Hi, I’m a duck!
Assistant, I don’t need a bath; I like live in a bath tub. Here I go! – Donald, why do you look so mad for a perfect car wash like this one? Urgh – Assistant, I’m a duck,
I don’t need a car wash, I can do it myself. – Uh, in you go! Belbas move him in! – Okay. (gurgling) – [Donald] There’s water. That wasn’t so bad. Hmm,
guess I gotta go up now. Woo. (gurgling) – [Mini] I can’t wait to have a bath, I hope I don’t get my bow wet. Woo! – Hey Mini, I like your bow, it must be a special bow for this car wash. – [Mini] Aha, it is. It’s
my special waterproof bow! – Sounds nice, let’s move her in! – Move her in folks! – [Pete] That was close
I almost slimed myself trying to get Donald Duck. Okay, now I’ve got to get Mini Mouse. Oh, I slimed myself! This is not good. I guess I’m gonna have to
take in my own car wash. Whee! Oh, I’m stuck. There we go. Ohh, to the car wash. – Hey Pete, why are you covered in slime? – [Pete] Why assistant, I
tried to slime the others, but it got on me instead. – Well our car wash will take car of that. Our car wash is the most
cleanest car wash in town, and the best because we’re
the only car wash in town. – [Pete] Ohh, I need to get clean then, I must’ve come to the right place. – Okay, fellas, move him in! – [Pete] Bleh, all this water, bleh! I can’t wait for this
shower to be over with. Well I suppose I got
most of the slime off me. That got the rest. – Hey everybody, who else
should be in our car wash? Tell us in the comments! – [Mickey] Yeah, who should it be? Should it be Mater? Or Pluto? – I think so but, oh you’re right, Mater. – [Mickey] He’d be a good choice! – I thought Mater was- I
thought Pluto was in your car? – [Mickey] Oh, Pluto! Where’d you go? – Ah, do you have a babysitter? – [Mickey] A dog sitter! – Hahaha So, ah. – [Mickey] Do you think
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