Are Electric Cars Taking Over?

– Wait, electric cars on
a car enthusiasts channel. Like, slow Priuses and strange
looking Honda Insights. Wrong, this is the Tesla Model S. And it’s actually pretty freakin great. And as you can imagine,
I’m about to tell you why. (hip hop music) I’m Fuller and I don’t pop
up on the Fitment Industries channel too often because
I’m usually busy blabbling on about trucks over on Custom Offsets. But when there’s something
performance related happening with the dudes over at FI, I can never stay out of it. So, when Tesla invited
me down to the track to take the P100D Model S for a few laps I saw an opportunity and I took it. So, before we get too
deep into this video, I’m just gonna start
by saying this video’s not sponsored by Tesla
they just gave me the car. So, these are my actual opinions. Just so you understand
what I’m talking about, the P in P100D stands for performance. The 100 is the kilowatt
hours for the battery. And the D stands for dual motor. So, this car is all wheel drive. So, some quick background on electric cars and why people seem to hate them. Electric cars have actually been around for much longer than you probably thought. The first one was actually
developed in 1832. Yes, 1832. Of course it didn’t go well. And the internal combustion
engine took the limelight until about 1970 when
gas prices skyrocketed. The first electric car that actually gained some popularity was the EV1 which was produced by GM in 1996. The challenges then were
pretty much the same as they are now, range,
cost of battery technology and the overwhelming fear of
people who just don’t think they can rely on battery power alone. So, where Tesla’s
different is they set out to attempt to change the
way the world travels. And they wanted to make a car
that everyone could afford but it’s hard to mass produce a car that the masses don’t want. The EVs from Honda and GM and the slew of one time car manufacturers look terrible if I’m being honest. But the design has to do with
aerodynamics and efficiency so I get why they look so ugly. There’s a good amount of people out there who know that Elon Musk
is the CEO of Tesla. But not everyone knows that
he got a lot of capital to get Tesla off the ground
from co-founding PayPal. And he actually had a
flame thrower business for a while, so that’s kind of cool. But that’s enough rambling. Let’s look at this car and
why I think it might just be the best car that I’ve ever driven. And for the reference,
I’ve driven a lot of cars. The Model S P100D is by far the easiest, super car, fast car to drive. Sure, it lacks the
enjoyment of having a stick and changing gears but there is 100% torque available, 100% of the time. Which means if you punch it for a 40 roll or you take off from a dig, the car is ridiculously fast. But straight line speed is one thing, taking on a track is a whole ‘nother game. If you convert the battery
power to horsey power you’re looking at over 600 horses and about 1,000 foot pounds of torque. It’s actually really
difficult to measure it because of how the power comes on. The power will actually
spin its tires on the Dyno. So, all Teslas have a
very low center of gravity because the entire floor is batteries. So, keeping all this
weight low allows the car to stay extremely planted in corners. When you do get a bit too
aggressive on the not gas pedal the traction control kicks
in and straightens you out. The Tesla rep I was driving
with actually told me it’s near impossible to spin the car out but I didn’t have the balls
to try that in front of him. The linear power of the Tesla is something that’s difficult to describe. It’s like having the
power of a boosted car but with no turbo lag and the ability to go from zero rpm to
10,000 without ever touching any of the numbers in between. Honestly, one of these at
your local auto cross event would probably wipe away the competition. This car is also more
technologically advanced than anything else on the road, too. I mean, it can literally drive itself. The 17 inch display in
the center of the dash is basically your command
center where you control everything from air
conditioning to the radio, suspension and motor options. The Model S now comes
standard on air rides, so you can adjust height on the fly. And it has GPS memory
that remember to keep raising the car at a certain spot, say like a steep driveway. And from then on it’ll
just raise itself up automatically so you don’t have to. Sitting in the cockpit
of this car is basically like sitting at the helm of a spaceship and using the biggest iPad ever to control the entire thing. But can a car enthusiast own one? I think yes. But I also think if luxury cars continue to gain in popularity it’ll change the way people build cars. The air ride’s a great example. It’s not the only car on
the market that comes stock with air ride but it
definitely has a bigger range of motion than
anything else I’ve ever seen. So, instead of buying
a kit to lower this car you have to program it to go lower. You can put this thing on the ground if you know your way around the software. When new features come
out you don’t have to go to the dealer and have them installed. Tesla will just send you
an over the air update and the car will just have it. Software updates can change how things physically work on the car. And that’s just mind blowing. When it comes to wheels and tires, Tesla will likely never tell you that you can deviate
from stock, but you can. We’ve done it, we’ve seen others do it. And Tesla uses the same
bolt pattern as BMW. So, there’s plenty of
options out there for wheels. But what you will never find for Tesla is a louder exhaust so you
can impress your friends at the Walmart Meet getting two step because it’s silent. There is no exhaust. If you’re more the road
trip kind of person you can still take one in the Tesla. This car gets about 335
miles to the charge. And a 20 minute stop at a supercharger will get you back to
about 80% of your range. So, would you drive one? Have you driven one? What prevents you from owning one? Let us know in the comments below. Peace.
(hip hop music)

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