Are You Too Short To Ride A 29er MTB? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

Are You Too Short To Ride A 29er MTB? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Right, new year, new questions, Doddy. Got help from this man
today to do ask GMBN. – Sounds good to me. – Lots of good questions, got some tacky ones as well, so you can help me out with these. Alright, Greysen Thweatt kicks it off with saying he’s thinking about
getting the NS Snabb, which is a 150mm 29er. He tried a YT JEFFSY 27.5
Crankworx and it fit good but I’m only four foot 11. It’s definitely on the
short side of things, about two foot shorter than you are. So do you think the 29er would be too big? He likes doing jumps and
whipping the bike around and plowing through the rough stuff, so, what about a 29er? – Definitely good for plowing
through your rough stuff. Not bad for jumping, I
don’t think, but I think your movement’s gonna be limited. – I’ve never been a big, what I’m saying, size-wise, it depends on
your wheel size, your height. But I don’t know, maybe
that, four foot eleven. You are gonna probably put
your bum into the rear harder. – That’s what I think, that’s your biggest issue, isn’t it? And getting it settled
down low enough as well. There’s quite a lot of travel on a bike. Especially one on a size small frame, whatever it’s gonna be. Hard to say to be honest,
without trying it. – I would say probably try it. The one thing, I love 29ers
for almost everything. The one thing I don’t like as much is always jumping, cause I
just want to move the bike and ride it a lot. They’re more stable, so if
you’re maybe an average rider, sort of intermediate, then
it’s probably gonna be less bucky and less want
to move around on the bike. However, if you want to
throw it around a bit, then the 29ers aren’t as good for that. Okay, Realking, can you put
any width tire on any rim? For example, if my bike comes with 2.2s can I put 2.4s on it? – Yes, you can. Within reason you can go and
put like a three inch tire on a really skinny rim. Simply it’s not enough support for it, it’s gonna roll around
but, pretty much you can. – 2.2, 2.4’s not huge
difference at all is it? – Nah, it’s fine. Yeah, a bit more volume. – Someone actually asked this for us. With a really good thing. Pyroultimate says, on the DT Swiss website you
can go to their support page and they have a rim tire compatibility. So that’s more a
recommendation, I would imagine. ‘Cause they say wider rims
do suit the wide tires a bit better, but not
say you can’t run them. Okay, Damanik Alfiano, have you guys ever had a flat
tire and not bring a tube? To the point that you have to
walk back down the mountain? – I’ve riden back down a mountain on a tire with a flat before. – I was gonna say, ’cause
that would be my reply. I did it the weekend actually. Went to the Atherton’s Bike Park. It’s super slaty, I was
running trail tires. Ripped my tire, boom, gone. It’s like, gonna take you
an hour to walk down, so. – Gotta coast down. – Gently coast down. Most of the time it’s alright, isn’t it? If you’re riding on dirt–
– I think so. – And your tire’s there, you
don’t do the tire the best– – No, yeah, you’re gonna
trash the tire, pretty much. Yeah, and if you’re unlucky,
you can trash the rim as well. – Yeah that’s one thing to be careful of. But I’ve definitely done that a few times. But we’ve got some hacks
from this man himself to get you out of trouble. – Despite all the innovations in bikes, one of the things that
brings everyone to a halt is the puncture. Now it doesn’t matter if you got tubeless, or you’re running an inner tube. Something like a side
will slash like this, it’s gonna bring you to a stop. So, you can’t just fix this
by putting the tube in it and pumping it up, ’cause
the tube’s gonna bulge out the side and that will
puncture very quickly. So what you need to do is
find a method of patching this up, just enough so you can get home. Now Park Tool make a thing
called the tire boot, which is effectively a
giant puncture repair patch. And that’s the best
thing that you can get. And it costs a few quid but, they’re worth keeping in your riding pack. – Alright, next question,
from Alex Mason MTB. Can I put DMR’s extra long pins in my Crankbrothers Stamp 3’s? – I don’t know without
trying it, to be honest. – The DMR Terror Pins are M4s, which I’m almost certain
that’ll be the same for the Crankbrothers ones. The problem comes with
the pitch of the thread. ‘Cause it has knot .7 on this. So I’ve done this, I’ve
got those pitched thread, thread pitch measurers, and they got little teeth things, sort of stick them in. That’ll be a thing to use
if you have one of those. Or if you just line up the pins, you should be able to see a difference. But you don’t want to just wind them in if there is a wrong pitch ’cause it’ll muck the threads, won’t it? – Yeah, of course, the pedals soften and the actual bolt going
into there, knacker that out. – Yeah, so be careful,
but they may well do, is the answer to that one. Drew Hartman, is it bad to lock out your
suspension for a big impact so it doesn’t blow through the travel? Can it blow out the seals? – No, it won’t blow out the seals, but you’ll damage the shims on the inside if you do it for a long time. – I’ve always wondered
this, I’ve heard that. – It’ll work, but. – That’s the case if
you’ll actually damage internals eventually, or– – They just get a bit floppy, pretty much. It’s just a series of shims and the more that they have
