Are Wheels Original Anymore?

Are Wheels Original Anymore?

– Hey guys, what’s going on, it’s Alex from Fitment Industries and today we’re gonna be talking about something a little different. We’re gonna be talking about if you can still make an original wheel. Now, in the current car scene right now, when it comes down to wheels,
tires, and suspension, probably one of the biggest
conversation starters and the one that seems to riddle
all the forums on Facebook is if a wheel is original or not. There have been accusations
of Rohana being a rep brand, there have been accusations of other brands being rep brands, Ferrada and Work and this
and that and the other thing and we decided what does it come down to on if you can still make an
original wheel in the car scene so we decided to jump into it
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wheels that aren’t spenny, you know what I’m saying. Anyway, let’s just get right into it. So when we look at wheels, there are all different kinds of wheels. You have race spec style wheels, you have just aesthetic wheels,
you have multi piece wheels, rotary forged wheels, flow formed wheels, fully forged wheels and
probably everything in between, and all of these wheels have been made from different
manufacturers over time depending on what you really want to get. Now, from the bare bones
perspective of things, wheels started to get made in different styles and different shapes depending on what looked good on vehicles or what was the essential
function of the wheel. We’ve talked about in the
past how multi piece wheels were essentially bred
from the need of having different width wheels
for the track purpose that you could intermittently change out really whenever you wanted, you could switch out the barrel or the lip and get the desired width that you needed or the offset required
for the actual track. You had other wheels that where made such as fully forged wheels that were meant for
high endurance track use and things like that
have been born and bred to be specifically meant to have as much function as possible. Then you have other brands like Work that essentially came out not necessarily to make wheels that had a huge amount of function but also had a lot of styling behind them and the same could be said for a lot of other domestic brands. You have brands in the middle
that wanted to have something that had a little bit of function but also to be aesthetically pleasing that didn’t break the bank and from there the market of wheels essentially bred into a
thousand different companies and tens of thousands
of different designs, but we look into what
the most iconic wheels have started to look like, we’re seeing pretty much your
typical five spoke wheel, your double five spoke,
sometimes just split spoke or multi spoke are
extremely common wheels, but which company was
the first one to make one and if a company comes out with a double five spoke right now, does that automatically
make a, well, rep wheel? Really when you break it down there’s a bunch of different
things that you can talk about on what makes a wheel real and if you look back in
our previous episodes, we have talked about it in the past in the three things
that make a wheel real. Oh boy. Hey, hey, hey. Why? – [Man] I waited for you to stop. – No, you didn’t. I still got the squeaky Yeezy fake shoes coming out over here. So when you go into things like this and the whole wheel game as a whole, the first argument that
a lot of people make is why are people so particular
about specific wheel brands or just specific design, and a lot of that just comes down to the wheel brand that
originally created the wheel. If you look at companies
like Work, for instance, they probably have one of
the biggest cult followings of people loving their wheels to date. There’s not a whole lot of
people like a Work fanboy but I tell you what, they are
all over the comment section if anything comes out that might be a replica of a Work wheel. Now that’s a good thing
because Work has spent an enormous amount of money
and an enormous amount of time to make their wheels
the way that they are. The same can be said for Volk. Now Volk is an iconic wheel brand that has been bred around the race track and everything that Volk does and everything that Volk touches is practically gold for a
lot of different people. Now that’s not to say that’s a bad thing but you’re definitely paying
the price for the Volk wheel and because of the R&D
that’s behind the wheel, you’re spending a boatload of cash, so if you’re looking at a
Volk TE37, for instance, and it costs a lot of money, to somebody that may not necessarily know the specific brand, they’re gonna see pretty
much a basic six spoke wheel. You put that next to another
wheel like an ES2 for instance and if somebody doesn’t know their wheels, you wouldn’t be the wiser
as to which one is better, but thank God for having people that buy the 4000 dollar Volk wheels because they’ll certainly
tell you the differences and that’s what it really comes down to is that when it comes to
making an original wheel, the amount of R&D, the amount
of integrity behind the scenes is what really makes the
wheel have that cult following and when you do that across
multiple different wheels, you have a brand that people just enjoy. So it’s a good thing for people to have a little bit of
loyalty towards wheel brands, but what happens when you have a brand that may not have the original
best reputation off the block but then eventually grows
into a brand that you love. There are a couple
different brands out there that have done things like that and we’re not gonna put
anybody in the harsh limelight but just to name a few, if you look at Rotiform, for instance, one of their first wheels was an ode to an old Lamborghini wheel. Does that automatically make the entire lineage of
the Rotiform wheel bad or that none of their wheels are original? Probably not. The same could be said for ESR. ESR started out with
the SR lineup which is, looks a lot similar to a
lot of different wheels but it’s been said and
they’re going to release a bunch of monoblock wheels
that have original designs and in the next few months,
you’re gonna be seeing people rock their multi piece
wheel lineup a lot more because it’s what ESR is choosing to do. Does that automatically mean
that they’re out of the gate and just completely forget about the past? Probably not, but does that mean that you
have to think twice about just blanketing an entire
brand as not being original? Probably. Original wheels are weird
because the design of them, there’s only so many ways
that you can make it, there’s only so many ways you
can pull back a five spoke, there’s only so many ways that you can turn around
a double five spoke or you can do a twist on
a standard seven spoke, that’s not the point. The point of the fact is is how are these people
getting to their ideas. Now, it’d be pretty
difficult for me to say that you can just make an
original wheel out the gate that isn’t gonna be gaudy and
terrible, trust me, we tried, and in and of sense of all the words, everybody that gets paid a
lot of money to design wheels probably faced the same exact barriers of what can make the wheel original. Can you do it, absolutely. We truthfully believe that
if you were to go out there and spend enough time and enough money and probably have enough beers, you could make an original wheel with absolutely no outside influences, but I can promise you that
there’s a 16 year old out there on the internet that’s gonna
be able to see that design that you just made and
relate it to something else, it’s just nature. We’re always going to have
something of an outside influence that’s gonna impact current designs. Don’t always think about the design being the only thing that
makes a wheel original and I know that we’re treading
on some dangerous turf here because there’s a lot of people out there that have spent a lot of
money on original wheels or old school wheels that they just think are
better than everything else and you guys do have a very valid point. There’s a lot of tech
that those older wheels and higher end wheels do have, but don’t just look at the design, also look at what they’re making them with and the technology and the R&D behind them because, truth be told,
Volk isn’t the only company that you need to buy from to
get a high-end quality wheel. There’s a bunch of other
companies out there that are making original design wheels or are an ode to an older wheel but still have the R&D behind
them to be a good wheel. Don’t be surprised to
see a lot of companies going back in time with
their wheel designs because they’re running out of options. Now, until the next
spinner style comes out, we’re probably not gonna
see a whole lot of new stuff just simply because
there are so many designs in the seventies and eighties that a lot of people are taking a look at. You can see that most notably with a lot of the 2018
model designs of Rotiform and I’m probably gonna pick up a set because a lot of their
wheels are just so cool. Now, are they original, that’s kind of up to you to
decide on what you deem original but in our eyes, I still think you can, and if you really want to, you can find something out there
that is completely original just depends on how hard you wanna look. (splutters) I completely didn’t read
anything from the script. And that goes back down to the first, oh. And that goes back to the
first question we asked, are wheels original anymore? It’s a good question. In our eyes we would say absolutely, yes, but is anything gonna be 100% original? It’s gonna be very unlikely. You’re gonna be able to see
probably everything in between, well, probably in a Dub
magazine somewhere from 2008. We’ve tried making a million designs and all of them were
something of something else. There are original designs out there so don’t freak out if you’re
starting to see people mingle in terms of their designs
in between two companies, it’s not the end of the world. What you are gonna wanna look at is what sort of wheel do you want to buy? Are you looking to buy something that has an excessive amount of function, that has R&D tested, that has been proven time and time again that it is a good wheel and you’re probably never
gonna get any crap for it, I tell you what, Volk Rays and Gram Lights are gonna be the ones for you. If you’re looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing
that has different styling and you still want it to be original, there are half a dozen
different brands out there that you could probably buy, and if you’re a noob and you’re just looking to
get a set of 700 dollar wheels and you don’t really care, you know, that’s how it works too. It’s probably gonna be a couple of options out there for you, trust me, we know, but don’t think that you just
have to buy one type of wheel. I’ve seen people that have ran XXRs on their track setup for drifting and then run around on
their daily on Volks. I’ve seen people run out
with Seeker series wheels and then also have the same exact wheel on the fifteen52 setup
for their daily driver. It kinda comes down to really what are you willing to argue about and what are you willing
to consider original, and in our eyes it’s not so
much the wheel that we look at rather than it is the brand, so if you’ve been stressing in picking up wheels, tires, suspension, whether you’re looking
at the high-end stuff or whether you’re looking
at anything in between, hit up, but I’m Alex from Fitment Industries and don’t forget to subscribe. We’ll see you later, peace. (hip hop music)

