Are These Tires Too Stretched?! | From The Gallery Ep.19

Are These Tires Too Stretched?! | From The Gallery Ep.19

– Hey guys what’s going on it’s Alex from Fitment Industries
and I am here with… – Gels – From Fitment Industries, and… – Dakota – And Dakota this is
like your second video. – Yes, this is my second video. – So here’s the exciting thing, everybody around here wears hats, okay, and some people it’s
to hide their baldness, some people it’s to hide that fresh wave that’s goin’ on underneath. – [Dakota] Oh Jesus. – And some people just look entirely different without their hat on. Now we watched our own
video where we reacted to that one guy that put the
big wheels on the small car. – Yep – And I looked and you
didn’t have your hat on, and you look like an
entirely different person. So for the masses, could you take your hat off so we know
what it looks like? (whipping sound) – Totally different dude, like you look like you skateboard and like, – Like I skateboard? – Yeah, yeah. – I’m like 250 pounds. – You can still skateboard. – I’m not gonna skateboard. – Longboard maybe I don’t know, like… So Dakota is going to be
joining us in more videos. – Yep. – Right?
– Yep. – For sure, you ready? So you guys didn’t know
we’re doing another episode from the gallery, we rate your cars that you add to our gallery. – Mm-hmm. – At
so I’ll do the… Oh your gonna, you do it, no you do it. – Make so much work for Max it’s awesome, (clap)
we love it every time. (laughing) And what you do is you add
your car to our gallery, once it’s completed, you’ll
actually get an email, you’ll send that to us at
[email protected] with the subject line,
“review my car please”. 2004 Toyota Prius on some BMW style 95’s, fronts are 19×9 rears are
19×10+24 and 24 on the front. Delinte D7 Thunders, and
he’s doing staggered setup, so 215’s in the front 235’s in the back, on Megan, “Megan”, Racing Coilovers, and it is daunt. – Oh my.
– The lip is destroyed. There’s holes,
(laughing) I think those are holes. – [Alex] Yeah, those are definitely holes. – Holes all over the
bumper, it’s barely held on. – [Alex] Alright Gels,
what are your thoughts? – I Absolutely love it. – I think it’s, yeah it’s… – This is absolutely… (beeping) so like, versus like, the
infinity that we just looked at, like, this is… – This is how you go…
– It’s the same idea. – It is, it’s like, this is
how you go about doing it, you know, you like, you do
the important things first, you get it low, you get the wheels on it, and then you work on it from there. He adds like the crazy
livery that he’s got going on this car, like the
P40 war hawk shark mouth on the front which I think is dope. And then he’s got like some
Japanese styling in there too. It’s like World War two all over again. I don’t even know. But, and then he’s got, looks like some, I don’t know are those over fenders?
– [Alex] over fender cut thing happening.
– Or just a fender replacement? – Or he might have just have cut some fender out of the front
and put it on the back. The coolest thing about it
is that it’s 100% aesthetic. It’s a Toyota Prius,
(laughs) of all things, but it’s like I can tell that his IG
name is Prius Adventure. – That’s perfect. That’s exactly what this is. – This man is like I know what I got, I know what I’m going to do
to it, I know what I’m about, and then he capitalized on it. Now, I mean, in terms of the cleanliness of the build, it’s.. – It’s not a show car. – It’s not a show car, but I can tell you that this man drives it. – Yeah. It’s awesome.
– You can tell because he’s got zip ties in the front.
– He’s getting like 50 to 60 miles per gallon. Of course he drives it.
– Yeah. He has a smile on his face. Plus he might’ve been the
reason 95’s on the car. Like he went with
something very different. He didn’t just go with
after market wheels. He decided that you know,
“I’mma mix it up a little bit.” Alright, should we rate it? You ready? – Yeah, yeah. – You ready? Alright on three. One, two, three. (all speak over each other) You ready to move on? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – This is just a mess. – I wasn’t ready for that one. – 2001 Subaru Forester,
everybody’s on all thank jesus. – Oh my gosh. – Something normal. – Holy molly. We have a 2001 Subaru Forester on some Rays Black Fleet fronts 19×8
plus 30, 19×9.5 in the rears. So going with the stagger set up on some Kenda Kaisers 215 fronts,
225/35 rear struts set up. ISC coilovers, this is Ray Gomez04’s 2001 and it is all wheel drive. Alright, so, Dakota. – Yep. – You get to take it away, ’cause you own white cars. – Yeah, I like white cars. I like hatches. So this thing I already
kind of has a way with me, but I don’t know if I’m
feeling the staggered set up on that vehicle at all. I mean, I like them. It looks good. The height’s good on it. It doesn’t look there’s a ton done to it. It’s obviously lowered on wheels,
and it looks pretty clean. I like it over all. – Looks like it’s got an upgraded turbo, top own intercooler. – Alright. – Hatter’s cap back,
Cusco underbody bracing, and then white line sway bars. So there’s a little bit done to it, something to kind of spruce it up make it a little go fast parts. Gels, what do you think? – I like it. I actually think it’s a good clean. The wheels style on it
probably not the choice I would have gone with, but I mean.