to try and resist moving, they just get a bit bendy. – Okay. – So they can be replaced,
it’s not the end of the world, but it’s not ideal. Lockouts will blow off, but you shouldn’t just run
it like that the whole time. – So potentially if you locked them out and did a massive landing, or is it just time, repetitive? – I just think just over time. I’ve got a commuter bike, and that’s locked out permanently. And the lockout didn’t
work very well in it. Just from a long time of riding. – Henry Powell, he’s
got a tricky question. Can you swap bolts for a
quick release on my wheels. So he wants to get rid of the bolt through for a quick release. He’s got a DMR Jump Bike
and it’s a pain to keep on having to straighten the
wheel at the perfect angle and tighten the bolts. So, we must be talking
about horizontal dropouts– – Yeah, sure. – I think you probably can’t. – I think it depends on the axis as well. So if it’s a jump bike,
if it’s got like an M4 M5 bolt to screw into the axle,
the axle might still be hollow. And that might be right,
to put a quick release in. It totally depends on the… Did he say what wheel? – No, although DMR at the moment, they only do 24 inch wheel jump bikers, it’s definitely got big bolts on it. – There might be a conversion
kit for the hub as well. – Is it gonna help? My initial idea, you
know those chain tugs? – Yeah. – So I don’t think you get them
from mountain bikes though, he’s talking about BMXs where you could– – There must be a way. – Adjust the way of your
how straight your wheel is and then you tighten the bolts down. So you’ll never have the problem with the rear wheel moving around. – I’d bet you get a
certain chain tugs to fit, the only issue you might have is if there’s not enough bolts to cut out for the nuts to hold them
on, so it can be quite bulky. Definitely worth a look though. – But I don’t think the quick release is the way to fix this. I don’t, personally. – No, more likely to slip, to be honest. – Jim Gibbons… Is that a question? He’s got a hybrid with 700CC tires and he wants to switch them
to something more aggressive. ‘Cause he’s commuting on the bike, he wants to ride some light single tracks. I want to go the 2.1 Cross Country. What is the equivalent in mountain bike? A 29er? 27.5? It’s 29er, is it? – 29er really, yeah. – 700 just means it’s
probably quite a thin rim, I would’ve thought. – Yeah, it’s down to rim size. It’s just weird because
inches and French sizing and things like that, 50B,
and 700C, all that stuff. – But a relatively narrow
cross country 29er tire should work pretty well. – Yeah, like a 1.9er or 2
inch or something like that. – Question from Furiousnoob. Where can I watch the
EWS and The World Champs? I guess talking about UCI at cross country and downhill stuff there. – Yeah, all the UCI
stuff that’s on Red Bull. So it means if you’ve got Apple TV, you can watch it on there. Or you can stream it usually
from your phone to Smart TVs. – Smart TV app or online. EWS, they don’t have live coverage, although, they do have sort of live news on their Twitter and on their website, that you can follow to
see what’s happening. But the day after the race
there’s always a pretty substantial video comes out, gives you all the news about that. Okay onto correct me if I’m wrong, where you lovely viewers
upload your videos using our uploader, which I come out to try and give you some tips. The name of this person is MTB. So, I don’t know who that is. – It’s quite original. – Yeah, this in the PWC
bike park in Joburg. – Oh nice. Get quite a lot of South African entries, that’s quite cool. – The description says, this was a very generous man
who showed me how to do it, but please correct me if I’m wrong. So somebody showed him how to do it. Check it out, it’s a
decent sized drop-off, that MTB is riding. – [Doddy] Yeah, it looks
alright actually, doesn’t it? Body weight looks quite good
on there, good position. – Yeah! Yeah, sliding the bike
forward, which is always good. Just to get that bike out in front of you, don’t let the front wheel drop too much. You got two versions here, so two different, same
drop, two different times. What I think you do see is it’s not completely consistent. It’s always trying to nail the landing, with two wheels at the same time. Whereas the second one it does
go nose down a little bit. So I would say, practice a bit, get that consistency up,
but, looks pretty good to me. – Yeah, nice and smooth. – What’d you reckon the bike, Doddy? – Bike looks pretty good,
is that a Cove, isn’t it? – I don’t know, actually. – It looks like a Cove
or something like that. It’s nice, it might be a Pyga actually. – Ah, well there you
go, South African bike. – Yeah that’s good. Bike’s obviously looking like it’s working really well there, but perhaps you could
learn to try and absorb more of the impact yourself, always helps ease it up on the bike. – Nice one, keep sending in your videos via the uploader and leave
your questions down below. We might get to them next week hopefully. If you want to see a funny video about us messing up
our lines and swearing, well particularly me swearing, click over here for that one. – And click down here if you want to see loads of funny mountain bike crashes. – Thumbs up for GMBN
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  1. #askgmbn hi. I just got a cube stereo 140 hpc race. Love the bike, but the gearing is such that I have a granny gear for uphill, but no fast gear for flats. What can I do??