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  1. Every once in a while Alex writes a script that gets the comment section a little firey. No matter what, remember Fitment Industries is all about helping people find the perfect set of wheels or suspension for your car, while occasionally making some fun videos. Don't take things too seriously!

  2. I think the companies that make rep wheels just make what some of us consumers want… konig makes some wheels very similar to work miesters and rpf1s for less then half of what they cost. some. people are not going to spend 5k for a set of work miesters or 1500 for some rpf1s

    the rep wheels are for the market who doesn't have the money to spend on legit wheels. some of these rep wheel manufacturers still make quality products for a reasonable price bang for ur buck

  3. I dont wear Spalding shoes not going to put Spaldings on my car just me. I see a lot of brands doing cool stuff but the look I go for and the style cars. Work is always my best option. With the ability to pick disk offsets barrel size and color choices for both. Just easier to spend the money up front. Ever tried getting your lip and barrel painted separate from purchasing. Its expensive and a pain. WORK all day

  4. Here is a scenario….FENDER guitars, STRATOCASTER made pre CBS does not even say Made in USA and the most copied, followed by Les Paul, it is the same thing with wheels.

  5. I stated this before, idgaf if wheels are original or not, as long as they work and look good on the car. If I can get my hands on BBS LM replicas for a few bucks, I will. Also where tf do you get your background beats

  6. to be honest most wheel manufactures have spent $$$ in research and sponsoring M/Sport teams to develop the rim and create a following I thing there should be some dues paid to the originals, copies need to pay licensing..

  7. Hi , I looking for a wheel OS, but I want negative OS for my golf mk4 2004 and I want wheels not to heavy and cools can you guys help me on that ,I will appreciate so much

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