ASSISTANT goes on a   Mickey and the Roadster Racers Scavenger Hunt

ASSISTANT goes on a Mickey and the Roadster Racers Scavenger Hunt

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone! – [Dad] I wonder where the assistant went. Hm, where could she be? (car powers up) (blocks fall) Whoa, she was behind there. Flip it. – [Assistant] Whoa. – Whoa, you were behind there. You knocked it over with your car. – I was backing up. – You weren’t backing up. You were going forward. Hey, what’s inside of your car? – Mickey and the Roadster Racers car. – Oh, you’ve got Mickey and
the Roadster Racer toys, right? – Yeah. – And you are inside
of your Roadster Racer. Hey, you know what? That car goes all by itself as
a remote control car, right? – Yeah! – Let’s look at all these cool toys, okay? – Okay. (funny space noise) – So, there he is. Mickey and the Roadster Racers, right? – Yeah. – What number does he
have on him, Assistant? – 28. – 28, that’s because he’s number … Well probably because
he’s number 28, right? – Yeah. – Alright, so then put him down. Let’s see how he works. – Okay. – So there he is. Whoa. He’s pretty fast, right? – Yeah. – So that’s a Mickey–
– Plus, we’re on grass. – Yup, so wait but what
are those other cars that are right there, Assistant? – Let’s look. – So let’s look at them too, right? – So we have Minnie Mouse– – Wait, well we have
Minnie Mouse, right … What color is her car? – Pink. – There’s a Minnie Mouse pink car, right? – We have Donald Duck’s car. – Donald Duck’s car? – Goofy’s car. – Goofy’s car? And is there any more? – Yes, Mickey’s car.
– Mickey. – Let’s take a closer look
at each one of those, okay? – Okay. – Okay, everyone. So here’s Minnie Mouse right here. So you see Minnie in her car. She’s got two headlights. And look, and her
headlights are shaped … Her headlights are shaped
like hearts, aren’t they? That’s pretty cool. And she’s got a bow in her
hair and she’s the number 89. Wow! Up next, we got Donald Duck’s car. And that looks like a … What does it look like, Assistant? It looks like a boat, doesn’t it? – Yeah. – Why would … Oh, probably because he’s a walrus, right? Is that why his coat, boat … I said coat. (girl snickers) – A boat. – That’s why his car
looks like a boat, right? – Right. – And look, he’s got
four wheels that turn. Now who’s next? Oh, and look, here’s Mickey
Mouse, the number 28. Do you see it right there, people, huh? 28. Hm, that’s pretty cool. And look, his car looks
really fast, right Assistant? – Right. – What do you think looks
the fastest about it? The tires, the engine? – I think the car. – Just the car itself looks really fast? – Yeah! – And he’s wearing a helmet too, isn’t he? – He is? – Yeah.
– Oh, right. – So is Goofy, I think. – And then here’s Goofy. Look, he’s got his hat on
top of his helmet, Assistant. – Hat, with … – See, his hat? (girl laughs) And he is the number eight. And look, he’s got a giant
engine too, doesn’t he? – Yeah. I like the tub. – It looks like he’s inside
of a bathtub, doesn’t it? – Yeah! – And Mickey’s got a really
Roadster-looking car. But Goofy’s inside of a bathtub. – Also Minnie has a helmet. – And look, Minnie Mouse has
got a helmet, in her car. What about Donald Duck? Does he have a helmet? – I don’t know. Here he is. Here’s Donald Duck. Donald’s not wearing a helmet. – You’re right, Assistant. Donald Duck’s not wearing a helmet. Donald, that’s not very safe, is it? – No. – It’s not safe. So why don’t you go back by
the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse car, and I’m gonna roll you each
one of the cars, right? – And I’ll pass this one to you. – You will? – See, I’m doing it right now. – Okay, so here is Donald. Whoa, and now, we have Minnie Mouse. (girl shrieks) (toy engine whirs) And Mickey, whoo. – Don’t crash Mickey.
– Whoo! – And Goofy.
– Whoa. – It probably would have
worked better outside, man. Now, here is Minnie. – Minnie, whoa. – Good job, Minnie.
– Donald. – They don’t make it very far. – You gotta push it really carefully. Hey, I’ve got an idea, Assistant. You wanna see it? – Sure. – Okay. Watch this. It’s gonna be a special kind of race. – And here’s Goofy. (funny space noise) – Okay, Assistant. We’re ready for this big
race going through these– – [Both] Giant poles. – Right?
– Oh, yeah. – I hope Mickey wins. – The first race is going to be between Donald Duck and Minnie. – I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. – Alright, ready, on your mark,– – [Both] Get set, go! – And the winner is … Oh, it’s a three-way tie. – Two-way tie.
– Two-way tie. – Let’s do it, again. – Alright, so now for the
Goofy versus Mickey Mouse. – Ready?
– Yeah. – On your mark, get set,– – Go!
– Go! – Mickey wins!
– Mickey wins. – I think it’s gonna be Mickey
versus Donald in this race. What do you think? – Yeah. – I think so too. – Okay. I’ll hand you Donald and Mickey. Here you go. – Thank you. So let’s see who’s gonna win this race. – I hope … I don’t know who’s gonna win. I think it’s gonna be Mickey. – Get ready. On your mark,– – Maybe it should be Mickey
and Minnie since they’re– – Maybe that a next race.
– Yeah. – On your mark,–
– If Mickey wins. – Good point. On your mark,– – Get set,– – [Both] Go! – Mickey wins!
– Mickey wins! – Now it’s against Minnie–
– Mickey versus Minnie. – There you go. – Let’s see who wins this race, everybody. Who do you think? Oh, they’re two giant– – And then it’s gonna be against– – Goofy versus Donald? – No, yeah. – On your mark,– – Get set,– – Go!
– Go! – Mickey wins! – Is it Mickey or Minnie? – Minnie. – Minnie Mouse is the winner. (girl cheers) Okay, now we gotta see who’s
gonna come in last place and that between Donald and Goofy. – Mickey won two times, Minnie won once. – He’s the champion. Now we’re gonna see who’s in– – [Both] Last place. – On your mark,– – Get set, go! – It was a two-way tie, again.
– Oh, it was a tie. – So let’s have a race– – [Both] One more time. – Alright, so that time it was a tie. Here we go. On your mark,– – Get set,– – Go! – Goofy wins! – Oh, Goofy won the race. That was a super-fun Mickey
and the Roadster Racers. – Now it’s my turn to put them down. (Dad chuckles) – That’s right. But first, people at home, let’s look at all the things that
we saw today, right? – Right, and can you tell
us which car we’re missing? – Yeah, which one is your
favorite and who are we missing? Do we have Pete? – We don’t have Pete, do we?
– No. – So, let’s see. We have Goofy, we have
Donald, Mickey and Minnie. So show them each one
of them, okay Assistant? – Okay. So we have Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie. – Minnie, and we had a
special remote-controlled Mickey and the Roadster Racer, right? – Right. Here is Mickey and the
Roadster Racer driving car. – That’s it, that’s right. – I just wanna put
Donald down one more … Against Minnie, please. – Okay, we’re gonna do one more race. So who is it gonna be this time? – Donald versus Minnie. – So Minnie’s in first place
and Donald was in last place. – If Donald wins, he wins
and Minnie’s in last place. – Donald wins!
(Dad laughs) – No way! Donald cheated. (Dad mumbles inaudibly) – Minnie wins. – Do you think Donald got cheated? Leave a comment and let us know. And also if you wanna see
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