  2. Apologies for jumping in like this but I want to ask you guys to come up with one of your educational videos on LACING up a fatbike wheel. I try to do most things myself to save money and youtube is not bad most of the time on just about everything and GMBN do them pretty good. Take a look now and you will only find one or two vids on Fat Rim Lacing. The best one is by an American but he hesitates and stumbles through it making it seem more complicated than I am sure it is.
    I have made an attempt at doing my own but my special edition Halo spokes are getting bent the rim scratched and I am unable to do the conventional 3 fold lace pattern as this is causing spokes to get bent forcing them up and over and through the rim plus the spokes will not reach what the American said said they should reach to.
    There has to be a BASIC set of MAXIMS to keep in mind like; Innwards spokes reach forward and outward spokes go backwards.
    On the other side of the rim do they follow the same idea or in reverse like a mirror flip to keep the spring forces in balance etc etc etc etc Thanks buds. Like all your vids and have them on my hard drive for future reference in times of need.

  3. #askgmbn. the question about changing the jump bike axle to a qr.One On do chain tugs that come in a quick release and solid axle versions.

  4. #askgmbn Do you know any 210x55mm coil shocks? Why is that size so popular for air, but not for coil? Can you fit, say a 210x50mm on a 55mm stroke? I have a Whyte S-150-S

  5. #askgmbn I own a beginner Norco Storm 7.3 hardtail(27.5) and I am saving up for a new bike since my riding has outgrown the it. I ride backwood singletrack, XC, and loose gravel roads. Do you guys have some recomendations for a full squish or hardtail bike for "intermediate" skill level like myself. Thank you

  6. #askgmbn hi guys I am starting to learn new dirt jumps tricks and I am trying to learn how to backflip could u give me any tips and what would be the perfect jump to learn it on thanks

  7. I have a Santa Cruz V10.4 with Fox DHX RC4 coil chock, and I need a new spring I am 70 kg and need a new spring what spring do I need? #askgmbn

  8. Doddy is the “bike whisperer” or maybe the “rain man” of the biking world ., the guy knows everything about bikes!

  9. 29ers being for tall people is a horribly misunderstood statement that's been thrown around for years. It's not that 29ers are better for taller people, it's just that in regards to geometry, standover, pedal/toe overlap, it's a bit ore difficult to get a good 29er in smaller frame sizes, which has over the years been inverted to people thinking if you're tall you need bigger wheels.