– I will kill you. – Okay. – You can never talk bad about Rays. I just want you to know that.
– Okay. That’s fine. – You cannot. It’s like talking…
– I’m just saying for that car. – I don’t know if I’d do that. – Alright. – You better check yourself when you’re driving home tonight. (group talks over themselves) (laughs) – I don’t know that. – I think it’s a super clean build. I always like the look of Foresters again. Just that wagon look, but
it’s like a sports wagon. – Yep. – And it’s like squared off,
it’s got pretty cool lines. I like this clean build. – It’s an interesting toaster. I like them. They’re like toaster-ish vehicles. I mean they’re extremely square. The windows are huge
windows in these things. So the tint helps a ton. I will agree with you. Probably wouldn’t go with a
thin double spoke on this style. I’m not talking poorly about Rays. I’m just saying I probably wouldn’t pick these wheels on that. I think if you were gonna go with Rays, I would just go with some
T-37s, ’cause you just can’t, like it’s the blocky six
spoke on a blocky car. – Yes I can’t see a T8-37. – Yeah, well when I
mean it’s a good wheel. – It’s absolutely a good wheel. I’m not talking down on that wheel. – Over ran, you say it’s over ran? – You just need to.
– Wanna throw hands? I’m kidding. – This boy likes his volks. (laughs) – I don’t even have volks. No I definitely dig it. I actually probably
would go with something, I feel like he’s going
for a little bit more of like JDM style, especially
with the license plate. I probably would go with a little bit more of a simpler wheel,
probably a black ear wheel. It wouldn’t have to be a T-37, but something with just a thicker spoke. – Definitely not staggered. – And not staggered, I’d probably go with a squared set up as well. Overall love how clean it is. I love the white and black. It’s a very timeless color combo, and it looks good even when
it’s just the cellphone picture, and I think it looks real hot. So, shall we rate it. – Yeah. – Ready? On three. One, two, three. (talks over each other) Moving forward, we got a 2006 Acura TSX on some Work Vs-kf 18×10 in the front, 18×12 in the back, staggered set up. Federal 595 Rs-rs, 215
and 215s in the rear. So you want two inches up in the rear kept the width, only went
up slightly in side roll. – That’s a bold move. – So he can just get a little
more stretch out of it. – Man. – You know what man,
but he did it on Rs-rs, which is very interesting. K-sport air suspension,
this is RudeboyFMF 2006 and as we go in to it we are looking at a fender to lip look. – Three photos of it air cop. – Oh my god.
– Okay. – Oh. – I was gonna say, I have
215s on my 9 and a half and that’s a pretty decent stretch. That’s almost on an 18 by 12. That’s wild boy. That’s wild. – You can see the, you can
see it too in the back, fenders pulled, rollin pulled, and it’s got .75 spacer in the rear. – Oh my god. – And it look like true
heart rear toe arms and skunk two front upper LCAs. So, something I do find a little
bit interesting is that it has spacers in the rear.
– Yeah. 18 by 12. – With an 18 by 12. I will start if that’s fair with you guys. – Yeah.
– Yep, go for it. – I like the look. I really do. I think it’s very cool. You know it’s definitely more
of an aesthetic sort of thing. I think when it starts to bend past, when you start seeing the
inside of the lip a little bit. To me, I kind of lose
a little bit of taste. I love it, because it’s
definitely a Japanese style thing. It’s the excessiveness like
that’s the whole point. It’s how excessive you can get. So I respect it, and I think
that if he can drive on it and not lose any thing then
(bleep) yeah, more power to you. I love the fact that he dialed
in the actual Fitment of it. Air suspension does make
it a little bit easier. With cools he’s got some
great lips on those. Works great wheels. The tires are great too. I would just, I’m not a huge fan of showing the inside of the barrel. So, there? – Yeah, I like it. I like the fact that it’s a TSXL also because you don’t see
a ton of them done up, and I think it’s pretty impressive. From what I can see the photos
of his fenders look like, I mean he’s on dirt obviously.
– Very clean, yeah. – Still he’s airing out
on 18×12, and 18x10s. – And he’s low. I mean, he’s very low. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – On 18x12s.
