Arizonian Silver Edition III – All Season Tire – Discount Tire

Arizonian Silver Edition III – All Season Tire – Discount Tire

When it’s time to replace your tires there are a lot of them out there trying to grab your attention. Some are just too big. Some are too old-fashioned, and some just aren’t your style. When you want to make the right
connection to the road the Arizonian Silver Edition III will go the distance. The Arizonian Silver Edition III,
manufactured exclusively for Discount Tire, is developed for drivers who are
looking for a safe, comfortable, long lasting all season tire at high-value. You’ll be impressed with its good manners. The advanced its sequencing and
close shoulder design are engineered to reduce road noise inside the vehicle. It’s in it for the long haul too. A rubber compound containing enriched carbon
black and an optimized tread profile that provides even pressure through the
contact patch provide long lasting tread life. The Arizonian Silver Edition III
comes with a 55,000 mile treadwear warranty. Micro gauge sipes provide
dependable grip on wet or winter driving. These micro thin zigzag sipes increase
the number of biting edges to provide additional service contact and their
full depth design delivers consistent performance throughout the life of the tire. The Arizonian Silver Edition III, available exclusively from Discount Tire, is your perfect match. It’s the tire you’ll be proud to take home to meet the family.

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  1. The tire installed at :32 the tread pointing a different direction than the tire installed at 1:30. Which is the correct direction these tires should be installed?

  2. live in central texas. when it rains, the traction is NOT SAFE. i go 20 miles below the speed limit with CMVs flying past me during wet road conditions. everytime it rains. otherwise, i have no qualms with the tires. again, the rain is the enemy for these tires.

  3. Worst tire I have experienced. These tires have 18000 miles on them, rotated 4 times and they now have 4/32 worth of tread left. I am not an aggressive driver and get around 40-45k on tires. It is winter and I would have to get to 2/32 for a warranty. Not interested in pro rating for just another set of these soft made by cooper tires, Discount tire should be ashamed to put their name on these. I am looking into replacing them but NOT at Discount.

  4. These are private-label tires made by Cooper Tire for DTC, so I don't believe you'll find them anywhere else. When I purchased a set at DTC, the salesperson kept referring to them as 'Cooper Tires' rather than Arizonian. The set I have indicates 'Made in USA'. The ride has been fine and performance okay in wet weather (I'm in Pacific NW). These were put on our '07 Honda Odyssey, which has been hard on every set of tires we've had installed (Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama; last two sets purchased from DTC). This is our fourth set and we have 105k on our odometer.

  5. I just bought the Arizonian as replacement for my spare tire at the bottom of my truck. It was either this or the Sentry. They are the cheapest tires offered by Discount Tires. I figure if one of my Michelin’s that I drove on get a flat, I’ll put on this temporary cheapo tire to get my home or to a tire shop.

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