    Total bollocks. If you're 5'8 and above you're going to have an easy time finding a suitable sized bike, regardless of wheel size. Just remember 29ers flex more, the wheels aren't as stiff and historically weren't as durable either. Not to mention the additional rotational weight etc. A tall person's bike can be built around smaller wheels, there's few limitations when working with smaller wheels. I think it's very stupid to assume they can't be.

  10. #askgmbn How do you start riding over jumps instead of riding through them, I mean I'm clearing jumps but not getting any real height over them.

  11. #askgmbn i have an old 3x hardtail bike i bought second hand a while ago i cant afford a new bike so i was thinking of converting to a 1x to make it a bit better although i then need to spend a lot to buy a new casset, chainring, derailler etc. is it worth it or should i just save my money.

  12. i'm 5'5 and have a 29er. the only shitty part about it is when i come to a complete stop. standing on the bike sucks and can be a bit embarrassing. but i wouldn't go to a smaller bike

  13. #askgmbn Just moved from Vegas to Chicago, so now I’m in a city that’s super flat, what is a good recommendation on a new bike to have a fun commute to work on the road, but be able to still travel and take on some trails?

  14. #ASKgmbn I ride a Merida hard tail and after most rides the rear tire buckles would I need to replace the rim and tyre or is it meant to buckle

  15. #askgmbn I have an older fox float rp23 that I can’t put volume spacers in, and I ride aggressively, I am running like 10% sag to avoid bottom out. Any solution?

  16. #askgmbn what are some of the first things i need to do to hand build a new trail or convert an old hiking trail to a bikes only trail?

  17. #AskGMBN Is there any UpHill mtb race somewhere? I mean short ~1km for example, time race? Any tips for this kind of race?

  18. #askgmbn

    Love the show, long time fan!

    So i recently moved to Australia, and it’s time to get a bike here. I'm thinking a Trek Remedy 8 (27.5 plus bike)or Slash 8 (29er). Would there be noticeable difference between 27.5 + and 29, I'm told they're near enough the same in diameter? All my previous bikes have been 29er and I loved the ability of those wheels to roll over stuff and carry speed, would i get the same benefits from the 27.5+?

  19. #askgmbn Are wider tires on 17 mm rims more prone to squirming under lateral loads? The original 2.25 wide ones are in need of replacement, the grip really starts to improve around 24 psi but then they start to squirm and bottom out. There is plenty of room to go wider which I would like to do. I know that this problem probably has a lot to do with the quality of these tires but don't want to end up in a similar scenario.

    BTW mostly riding a combination of flowy technical trails on a tubeless conversion 26" hard tail on dry gravely trails.

  20. I ride one root infested trail system and its very different from other trails I ride which are more rocky.Lots of petite woman ride 29rs there.Being a 5'4 male I could make a 29r work there but I may not like it on really tight stuff.Going to demo one in the near future.

  21. #askgmbn
    I'm going on a flight soon with my MTB, and im kinda worried about loss or damages to my expensive baby. Do you know of a good travel insurance that covers $3500 bikes? It's just for a one-way trip.
    Thanks in advance

  22. #askgmbn My dropper post sags a little when i put my weight on the seat. Is this normal or does it need servicing? Its a rock shox reverb. Thanks

  23. I'm ready to upgrade from an entry level hardtail to my first fs, ideally a mid-travel trail bike. I'm fortunate to have a pretty substantial budget, but also definitely not an "advanced" rider yet. Should I get the absolute most bike I can afford or something a little more intermediate/value oriented? #askgmbn

  24. Hi guys!!! I just want to ask you how much psi do I have to put into my tires if I ride down the stairs or urban downhill???

  25. #askgmbn I have recently bought a Dartmoor primal hardtail frame which I will build up! I also have a giant trance which is a full sus but I don't know which bike to ride on different terrain? Could u awesome guys at gmbn help me out. what bike should I use on different terrain?

