Are Fat Bikes Fast?

Are Fat Bikes Fast?

♪ [music] ♪ – [Mark] So Neil has already discovered
that fat bikes are definitely fun. But as a racer, I want to know
one thing. Are fat bikes fast? – [Neil] So we’ve come to our local
trails and we’re going to test out. We got a fat bike each and a normal trail
bike each. We’ve got a Strava, put them to the test and see what’s fastest. As
ever with our GMBN tests, they’re really just a bit of fun. They are
not the most scientific test ever. Why compare a full suspension trail bike
to a hardtail fat bike I hear you ask? Well, this is a regular trial bike. The
sort of bike that we’d always use when riding this sort of terrain. So for me, a
true challenge of which bike is fastest. A fat bike or a normal mountain bike. – So now for the course. We have
a six and a half kilometer loop containing fire road climb, a rocky single track,
followed by a very steep descent. A technical climb and then a fast
flowing XC-style dissent to finish. All in all, 20 minutes of absolute pain. – So I’m looking forward to this these are
my local trails, I’ve ridden here for 20 years, I know all of the lines. I ride
here on a trail bike just like this all the time, so excited to see the
difference between a normal bike and a fat bike.
Right, when you’re all set? – Ready? – Let us roll. – Three…two…one. Do it. ♪ [music] ♪ – So we’ve set the times of the
trail bikes, no surprises there. On with the fat bike., Mark what are your
first impressions, just riding it under me on fire road? – Well as you can see it’s quite
a bumpy fire road and I ride a hard tail twenty-niner at home and this seems to
just roll along, along the road. You don’t really feel any of the bumps or
anything, just nice and mellow. The problem will be I think trying to get
it to accelerate out of like a slow corner or something. But we will see. – Yeah, let’s put it to the test. ♪ [music] ♪ – Oh my God. That was good. – Okay Mark, so the times
are in but first of all, do you think it was fast?
How did it feel? – I think it struggles on the
climbs. I think it’s hard to get it back up to speed when you’ve slowed down for a
tight corner. But once it’s rolling, boy, is it rolling. – It is rolling, that is true. So
let’s split it into the main parts first. So the long far climb, six minutes
forty-one on the normal bike, on the trail bike, and it’s six minutes
fifty-four on the fat bike, so a little bit slower. – Thirteen seconds slower on the fat bike.
I’m actually surprised it so close. – Into the singletrack, slightly
downhill and it was actually nine seconds faster than the trail bike. – You could feel that though
couldn’t you, like once you got going and it was rolling over those rough little
rocks and stuff, it just seemed to keep accelerating whereas the trail bike would
snag on stuff and you’d slip and you’d have a little bit off a moment. – And you really, really have the
grip, didn’t you, obviously? Into the steep downhill, it was actually
slower. Only three seconds slower. Definitely felt like the big tire.
But you haven’t got you know, big braking surface on there.
So when you’re in the loose stuff, it didn’t feel like you could
slow down fast. – On the flat stuff, it had the traction
and you felt quite confident in it. And as you say, on the steep stuff
perhaps there’s not so much load on the tire, so it can’t sort of dig in. – But the big result, so if the full lap,
the trail bike was 22:55, and the fat bike was 23:36. So for me, that’s proof that it is
actually fast. Yes, a bit slower but not as much as I would have expected. – It’s way closer than I thought
it was going to be. I mean for me regardless of
whether they’re faster, I’d really hate to say, but I kind of
enjoyed riding it. – They are good fun. And I’m sure
they’re faster on the trails they are designed for, in the
snow and the sand. You can’t compare them then. – No, that’s true. – Will we see fat bikes at EWS, Enduro
World Series or World Cup Dino’s? – I can’t see it, Neil. – No. Maybe plus bikes, maybe? – Plus bikes, something in
between could be the next thing. – Who knows. – That will throw the cat amongst
the pigeons, now that will really. So that’s it for fat bikes versus trial
bikes and how fast do they go. Well, pretty fast. For more videos here on
GMBN, you should click up here for our fat bikes fun with Neil. – Yes, they are fun.
Yes, they are fast. – I can say that they are fun
after riding one day on one. – Still look a little bit like a
clown bike though, don’t they? And you can click down there for
my 27 versus 27 plus feature. – And did you think this video
was controversial? Well I was in it, and I thought it was controversial, so
definitely give it a thumb up to like. – And as ever, if you haven’t
done already, click on us to subscribe to the channel.

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  1. I wonder how a lighter carbon framed fat bike with carbon wheels would have done, or one of the new full suspension carbon fat bikes from Framed.

  2. Regular bikes are faster, I dont like the bumpiness from them, but I own and really like my fatbike IN THE SNOW!!

  3. They look like fun for us big bodies to ride. Especially in the northern hemisphere when you have options to ride on "snow days". I'm gonna buy me a cheapie…

  4. But,, that if your used to riding the thin wheels than that's what your used to riding, and that if your not used to riding the fat bike then your already have a built in bias from your not being a fat bike rider as of the standard bike your riding all the time, because of the standards that you are used to as of the wheels themselves as being wider as big a problem for a thin wheel to be man handled the same because of the width giving it a automatic scale difference to the rider, as that it wouldn't handle the same from the start, that it might not be the bikes at all but that what a person is used to riding,, I have a fat bike and can say it's like peddling a tractor because of the width of the tyre that gives it more surface to dirt/gravel/tar ratio.

  5. This test is meaningless and didn't include enough factors. Repeat this same test on the same track after a 4 day rain or giant snow storm or include a sandy beach section. This test result is like saying a ferrari is a slow car because it didn't get down the bush obstacle course a quickly as a jeep.

  6. Not very nice calling them fat, is it not just the rims and tyres that are fat cos the frame looks normal size,thanx in advance guys

  7. I've always honestly wondered "what are fat bikes good for?" I actually like the look, but what are they truly better at? Soft sand? Rock gardens?

  8. These are the type of people that should not be admitted to hospitals for being stupid

  9. it is as fast.. you where tired on the second lap on the Fat Bike 😀
    also, why do you not take these fat bikes in terrain where they will outpace any trail bike.. soft sand, "offtrack" lose gravel and stuff like that should be on the track.

  10. @ the 4min mark. Sums up the feeling riding a fat bike. I bought a Fatboy back in January and do not regret it one bit. Just bought my 9yr olf boy a 24" Fatboy. Fun times!

  11. they ride their xc bikes all the time and jump on a fat bike,miss lines because they are not used to the fat bike…if they rode the fat bikes for 2 weeks I belive the result would be diferent…it would have to be.

  12. i might be getting a fat bike soon i want one super badly they are so cool and i hear from allot of people that they just float over off road and water and all other types of terrains

  13. Juggernaught Pro's are supposed to be some of the slowest fat bike tyres around. If the fat bike had Jumbo Jim's probably would have seen even faster times.

  14. Me and my friend went driving we drived about 50 km i had fat bike and then se saw huge down hill we decided to get some speed and we nearly hit 45 kmh

  15. The black, blue and green fat bike, what's it's model name? I can't find it in shops. Can someone help me?

  16. if you try first with a fat bike, you guys making better time , next move with a normal bike will be slower 🙂

  17. Is there a specific helmet for fat bike riders?i am thinking about buying The Garneau 09 , I really like it ,will it look out place if wear that helmet when riding a fat bike ?

  18. Fat bikes are fun, they also provide a mental level of confidence between what is on the trail, and what gets to YOU. The control, is awesome.

  19. Getting a fat bike to move from a stationary position is tough. But once it starts rolling, it just keeps going! Like a goddamn tank! Uphills are a nightmare though.

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