ASSISTANT Fixes Mickey and the Roadster Racers Car for Goofy

ASSISTANT Fixes Mickey and the Roadster Racers Car for Goofy

– [The Assistant] Family fun for everyone. Look everybody. It’s Mickey and the Roadsters Pit Stop. – [Narrator] That’s right Assistant. It’s a brand new Mickey and
the Roadster Racers Pit Stop. Let’s open it up, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] Let’s go! So Assistant, here’s the entire set. – Yeah, but first we need
to put in the engine. – [Narrator] That’s right. Okay Mickey, okay Goofy. You gotta put the engine in the car, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] Alright. Let’s get to it. – Golly Mickey, where does this engine go? – Pluto, I mean Goofy,
whatever your name is. – My name’s Goofy. – The engine goes on the front
of the car right over there. – Back here? – No, no Goofy. In the front. – Oh, right here? – No Goofy, that’s the door. – Golly Mickey. Oh, it goes between the header lights. – That’s right Goofy. – Okay car, here’s the engine. – No Goofy. You gotta put it up top. – Oh, okay. – Goofy, that looks great. Now let’s show The Assistant. – Hey Assistant, what do you think about the engine? – It looks great Mickey! – Alright, I guess we’re done then, right? – No, we still have to put in the exhaust. – Put in the exhaust, really? Oh well. Let’s go Goofy. We gotta put in the exhaust. – Okay Pluto, you’ve got
to put on the exhaust pipe. – Golly Mickey, where do they go? – Here’s where they go in the back. But on your roadster, they go underneath. – Oh, underneath up here? – No, no Goofy, down below. – Oh, down here? I don’t see. – Goofy, underneath. – Okay Mickey. Let me give that a try. – Goofy, you did it. You got one on. Now we’re gonna put one on the other side. – Golly Mickey. You think you can do it? – Of course I can do it. Okay, here we go. One exhaust pipe comin’ up. It just needs goin’ down there, right? – That’s right. – Let’s see. I can do it. Okay, almost got it. – Good job you guys. That’s gonna make the
car sound really fast. (revving loudly) – Wow, it sure does. – Now you just have to put in the spoiler. – Ooh, the spoiler? Oh wow. You’re right. We gotta put that in. Goofy, we gotta– Where’s the spoiler? Okay Assistant, off we go. – Golly Mickey. Even I know that goes
on the back of the car. – That’s right Goofy. It goes right on the back. Then the car’s gonna be ready to go. Woo hoo! – Oh, I can’t wait to drive it. That sure does look good. – Yeah, let’s show The Assistant. – I think she’s gonna like it. – Me too. – Wow. You guys are sure great mechanics (claps). – Woo! Why thank you Assistant. We try our very best. – Now you just have to add gas. – Oh yeah. It won’t go anywhere without gas, will it? – Yep, and then nobody will win the race. – That’s right. Goofy, let’s add some gas. – Well golly Mickey. Where does the gas go? – Well Goofy, it goes in the gas tank. – Oh, like right there,
that little hole’s at? – That’s right. – Okay. I’ll put some gas in. – Great job putting Goofy gas in the car. (laughs) – Well thank you Assistant. – Hey, what’s that sound? – Yeah. What was that sound? – Oh no! The tank is overfilling with gas. – Oh no. We gotta stop that. – Phew! That was close. – Woo Assistant, that was close. – But now, let’s see the
rest of our play set, okay? – Okay. – Alright, let’s go inside. – [Narrator] Why look Assistant. It’s got a working car lift elevator. Up it goes. Whoa! Pretty cool, right? So that’s the elevator, but look. Inside it’s got other cool things. – Like the cash register, the fan, and places to store everything. – [Narrator] That’s right Assistant. There’s so much to have fun
like the working cash register, the fan above your head, and all the stuff stored on the walls. Hey, that’s pretty cool, right? – Yes. – [Narrator] Alright Assistant, that is so much fun
inside of the pit stop. Hey Assistant, what
was your favorite thing about this play set? – Working on the car. – [Narrator] Wait a minute. I think Goofy and Mickey Mouse did most of the work (laughs). – Yeah. – [Narrator] But that’s okay. – I told ’em what to do. – [Narrator] So I really
think this is a fun play set. What do you think? – Yes. – [Narrator] Okay people at home. Now you’ve got a chance
to see another video in 10, nine, eight, seven, six, – Five, – [Narrator] Four, – Three, – [Narrator] Two, – One. – [Narrator] And here
it is the best video. – [Narrator] Hey, I wonder
who’s coming to visit today? (revving) Why, it’s The Assistant. She’s in a roadster. Assistant, what do you have? – I have… my toolbox here. – [Narrator] Oh you have a tool belt for Mickey and the roadster racers, right? – Yeah, I wonder if I– Wait, does it say try me? – [Narrator] Yeah, it’s
got oil and it’s got a thing for the tire and then you’ve got a