  26. I started with a 29 bike that was medium size, being only 5'8" found it to be a bit too big, even after installing the shortest stem I could find 35mm, bought myself a Canyon Spectral, and using their size selector tool, selected a small frame, that only comes in 27.5 so yeah, it could be too big for you, but as other have recommended, try a bike before you buy it, if you can do this on your local trails, even better, I find that I can ride my trails much faster and with more confidence using my small frame and 27.5 wheels

  27. Hi GNBM, I am looking to enter some enduro events in 2019. I ride a 2019 Orange Crush 29er. Do you know which enudro events in the UK have hardtail specific categories? Thanks James

  28. #askgmbn I have encounted those yellow stickers on forks that say for leisure xc. Should i take those warnings seriously ?

  29. #askgmbn Hi, I am searching for a new Enduro, and i think i found it, sadly it's not available in my size (L). Now my question is, can the 29 er wheles make the medium Bike fit me?

  30. Hi, i was wondering why rear hubs seem to make more noise (that cracking noise) the better or more expensive the bike is. LOVE the Channel

  31. #askgmbn I've got a 26" XC hardtail and I am thinking of upgrading the fork. Would it be a good idea to get a 27.5" fork in order to put a thinner 27.5" tyre on the front with a wider 26" in the back.
    Compared to the video you did using 29" and 27.5" it could be better as it may be more beneficial in a hardtail and the difference between 26" and 27.5" is smaller than between 27.5" and 29".

  32. I'm at a height of 2.5m. My weight is tipping the scales at 140kg. So my question is: what is the best seat on the market that can support my nuts. I've tried most seats out there but I still find that my nuts sit awkwardly. After every ride, they swell to the size of a grapefruit. The swelling sometimes subsided within a couple of hours but sometimes it takes days. #askgmbn

  33. 4’ 11” is too short for a 29er

    My daughter is 5”2” and has a 29er but is at the limit

    Most smaller sizes come in 27.5 and not 29

  34. #askgmbn Hi guys! Do you have any tips for suspension settings? I want to set my Canyon Strive for jibbing and some street riding becouse its winter and i dont hit the woods that much. Any tips? my suspension feels planted in the currents setting. I weight 65kg, i have RS Lyrik rct3 160mm and a RS monarch rc3 160mm. any tips to get the suspension more poppy? I dont want to do anything with volume spacers tho. Cheers!!!

  35. Hey guys! Need help on selecting my new bike; Ideally for the type of riding I would like to do, the Santa Cruz 5010/ Specialized Stumpy seams to tick all the boxes. However, I'm a long term Identiti fan and love the look of the Mettle in grey.

    My question is; how much will having the extra 30mm of travel front/ rear hinder my riding on single tracks/ climbs and general riding around? Or what would you choose?? #AskGMBN

  36. #askgmbn I am training for an Enduro event at a chair-lifted bike park with lots of very intense descending. Last time I rode here, I experienced fairly bad arm pump, I don't really have this problem at other tracks but this one is long and fast. Are there any training exercises or other tips I can incorporate to minimize this at the race? I have 6 weeks to prepare!

  37. #askgmbn I am looking for a service to help plan an epic 14 day from London to Hamburg, as part of a fundraising and awareness campaign for the organisation I work for. IS there one that specifically shows green lanes and gravel tracks? I have looked at, but cant seem to make out if the bike paths are paved or not. I want to make the route as MTBey as possible

  38. #askGMBN So live in a little place called Shepton Mallet in the UK. I know if some pretty fun and lengthy bridleways to have so fun on! But I wanna know how I can find out where I can and can't ride without fear of facing an angry farmers double barrel?! 😯

  39. #askgmbn hi I'm sort of a beginner rider and really want to get into dirt jumping. I have a crappy hardtail with really non-agressive geometry, i can clear small tables at dirt jumps but want to get better. I really want to invest in the scott voltage dirt jumper but i don't know whether i should wait till i can clear gaps on my old bike. (Im 14 so it takes a while for me to make money)

  40. #askGMBN. HI, I'm wondering if you can tell me how high an enduro MTB seat should be when fully lowered, and what constitutes to "too high" VS "normal"
    I'm asking because I ride a 2015 PIVOT MACH6 CARBON which has that notorious Crank Bros Kronolog dropper. Fully slammed, both feet are still 2 inches off the deck. Is this about normal for enduro riding or a bit too high? I'm 5'7" and ride the medium size. I'm looking into the OneUp dropper which will give me a bit more slamming ability but if you think my current setup sounds ok then I'll save my pennies.

