Are These Their Best Wheels?

Are These Their Best Wheels?

– What’s going on guys, Fuller here from Custom Offsets.
– With Junior – Yeah, Custom Offsets TV on
YouTube, we’re just gonna throw in all the intros in here. – With motive. – We’re standing outside Motor Booth–
– At SEMA 2019. – At SEMA 2019.
– Custom Offsets TV on YouTube – It’s been a long day. Here are the new wheels, all right. – Oh man, – So, jumping in, we got the Millennium. The two finishes that we’re
at, making are up here. There’s a couple different
options as you go down. They always like to bring new
and exciting stuff to SEMA. Kind of test the market, test the waters. See what people will think. So, we saw Motiv last year. Some of their older
styles are on the bottom and they had a very luxurious but also slightly off-road look to them. This year, I think they’re going a little bit away from that. It’s not quite the same. Still very luxury, especially
the sizes they’re offering. A lot of the 10 wide stuff. – [Junior] I see this one being a little more luxury and the other
one being a little more just like, a normal truck wheel. – Right.
– In my opinion. But, size on these bad boys
are kind of all over the place. So you got a 17×9 for your smaller styles. Then you got a 20×9,
20×10, 20×12, then 22×10 and I feel like that 22×10
is more like for your… – For your Tahoe, your Suburban. – Exactly. – Stuff like that. Not necessarily lifted
– Big wheel, not wide. Just enough that you can
tuck ’em under there. Have a nice aggressive
fitment, but not necessarily stand out and have this
big giant stance look. – But at the same time I
think the smaller size. I think they will look good on a lot of your off-road setups as well. – [Fuller] Yeah, these
two are like, they have that directional look to them. They’re like just a slight twist. It’s almost as if you
like put it in square and just turned the
center cap a little bit and it kinda like, drags
the spokes over a bit. – [Junior] Weird analogy but it works. – [Fuller] Hey, it does. Also I do like how it
almost looks like it wants to be like a floating spoke wheel, ’cause the milling or the
machining, I should say, doesn’t go all the way to the edge, so you have a little bit of space in here. And then the Motiv and the
off-road is actually raised up, rather than milled in. So kind of a unique style
there, as well as on the rim of this wheel, it has
this indent on it too so, just something different
that’s not the same as everybody else is doing. Cool to see Motiv doing
some new stuff there. – [Junior] And then Motiv
is also your entry level price point as well, so when
you look at these wheels they’re gonna be more affordable. They’re gonna be more of
your conservative sizes. Not quite your large 24×14
sizes because they, kind of, keep it more budget friendly I would say. – [Fuller] But they still
do a really good job of the finish quality, the
paint quality and stuff. Nothing is taken away from Motiv Wheels even though they are
more affordable brand. Jumping over here we have the Morph, which like Jared was saying, this is like more of your
traditional truck style wheel. These are the two finishes
they’re doing it in. Thought about doing it in all black. Not gonna do it all black. Couple other ones in here
too like I mentioned before with different like tint
options in the blue and the red. You look at sizes–
– Sizes. I have sizes here because
I’m horrible at remembering and it’s SEMA and it’s late and I’m tired. But we have 20×9, 20×10,
22×10 and 22×12 and 24×12. – [Fuller] So, a lot more of those bigger lifted applications. And fairly simple as
far as the design goes. It’s really the milling
on these that makes it a little more intricate. On the chrome finish– – [Junior] It’s more chunky, it seems. – [FUller] Yeah, it looks like a thicker, chunkier spoke and then
when you go to the black and milled, it kind of does
narrow it out a little bit, ’cause they like taper back,
kind of this sickle or scythe kind of design to it. – And then they’re covered
caps meaning they’re gonna be dual drilled which keeps
the price down as well. It’s not making all of your bolt patterns. – [Fuller] But it’s not an ugly cap. Even though it has a scorpion on it, that some people don’t like. I really don’t mind the design of it. – [Junior] Yeah, pretty clean. And then around the
outside you see kind of what TIS Off-Road and a
lot of other companies like that are doing
with their cast wheels. They’re just kinda embossing
it in the whole thing. But you’ll notice even in the
black one, it’s not milled, it’s embossed but then pained over so it doesn’t stand out too much. – So those are the new wheels from Motiv. You wanna check ’em out,
we’ll throw the links down in the description below. Otherwise, all the
other wheels are already on the website, should be good to go. Try to keep those updated as
much as possible for you guys. Check ’em out at – That’s all we got for ya. – Peace. (rock music)

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  1. I'm just glad that the total black rim is starting to get old specially the flat black because the rim concert looks dirty but you need to add a little bit of Chrome or some color with a black rim

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