whole other kit, don’t ya? – Yeah, look at this one. – [Narrator] Let’s look at ’em both, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] Okay Assistant. Look at all the cool things. It’s got a drill. It’s got air for your
air, if you’re tire– I wanna talk. It’s got a funnel for putting the oil in, and it’s got a tool belt, right? – That’s so cool. – [Narrator] Now let’s look
at the other one, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] And here’s a
pit crew tool set with oil. And so this is a bigger set. It’s got a mallet. It’s got the number 28 flag, which is what Mickey uses, right? – Right. – [Narrator] It’s got, it’s
got needle-nose pliers. It’s got Channellocks. It’s got a wrench and all kinds
of cool things, doesn’t it? – Right. – [Narrator] Alright Assistant. We’re gonna open ’em up, alright? – Right. – [Narrator] Right? – Right. – [Narrator] Okay? – Okay. (laughs) – [Narrator] Okay roadster Assistant. Are you ready to fix your roadster? – Ready. – [Narrator] So you got your wrench. So what are you gonna fix first? – All the car. – [Narrator] Well I know
you gotta fix the car. So, what are you gonna do? – Fix the car. – [Narrator] Well, why don’t you check the tires right here, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] You got a special tire gauge. – I think this is it. – [Narrator] Those are needle-nose pliers. So okay roadster Assistant, let’s fix that tire. – Yep. – [Narrator] You got needle-nose pliers. I don’t think you need that. – So I need this to take off the lug nuts. – [Narrator] Oh yeah. It’s a special tool for
removing lug nuts, isn’t it? Can you show it to us? – Sure. Got those out. – [Narrator] So that’s a lug nut remover. Just like on a real car, right? – Right. – [Narrator] Now what are you gonna use? Are you gonna use your drill? – Yes. – [Narrator] Now does it actually turn? – Yes. – [Narrator] Whoa. It really looks like a drill, doesn’t it? (buzzing) – Two, three. – [Narrator] Now the car
is sold separately, right? This is– – Uh definitely. – [Narrator] This is the
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse car. Okay, so now you’ve got that off. What are you gonna use? – Check the air pressure. – [Narrator] Oh look. It’s a special gauge, right?
– Yeah. Just like a real car would have. Wow. – I should check it. – [Narrator] And it pumps. Oh, you’re puttin’ air in the tires. Can you show it to me? Let’s show the people at
home what it looks like. So here is the air gauge right here. Now watch this people at home. This is way cool. Now when we push like that, it moves. Isn’t that neat? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Alright, so that’s
how that works Assistant. Now do you wanna– Maybe you should look and see if you’re gonna
add oil to the hood. So you’ve got a oil funnel
inside on your seat. – Oil. – [Narrator] There’s oil. And I think inside of your
Mickey and the roadster tool belt, you’ve got your oil. – Oh, so I’ll put that– Oh, it goes right– Oh clumsy. – [Narrator] It goes right there and then she’s gonna lift that off and she’s got her oil, right? – It’s somewhere in here. (laughs) – [Narrator] She’s a lefty so sometimes it’s hard for her to
get stuff out like that. Alright, now she’s got her funnel and she can act like
she’s changin’ the oil. – Wait. So where should I change the oil? – [Narrator] You change the oil– If this is a car with
the engine in the front, you change it right on the hood. – Ah, but I– – [Narrator] In fact, it’d
be where the Mickey emblem– Let’s show the people where we check it. – It may be in this. – [Narrator] Maybe. Alright Assistant, let’s– You can use the o’tooles right there and act like the o’tooles is where you put the oil in, right? – Okay, so I’m done with this. – [Narrator] Okay and now
you’ve got the funnel. That’s right. You top off the oil. (gurgling) (laughs) Here we go, oil sound. So every 3,000 or 5,000 miles
usually you change the oil. – Yeah. – [Narrator] Right? (gurgling) Good job Assistant. Hey, you know what? There’s an o’toole on the windshield. Maybe you can use one of your wrenches. You don’t put oil in that. (laughs) Maybe you’d wanna use wrenches to tighten that up and
make sure it’s okay. – Okay. – [Narrator] So she’s gonna put the oil back in the tool belt. – So which wrench? Oh, this one. – [Narrator] That’s a wrench right there. So show the people at home. It’s called– One end is an open-end and
the other end’s a closed-end. – You can use it like– – [Narrator] So Assistant,
which one do you think’s the closed-ended side of the wrench? – Closed-end? – [Narrator] So it’s open-end,
that’s the closed-end, and then the other side is the
open-end that looks like a C. So move your one hand. So see the side that looks
like a C right there? That’s the opened-end and
the other’s the closed-end. Okay, so work on that o’toole. How’s it goin’ Assistant? – It’s goin’ good. – [Narrator] Alright. – One more touch. Gotta get the nails in. One more check. – [Narrator] Oh, you just had
