Are Walmart mountain bikes safe?

Are Walmart mountain bikes safe?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about
department store bikes. These bikes are readily available at places like Walmart for as little
as $100. Can a bike that cheap really be ridden on the trails? Is it fine for a beginner?
What about bunnyhops, manuals, and other techniques? How much of that can one of these bikes take?
Well, there’s only one way to find out. In the name of science, I picked up this Mongoose
at Walmart. It’s a full suspension, 21 speed mountain bike with lots of bells and whistles––oh
and it costs less than my dropper seat post. With Florida State Sales tax and a Dr. Pepper,
I still paid less than $150. The first thing I did was put the bike up
on the stand for a comprehensive safety check. Whoever assembled this bike either didn’t
know how, or didn’t give a shit. I think it may have been a combination of both. The gears
and brakes were ridiculously bad, but I already expected that. I didn’t expect the bars to
be out of alignment with the fork, or the wheels to be completely out of true. Also
the steering was indexed, which means the headset was overtightened during assembly.
I tried to fix this to no avail, so I left it tight with the best case scenario being
that it breaks in. The spokes were like spaghetti, which would have led to bent rims. I tightened every
spoke on both wheels, and then did a standard truing to get everything dead straight. After
I did my 2 hour tuneup I brought the bike down Elmo at two& for a professional opinion.
He greased the mechanism in the quill stem, and dicked around with the gears and brakes.
Thanks to Elmo, I might not die on this bike. The things I found wrong on this bike were
pretty serious. Most of the issues would have quickly led to mechanical failure or even
injury. For instance, without greasing the stem, the bars were easy to move independent
of the front wheel. Maybe this isn’t always the case, but I can only base my experience
on this bike. So if you’re buying a bike from a department store, don’t ride it without
a thorough safety check. A bike you get at a shop, on the other hand, will leave in perfect
working order, and usually include a free tuneup after it breaks in. So, yeah, keep
that in mind too. There are hidden costs to buying a department store bike. Overall, the
bike is pretty impressive for $140. Everything works now, the suspension is….plush…and
the saddle is actually pretty comfortable. The bike doesn’t even look that bad. I can’t
wait to beat the shit out of it, but one thing at a time. In the next video, we’ll take
my Mongoose to Amelia Earhart Mountain Bike Trails to see what it can do. Thanks for riding
with me today and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. At first i was going to buy a bike from walmart because they are cheap but i thought no. Im going to be riding this bike everywhere i go.
    To the store
    To work
    Back home. Everywhere. I cant have some walmart bike breaking down on me on my way to work. So im going to a bike shop and buying on actually good bike. Bike shops are way more expensive than but they are worth it. Getting the specalized brand bike.

  2. Legit got a Walmart BMX bike at Walmart less than a year later the gears and bearings in the back were 100% shredded.

  3. I bought a M.B from walmart. The only problem I found was the rear brake is offset and kept touching the rear rims, but I managed to fix it

  4. I bought a CCM Apex from Canadian Tire for $329.99 CAD. I hit and jump and the rear wheel fell off. Luckily it was a small jump. If I hit a bigger one I could have been injured.

  5. Do you recommend getting low price (500-600) Trek or Giant bike or buying expensive( high price end) Walmart bike??

  6. i think you should have gone out riding "as purchased" (which is what anyone buying a Walmart bike would have done) and seem how long it took to fail.

  7. I've had the same Walmart bike for 5 year, I beat all my friends in races and they don't get how, I ride it at least 3x a week but finally it's time to get a new one because it's rattling like crazy and the frame is bending

  8. I’m glad my father thought safe and bought me a 400 dollar 24in trek mountain bike from a commercial bike shop with bikes priced up to 3k instead of buying me a shitty Walmart bike that I would instantly bust my ass on

  9. I bought a department store bike and sometgubg bad happen brakes were completely china tires shitty
    And stolen

  10. I live in Minnesota near the twin cities and i got a $100 walmart full suspension mountain bike and after a tune and some tuning I could do 6ft drops and jumps with no sine of waring or braking and I have had it 3 yeas and it still works good.