  41. #askGMBN Hello, i am currently in the market for a new full suspension 29 inch Trail bike to replace my 10 year old hardtail, i have managed to narrow it down to two bikes, the Giant Trance 29er 2 and the Scott Genius 950, but am stuck between the two. Which do you think be the better choice and why?

  42. #AskGMBN I have a 2014 specialised status 1 which is stock everything, and the forks are a single crown and I want to upgrade to dual crown forks. But my forks are tapered, how could I fit a straight fork into a tapered headset?

  43. I have problems with suspension fork. My suspension can have max 80 psi and I am 70kg heavy. When I sit on bike and drive 2 seconds, suspension bottoms out. What should I do? I heard something about volume spacers but I'm not sure. Thanks! #askgmbn

  44. #askgmbn Hi , I am a pro rider , and I want to get a bike that can stand high jumps , and really technical routes , so I´ve wanted to ask ; If I buy an enduro bike , could I modify it to a dh ambit , or it would be better if I buy a complete purpose dh bike , thx for your reply #askgmbn.

  45. Would a chromag hardtail be good for my style of riding cause I like to do downhill stuff and do jumps and im going to crankworx would it be ok

  46. #AskGMBN im looking to get into XC and i was looking at a 2nd hand polygon COZMIC29 RX2 it is in good condition and im is this a good bike for this if not what am i looking for and what makes a good XC bike?

  47. #askgmbn
    Love the shows guys! Been watching since 2016. I'm purchasing a new bike but am stuck between carbon or alloy frame. I'll get the same build either way (Pivot bike, Pro X01 build)but am worried about care and specifically transport of a carbon frame on my roof rack. Are most bike racks ok for carbon frames? What are some no-no's when storing and moving a carbon bike around?

  48. #AskGMBN Can you make your rear shock to propel your jump higher? Or is it enitirely for gripping ang absorbing shock from drops?

  49. On Blake learns cyclocross: @1:32 "I have always Bennett interested in a cyclocross bike" -bing bing. No way that can be true right? #askgmbn

  50. #askgmbn New bike with a SRAM 1×12 and I wanted to get a bash guard and I'm seeing lots of combo chain + bash guard. It doesn't seem like a chain guard is needed with a 1x and narrow wide, but do you guys ever drop chains on a 1x to make the chain guard worthwhile?

  51. 29 and being short depends on the design. I am 5'4" with a 29" inseam. Standover clearance was my biggest worry because I want to be able to put my foot down when the front end slides out. I went with the Ibis DV9 with 29" 2.6" wide tires. That was the only 29 I could find that I could put both feet on the ground with. I love the bike.

  52. Please help me. I am 5 ft tall and not a very confident mtb'er. I have a 27.5 mtb at the moment but looking at getting a XS 29er. Would you suggest I stick with 27.5? I don't fly downhill, kind of wear out my brakes and very cautious on single track switch backs so I don't know if I would benefit from a 29er?

  53. #askgmbn
    Hey guys, m 5'0 and my bike s a medium 29er. Could the size have something to do with why can't manual/ bunny hop. Is so what can I do? Buying a new bike isn't a option. Would I be able to buy a smaller frame and swap over the parts. If so what is an affordable hardtail frame with a straighten line from the headset, along the top tube to the seat tube and then along the seat stay to the axle

  54. On the other side of the coin, are taller wheels advantageous to bigger guys? I'm 6' tall with a 32" inseam and generally gravitate toward taller bikes.

  55. Thank you Sr,
    I was very hesitant between 29 and 27.5 in my opinion if you like to ride bikes wtiout anything crazy like jumping really high then 29 is a good choice

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