Assistant Drives Blaze and the Monster Machines Power Wheels Ride On

Assistant Drives Blaze and the Monster Machines Power Wheels Ride On

– Family fun for everyone! Hi, everybody! – [Camera Man] Hey, it’s the assistant! What are you riding assistant? – Let’s Blaze! – [Camera Man] You’re
riding Blaze, aren’t you? – Yeah. – [Camera Man] Whoa, check that out! Whoa, you going really fast? Show me how you can ride Blaze assistant. There she goes! I think she might be a
little bit too big for Blaze. Are you too big? – Hey, everyone! We’re gonna reveal this
remote control car Blaze, but first– – [Camera Man] That’s right. We got a remote control Blaze too, but first the assistant’s got to go. – Blaze! – [Camera Man] Whoa! Hey, can you play the horn and all the cool sounds? Alright assistant, let’s keep going. Play some of the cool sounds. (car drowns out other noises) – [Camera Man] Oh, it says let’s Blaze! Hey, can you stop? Maybe I can’t hear because you’re going. Let’s play some of the cool sounds, okay? (engine revving) – [Camera Man] Whoa, do you hear that? Now, wait minute. You can go forward, but can you also go backwards? – Yeah! – [Camera Man] Show me
how you can go in reverse. Whoa, she’s blazing backwards! Whoa assistant, you’re trying to turn. Hey, come toward me assistant! She’s in the grass. – Yeah, I turned. Let’s go! – [Camera Man] Okay, assistant! Show me how Blaze works, okay? – Okay, so I push this gas pedal. – [Camera Man] So, that’s the gas pedal to make him go. – Yeah and it’s not working! Good thing I wit’ my trusty
tool to fix the engine. – [Camera Man] Oh yeah,
you’ve got to fix the engine. So, oh, you got to get
the hood up first, right? – Right. – [Camera Man] So, you got
to lift up on the front. – Maybe from or maybe with my hands. – [Camera Man] And that’s
the engine for Blaze, right? – Right – [Camera Man] So, you got to fix that, give him a tune up. – A check out. – [Camera Man] Wow, that’s
a really fast engine that Blaze has, isn’t it? – Yeah, it is. – [Camera Man] Super fast. Hey assistant, why don’t you show us the horn and how it works on the steering wheel? – Okay. Okay Blaze, you’re all fixed. – [Camera Man] You got him all fixed. Now, you’ve got to be
able to check his horn. – Okay. (horn blowing) – [Camera Man] Whoa, I heard Blaze. Try pushing more buttons. (cheering) – That’s the sound of Darin or yeah, it’s the sound of Blaze. (engine revving) – [Camera Man] Whoa, that’s a funny sound. Hey look, there’s room in the back for a trunk, right? Isn’t there? – Yes, there is! – [Camera Man] So, there’s
room in the back for trunk and right behind it is the
Blaze remote control car. Should we try that out too? – Yeah! – [Camera Man] Let’s get that out and see which one we like better, okay? – Okay! – Okay, let’s play with Blaze. – [Camera Man] That’s right. That remote control can fit
right out of your arm, right? – Right. – [Camera Man] So, there you have it. Now, Blaze transform. (tires screeching) Pretty cool. Now, it doesn’t work as well in sunlight, but it’s still way cool. See, he just transformed. (tires screeching) – [Blaze] Whoa! – [Camera Man] Keep him going assistant. (tires screeching) – [Blaze] Whoa, tight turn! – [Camera Man] Whoa, watch out! Watch out assistant! – [Blaze] We’re in the lead. (upbeat music) (tires screeching) – [Camera Man] Wow, bring him back. Let’s see if we can him transform back into a monster truck. (tires screeching) – [Blaze] Whoa! (tires screeching) – [Blaze] Whoa, (mumbles). – [Camera Man] Whoa, he’s
running right into ya! – There he is! – [Camera Man] Keep him
going, keep him going! Okay assistant, let’s see what he can do. Let’s see if we can make him transform. – Okay. – [Blaze] Here we go! (tires screeching) (beeping) – [Camera Man] Oh, he ran into ya! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! (cheering) (tires cheering) (beeping) – [Camera Man] There you go! You made him transform! Watch him blaze off into speed now! There he goes! Look at that! Look how fast he is! – [Blaze] Whoa! – [Camera Man] Wow, so cool. Good job assistant. Hey, people at home, which do you like better? The power wheel Blaze or the remote control Blaze, right? – I like the remote control. – [Camera Man] You like
the remote control Blaze that transforms from a
monster truck into a race car? – Yeah! – [Camera Man] That’s
pretty fun, isn’t it? But you like the power wheels, you just wish he was a
little bit bigger, right? – Yeah and faster. – [Camera Man] A little faster
maybe for the assistant. She’s going to have to do a little bit more work under that hood, right? – Right! – [Camera Man] She’s got to do
more work and make it faster. Hey, but you know what assistant? What does it say down there? – Subscribe here to The Engineering Family and I hope you like this video just like the other ones. – [Camera Man] That’s right. We really hope that you like this video, you follow us on Facebook and Twitter and our secret spelling word’s gonna be Blaze. – Blaze – [Camera Man] B-L-A-Z-E spells – Blaze! – [Camera Man] Type that in the comments. – Bye! – [Camera Man] Bye, everyone! See ya next time on
The Engineering Family. – Bye! See ya next time on
The Engineering Family. Bye and let’s Blaze! – [Camera Man] There she goes! Hey there, everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe to The Engineering Family, so you can see lots of cool videos. In fact, there’s another
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