Are Work Wheels The Best?!

Are Work Wheels The Best?!

– But why? When we talk about expensive wheels, we talk about sometimes
not expensive wheels, we talk about cheap wheels, we talk about easy to obtain wheels and we talk about wheels that are like my ever fleeting love life, just disappearing from the current scene, just kidding Rebecca, I still
love you, don’t get mad at me. Today we’re going to be talking to you about why are Work Wheels so good and why do they have
such a cult following? So before we get into it, I’m
Alex from Fitment Industries and don’t forget to subscribe. We’re trying to get to
the hundred thousand because that’s a really cool number and we really really want it and let’s just jump right into it. Right. Sorry about that. We’re buying a car that
requires us to get money and it’s just a mess and
been just a ton of fun but don’t worry we’re making videos on it in a few days so just get ready. Wheel wheels was founded
on March 8 of 1977 and have since just been
an absolute powerhouse when it comes to the JDM wheel scene. Now we’re not going to go
into the history of Work, we actually did a wheel
history episode on them. It was the second episode we ever did. It’s almost a little cringe worthy but it is pretty good if
you wanna know everything about the brand itself. But what you do need to know about Work is that they have just
dominated the after market Japanese wheel scene and there’s been a couple different reasons as to why. (burps) I’ve been drinking pop. Talk really fast, it’s just weird. Work Wheels initially had a little bit of a jump into the motor sports scene but really the reason that they blew up is because of the fact
that in the late 70s they provided an after
market style of wheel that people wanted that just
wasn’t available at the time. Work wheels was kinda
known as the hip, different after market wheel
company that you could get wheels from in the late 70s for
different vehicles in Japan. And what happened over the next few years and decades just essentially was founded on the idea that workers
created cool, creative wheels. Now they go into the
mono black, they go into the two piece, the three
piece, they go into all different kinds of wheels but the biggest thing that
made Work so different was the fact that they were
creative in the designs that they made way back in the day. In fact their Equip line-up is one of the longest lasting wheel
designs in the world and they’re still made to this day. Work wheels has just been surrounded by a lot of different cool
designs that people seem to love. That’s one of the big
reasons that we think Work is just such a good company is because the designs that Work comes
out with for the most part are pretty darn good-looking and on top of the fact that they’re good they’re functionally just sound. They’re just good wheels. But does just the design make them good? (mumbling) No, because there are some
really good-looking wheels out there that are absolutely terrible when it comes to structural
integrity and brand style and I bet you can figure
out who I’m talking about. And Work developed different techniques to make their wheels good,
like safety wheel humps and rigid lines and sort of solid forging rim lip technology. They formed all this different stuff because they wanted the
wheels that they made to last a long time. So what ended up happening over time is Work was making wheels
especially in the late 70s that people wanted but
not only people wanted but ones that just lasted a long time and you didn’t have to
have any sort of worry about if things were gonna break or how they were made or
the heritage behind them because Work just came out of
the gate making good wheels. And because they came out out
of the gate making good wheels they took a lot of pride in the
stuff that they were making. You have to remember that Work wheels and wheels especially older companies especially from Japan have
just a different outlook sometimes on what it
means to be a business and they take a lot of
pride, a lot of honor I guess if you wanna use that cheesy word, into what makes a brand a brand and if you go out onto
the websites of Work, if you go out to different interviews and different things like that, you’re gonna see that Work cares a lot about who they’re perceived as. They wanna be the clean, the high class, the very well educated,
the prideful company that Work Wheels is known for. There’s a bunch of articles and interviews and things like that out there, even tours of Work’s factories on just how well they maintain everything and how clean everything is and how much pride they take in the fact that they meticulously care for almost every single wheel that
they assemble and make. So when you tie in just a great design that makes Work work,
because you tell a Work is a Work from like a mile
away, unless it’s a rep. On top of the fact that they have that with how prideful they
are about their business as a whole, they’re pretty
much set up for success. Now what we think finally
makes Work so good is because you have a good brand, and you can have it be cool designs, but how do you get almost I would say the entire world behind
a wheel brand like Work? Well you do it by just kind
of getting in the market when you can and they did that just fine. The domestic market is very weird. We’re kind of like a group of people that always likes things
that we can’t have. If you look at things like the Holden, if you look at things like the GTR, if you look at things like just anything that we can’t have, kind of like I would say a joke but the only ones I can think of are R-rated and YouTube gets mad and then they demonetize us, but if you think about
things that you just want but can’t have, that’s Work. From the get go there was a lot of push towards the Work Wheels
brand in the early 90s but the difference was
that Work finally did come over into the United States and they had people that were importing their wheels at the same time. Now if you remember there was something happening in the 90s. You had the JDM craze, you had the RX-7s, you had the 3000 GTs, you had all of those cool cars coming out. You had even the Toyota MR-2s
and all that sort of stuff coming out in the Supras
that embodied the Work brand. They embodied that Japanese
style that a lot of domestic newer owners
wanted to have at the time because you couldn’t really pair a lot of those cars with a domestic wheel like American Racing
or something like that because it just didn’t look good. It would look terrible. I hope nobody’s done that. But because of that
Work Wheels got involved in the domestic market and
since really have never left. So why are Work Wheels so good? I guess you could say it has a lot to do with the design, the pride, and the fact that they just got involved in a community that was essentially
growing at the perfect time. And that’s why Work Wheels is so good. And if you get a set of
Works, you’re pretty much getting I would say a very good brand and a very good quality wheel. And no we’re not paid to talk about this like Work is some magical brand but at the same time you give
credit where credit is due because there are a lot
of companies out there especially wheel companies
that are popping up every single day and when it comes down to if you want, you know, like there’s just. There’s just a lot of
different versions of stuff. So if you can go back
to a brand that works and is good, ha Works,
that works and is good and has reliability and is prideful, you know you’re getting something good. And that’s why people love Work so much is because they’re just
a brand that people can get behind because they’ve pretty much never been let down by them. So let us know what you
think in the comments below if you own a set of Works
and if you’re interested in picking up a set head over to, send in your year, make, and model and what sort of Works you’re looking at, we’ll be sure to help you out but I’m Alex from Fitment Industries and if you haven’t subscribed
yet, be sure to do so. And let us know what
you’d like to see next. We’ll see you later. Peace. (dramatic music)