a screwdriver, didn’t you? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Can you
show me that screwdriver that you had that was in your set? – All done. Now it’s good as new. – [Narrator] You fixed it. Oh, I like that screwdriver. Now let’s open up your car and
do a few more repairs, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] Okay Assistant,
what repair are you doing next? – I’m doing the seats. – [Narrator] What are you using though? – The mallet. – [Narrator] Oh it comes with a mallet. Both sets come with a mallet. – Yeah. – [Narrator] So hammer away. (pounding) Oh Assistant, that’s kind of loud. That’s pretty loud Assistant. – Well, that’s why it’s
called a mallet, so– – [Narrator] Oh, okay. So– – It’s supposed to be like this. – [Narrator] So look. It also comes with different screws and things like that that you
can use in the set, right? – Right. – [Narrator] A screwdriver. Oh that’s a file. So you could pretend like the door is not closing all the way. – This door isn’t closing all the way. – [Narrator] Yeah, it’s stuck
so now you gotta file it to make it a little more open, right? – Right. (filing) Okay. – [Narrator] Now let’s try. (door shuts loudly) Good job! You fixed the door. – Yay! – [Narrator] Alright. You got the door open and closing. What else do you have? – I have some oil. – [Narrator] Oh, you’ve also
got some screws down there. Can you show me those? See the different screws
that you can put in? Let’s show the people at home, okay? – Okay. So here’s one. – [Narrator] Yeah, let
me show ’em how it works. Okay, so here’s how the
screwdriver set works. Here’s two pieces. You put ’em together. Then you can either use a
screwdriver to screw ’em together. See how we can screw ’em together? So that they stick, like that. Or you can use your drill. Here’s the drill. (clicking) Hey look, you put ’em together. Then you do the final
step with the screwdriver. And there we have it. We made an L bracket. Assistant, do you need an
L bracket for your car? – Yeah, sure. – [Narrator] Perfect. There it is. – So–
And we did it with a drill. – Where should I put it? – [Narrator] And with the screwdriver. I don’t know. Where do you think? – Maybe I should put it– – [Narrator] Hmm, let’s look at some of the other tools it comes with, okay? – I got it. Right here. – [Narrator] Oh, you’re
gonna put it right there? (pounding) Oh, maybe better luck next
time on that one, right? – Right. – [Narrator] So here are
some of the other tools. Here’s a file, right? For filing things down. Here’s the needle-nose pliers. I like needle-nose cause
they look like mouths. (snapping) Gonna get you, yum, yum, yum. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Here is the Channellocks right here and they slide back and forth. See, big or small. We’ve got, ooh, it’s a ratchet. Listen, here it click. (clicking) That’s the ratchet. And we’ve got two closed-ended
wrenches right here. And you remembered Mickey Mouse, cause right there is the number 28. Hey Assistant, what
are you workin’ on now? – I’m working on the seat. They seem a little loose. – [Narrator] Oh you were
workin’ on the seat? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Oh wow. Good job. Actually I think those
are battery post cables. – Oh. – [Narrator] That’s okay. So Assistant, do you like
your Mickey Mouse tool set? – I love it! – [Narrator] And it’ll even
work on your clubhouse car. Look at all those cool tools. Like a ratchet. – My favorite part is the hammer. (pounding) – [Narrator] She likes the hammer folks. That’s a pretty cool tool too. So people at home, what do you think? Do you think you’re gonna like the show Mickey and the Roadster Racer? ♫ Mickey and the Roadsters ♫ Mickey and the Roadster Racers – [Narrator] That’s right. So the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
car’s sold separately. And then Assistant, show us
your belt again one more time. – So I have this. (toy recording) – [Narrator] It actually talks. So the belt set is sold separately than the pit crew set, right? – Right. – [Narrator] Still lots of fun. Okay everyone, we’re
gotta get back to work. So remember subscribe. – Find us on Facebook or Twitter and our secret spelling word is gonna be Mickey. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E Wait, that’s Mickey Mouse. – [Narrator] You spelled Mickey Mouse. M-I-C-K-E-Y and don’t forget to check out TF Kids, TF Animal Channel and TF 123 and yes, that is a channel. – [Narrator] That’s right. Check out all our new channels. Bye everyone! – Bye! I gotta get to work on this seat. (pounding) Bye! – [Announcer] Hey there everyone! Thanks for watchin’ our video. Now make sure that you subscribe to The Engineering Family so you can see lots of cool videos. In fact, there’s another
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