– It’s not running crazy time bringing it. I’m not a fan, like Alex said about the barrel being exposed. I think that’s a bit much stretch, but if you just really
wanted those wheels, and in that size, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, but
overall it’s super clean. – What do you think Gels? – Yeah, I think you guys pretty
much hit all the key points. The strats just like a little much. I know, like you said, it’s
like a style, it’s a thing. Mad props to the guy for
being able to run that, and having the balls
to do that pretty much. I wouldn’t be able to like you said be terrified to drive something like that. Like I said, know it’s a
style, know it’s a thing. Everything that he’s
done to it, the works, the case board hair, like
everything is high end stuff, so I mean it was well executed. Love the color combo. Probably not something
I would do personally. – [Man] So we’re good. – Alright, so ready to rate this? – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – Ready? On three. One, two, three. (everyone talks over each other) For like the style that he’s going for, it is in my eyes like an eight. – Yeah, It’s clean.
– For style that he’s going for it’s an eight, eight and a half. – It’s just not my style.
– Exactly. It’s just a little bit different, but that’s the coolest thing
about the car seeing as you can do things however
the (bleep) you want, because it’s your own car. It’s your money. You do you, boo boo. We’re just, we’re here.
(laughs) We love the Fitment though. Fitting an 18×12, that’s gnarly. – With a spacer. – Crazy. – Well it’s still an 18×12. – Right, okay. – Don’t be mean. – Alright, I’m gonna head out. (laughs) – Alright, I’m out, I’ll be back. – No, I wanna see it. That’s great. – Last car. You ready? – Yes. – It is a 1994 Mazda Rx-7,
work Vs-xx 18×9.5 plus 40, so squared set up, Falken Azenis, I’m not even try to pronounce
it, Fk5 times 355/30, – K. – How? Fortune auto callovers on the RX-7 and we are looking at a JDM classic. Dakota take it away. What do you think? – Okay, right off the bat, I love it. I kind of now wish there was
a stagger set up on this one. – Yeah, make up your mind! – I’m all over the place. Well it’s a rear wheel
drive car, it’s FDR 7. It looks like he has room in the back that he could go a little bit wider. – Yeah. – Even though he has 355s on there. – That doesn’t make sense. (all talking over eachother) – That’d be kind of sweet. Anyways. – Who the hell cleans these? – It looks insanely clean. There’s no flies. – I agree with that. I think one of the great things is that I really truly believe that the RX-7 is going to be the iconic 90s car to survive out of the rest of them. So when you talk about a Toyota Supra, bone stalk they look a little wonky, you know, you have to modify them to make them look angry
and all that sort of stuff. Anesax is I would say
the other Iconic JDM car. I think bone stalk, those things still look pretty
incredible minus the wheels. I would say the RX-7 is
the other one in that, I would say this, I don’t
wanna get anybody mad, like this takes the cake over
like the Nisan in my eyes, in terms of like iconic. It’s gonna keep style
– Sure. – longer I guess is
what I’m trying to say. I’m sorry, did I hurt your feelings? – It’s not my feeling. I’m just worried about
– Yeah. – everyone on the internet
gonna be tearing you a new one. – I love the Fitment. I’m always a fan of trying to do something maybe just a little bit different. I love work. They’re great wheels. Just be cool to see people branch out in a little bit different
wheels, different styles. But the convex style
wheels are always good. – I just said that about
T8 37s and you’re all like, “What! You don’t like Volks? Volks son!” – That was a different car.
(laughs) That was a different time. – So FD’s always had like a soft spot in my heart for me, like
I always love the cars. Like they’re just so different. Even back when they first came out. They’re so unique. The whole rotor engine thing, I think they’re just really cool, and like you said, I think there will be the one’s to survive,
because like everybody is resurrecting these
things as much as they can. They’re like completely rebuilding them. The amount of effort that goes in to saving these cars is outstanding. – Yeah. – So, well I’ll say, no matter
what you all think about, what kind of throws me off is how much farther that
front bumper hangs down than the rest of the car. So maybe see some arrow kind of wrap and finish it off around the bottom, but other than that, no, it’s super clean. I love it. – Let’s rate it on three. You ready? – Yep. – One, two, three. (they all talk over eachother) Well those are our five cars. If you guys are looking to
add your car to the gallery, We got like 30 seconds left
before the camera runs out. Don’t forget to send your
completed link to us at [email protected]
with the subject line review my ride if you wanna
be in the next episode, and you want to hear
Dakota and I argue about Volk versus Work, because
that’s just a thing. – I own a set of works too. – Boo, I’m just kidding.
– They’re for sale. Wow, this is your second (talks over each other) – Put the plug in. – Yeah. Don’t forget subscribe
and don’t buy his wheels. I’m Alex from Fitment industries. – I’m Dakota. – I’m Gels. – We’ll see you later. – Peace.

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