  11. I appreciate your video. Walmart purchase, no QA/QC. Got 10% off. I have issues with my Mongoose for sure. Once the bike is solid, I plan to wreck my fat tire Mongoose on trails! Really do love it. Saw a similar bike at a dope bike shop in NY, $1,600! Ummm yeah right. Never.spent $147 for my bike. Id spend that amount for a BMW motorcycle.

  12. Mongoose here in the Philippines are pretty expensive and is also part of our high end mountain bikes lineup, idk why! Haha

  13. Kid next door has been beating one for about two years. Still going too, never wears a helmet and drives it like a kid possessed in the city.

  14. I had that exact bike and it had every
    Problem that you just demonstrated. I got rid of it after watching this video, and now have an $1000 Giant competition bike. Thanks for making this video, otherwise I would have died at age 13 via my death-bike. Thank you.

  15. Road biking a Walmart bike will kill your cranks, bearings, chain, and grips, trust me I tested it and the bike is a goner
    R.I.P crappy bike

  16. Good video. They are junk. I'm searching for a way to replace my crank bearing on a 2 year old Mongoose Ledge 3.1. Also the front tube exploded while filling it with air. I used to have paper route as a kid and never had problems. Now my Walmart huffy I bought back in 1998 lasted me through college where it lived out side at Michigan state. Yup it got used and abused. The front fork bearing rusted and stated binding, and one day while pumping her through campus with my 185 pounds and maybe 20 lb backpack being the norm, a pedal sheared clean off without warning and I fell on the seat but kept control. Ine day the crank started to wobble too. I fixed all that stuff with donor bike parts from the pubic safety bike impound and still rode it occasionally. It lasted me until I had the money to but this pos ledge 3.1; it lived in an easy life in the garage and was used maybe 5 times before commiting suicide. I found the crank had no grease.

  17. When I got my bike, it was horrible. The brakes were all messed up and I just round it around on a small forest preserve trail and the wheel just fell apart and them me breaking my wrist.

  18. My mom got a Roadmaster from Walmart in the 80s and all she has had to do is normal maintenance and one tube that's it

  19. I used to have a mountain bike from Walmart. It lasted maybe 8 months? I later had a BMX bike from Kmart which only lasted like 3 months. If I had to choose, I’d chose the Wal-Mart bike. I’m smart enough to have purchased a bike from a bike shop now.

  20. i just got a $200 dollar Schwinn mountain bike from Walmart rode the shit out of it then returned it. I got to say. Not a terrible bike, but hastily put together. front derailleur rubbed the tire in some gears and did not shift well until fidgeting with some screws, and moving the front derailleur. Here is what I noticed while riding.
    1. Suspension was very soft.
    2. the rear derailleur would move a LOT when going off even curbs.
    3. it was really heavy
    4. chain rubbed front derailleur often
    5. breaks and saddle where just okay. really had to pull the breaks to slow down quickly.

  21. Not safe if your going to actually ride hard or jump. Just replace the cheap parts and take care of it and change the brakes and it’ll work

  22. i have this exact bike and all the problems that were in this video. how much did it cost for you to fix it at a bike shop?

  23. Big box store bike assemblers have to assemble at warp speed to make a decent wage. So details are usually missed.

  24. Essas bikes de mercados não valem nada , tive uma e no primeiro treino voltei com ela nas costa ,deveria ter jogado fora , não tem resistência ,pra ficar uma bike boa além de comprar cara temos que trocar todas as peças , melhor comprar em uma loja especializada e eles ainda nos ajuda a escolher uma resistente e completa.

  25. Yeah I want spot of mountain bike from Walmart to was an Overkill by Genesisthe first thing I did was take it to my local bike shop to have him maintenance it and make sure it was all good to go


  27. Had a Walmart "mtb" and I destroyed that thing on the trail a small crash bent the front wheel and the brakes failed me

  28. after hearing horror stories like this I think im just gonna get a used diamondback sync 1 (found one for 160 on gumtree buyer said he'll go down to 150 and will deliver to my city so now we just have to arrange a time that works for us)

  29. 100 Percent correct ! Once you bought it at Walmart you have to tune up Moongoose Bike by youself
    otherwise it is very dangerous to ride it on trails !

  30. I know this is an old video I’ve watched it like 30 times lol but I have a big race coming and and I need tips hopefully u see this

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