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  1. I agree ☝️, I have my work wheels 17X8 Cr-kai for 5 years and after so many bad roads and potholes, nothing has happened to them.

  2. I have been watching all your videos and there has been no mention about the Desmond Regamaster/Spoon SW388 wheels. They are very popular and rare and are in the process of re-launching. Let's see a video about them guys

  3. T7R, VS-KF, VS-XX, CR-Kai, S1 need I say more. The best may be a subjective term but I think Work Wheels may just be my favourite.

  4. Agreed with that comment about Holden. Everybody here knows Holden is terrible and made for bogans but over in the States the Chevy SS is cool. Haha.

  5. SSR SP-4 are just as iconic as any Works Meister or any other Works wheel. But then again both are the main go to brands in Japan.

  6. Wanted the work CR Kai’s for a long time like 15 years long and I finally got them but now they are CR ultimate still the same just small little details has changed, but man do I love them.

  7. Work 3pc wheels have Casted centers. not fully milled 6061 forged aluminum. So when people by work they think that they’re getting highest quality for a little price when in reality you’re getting average or below standard quality for a little price. It’s all image and marketing.

  8. GEE……..24 degrees negative camber looks like SHIT!!!! Spin those tires with 75hp and wear out your 1.5 inch contact area. If he gets into an accident his insurance company will deny payment because that car is unsafe.

  9. Me personally I’m starting to have a loyalty to the works brand. My first set of wheels I’ve ever owned was bbs rs on my civic. But after that I’ve only had works. The Schwerit SC3 and now the LS507. I usually try to stay away from the common trendy works wheels and lean towards the discontinued styles. A lot of people tend to be surprised and forget how large of a wheel selection and style works has. Also one thing is never had to do is worry about the integrity of the wheel because they have shown to build high quality wheels. Because of this this is why other brands like rotifom, AG, vip modular, heritage wheels etc I tend to say away from. These brands are some what good from what I see in the scene but I look for the long history. Also I see a lot of the older brand wheel companies with multipiece wheels tend to be easier as well to sell while these newer brands it seems some people struggle to get rid of them for more then $1500

  10. I just ordered a set of 16X7 Work Meister CR01! Matte Gunmetal center with polished lip! Now it's time to be patient and wait a couple months for them to come in!

  11. Just took a look at Work Wheels I don't really see where all these great designs are, they don't really make anything interesting or artistic just very conservative and typical wheels that you wouldn't even notice on a car because the designs are so bland might as well stick with stock. Not saying I wouldn't buy wheels from them sometime wheels that are to flashy take away from the build, sometimes you just want something clean and functional.

  12. "you can tell a work wheel from a mile away"
    Not really most of their wheels are very generic and clean they don't really produce anything to out there super conservative designs. 9 out of 10 times someone will think they're something else from a bigger brand work wheels aren't that well known.

  13. Im gunna pair an rx7 with American racing wheels and an LS motor…

    That would be the most antagonizing car "in the world"
    5:33 😈

  14. I love my Work XSA-O2C with steplips…. I'm in NY and we don't have the best of roads here, hit some potholes here n there and still 💪🏻

  15. I wish WORK would make my original center caps the one with the scratched lines across the Equip letters oh and btw don't ever have VRMotoring out of City of industry CA USA 🇺🇸 redo your wheels that place is a rip-off the owner Jack is a real Jackass they removed my Equip og letters from my rims and he put on some cheap flat ones on also I asked him I wanted them pearl white and they did em baige pearl like that ugly white baige on Cadillacs 🤔 WTF so I pointed it out and he said that's the only white they use so I pointed out some he had on his rack that were the color I originally ordered and he said that it would an extra charge to redo my wheels the sob is such a con also I'm just taking notice at the bolts they look kinda fake even though they do have the W and I think 1.9 or 2.9 engraved in every bolt oh and when he priced quote me he said it included doing the barrels too haha to my surprise my barrels weren't even wiped down all he did was the star and lip sob then said that they don't touch the barrels yet I saw lots of freshly painted barrels in his shop so yeah guys don't go there we have lots of tools on social media that can tell us about if a business is shady or not and unfortunately few years back when my wheels were done there wasn't really any dirt on this place but now I see I wasn't the only unhappy customer there, WORK WHEELS CO. should investigate if they are using knockoff hardware with their stamp and proceed with litigation and if it be it I'd be more than happy to put my wheels on the witness stand lol 😹😹

  16. My Work vsxx’s have survived shitty LA streets/pot holes in a heavy car (MKIV Supra) without ever cracking or bending.

  17. Anyone that sets the Camber shown in this video deserves to be shot! The most Stupid thing I have ever seen…..

  18. Please don't describe honor as a cheesy word when you're talking about a Japanese company that literally prides themselves on honor. That's Japanese culture overall, wish more countries would follow.

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