Are BBS The Strongest Wheels Ever Made?

Are BBS The Strongest Wheels Ever Made?

– This is not a click bait title, okay? Calm down there, bud. It’s not. But here is the thing. When it comes down to wheel production, the good old boring stuff, we get to have all the juicy
details from wheel companies and learn about how
they make their wheels. How neat is that? One might say it’s pretty neat. And of course, BBS was
the first go to company when we started asking, “What makes your wheels so special, huh?” “Why they so expensive, huh?” “How come you don’t make
new wheel designs, huh?” They didn’t like that last one and then Jesse told me in a question Q&A that we posted that it was
not the right thing to say. But, we get to ask questions like that because, you know, it’s just how we are. How come BBS gets all the praise? Which goes into another thing, which by the way, if you’re looking to win
a free set of BBS wheels, we’ve got that. You can pick up a T-shirt,
description linked below, automatically gets you entered in to win a free set of performance line BBS wheels. And we make a donation to the United Way. Anyway, we got to talk to ’em, and it was actually
pretty nice for a change because most people just ignore us. And now we’ve opted to share that lovely bundle of
information with you, my friends, on the internet. Same value as real friends. I’m Alex, Alex.Fi on the socials, and don’t forget to subscribe so we can keep on making
lovely videos like this. And, if you haven’t subscribed, look at what you’re missing out on. Taking it back to 1970, little Kei Miura came into the world and said “I wanna be a fisherman”. Which, we’re just gonna rewrite history. He actually came into
the world and he said, “I wanna make cars like super wide”. Which by the way if you’re
looking for BBS wheels, they are on the old website right down, right down there, “”. We also got tires,
suspension, Air Lift, AccuAir, the whole thing. Even though the sales plug is done, I don’t want you to look at that stuff until maybe a little bit after. Does my wrap have a bubble in it? What the hell? (cheesy theme music) There’s no mistake that
BBS is very careful about the wheels that they make. Because, I mean, it’s BBS. They do it all in house. They design in house. They mold in house. All of that good stuff. But why do they care so much about it? I mean after all, you can
actually get a lot of your wheels spec-ed and tested and all that, all by third party stuff. It’s actually not, it’s
not as hard as you think and that’s why you see a lot
of new wheel companies pop up. So why would a wheel company
actually care that much? And I know, it’s a loaded question, but bare with me on this
for another 10 seconds because it’s actually for
a few different reasons. And reason number one and probably more interesting of the two is because of Motorsport. Now, because BBS is so heavily
invested in Motorsport, their commitment to making new wheels and holding that same level
of quality across all models gets more difficult. Now I know you’re thinking,
“Alex stop pluggin’ ’em”, but there is actually a pretty neat reason as to why they have to make good wheels, not necessarily just because
they want to make new wheels. See, the BBS life of
a wheel is a long one. Anyway, no childish jokes. BBS. But it’s true. BBS wheels need to be dang near perfect from a functional standpoint because their Motorsport
lineage actually relies on it. The same reason that Pirelli is working their butts off
on their tires for Formula 1, is the same reason why BBS
refuses to make anything less than what they would
want on their race cars, which is pretty much
just straight perfection. You have to remember that anything that could potentially taint
a Motorsport partnership is detrimental to their success. If BBS messes up something on
their normal street wheels, or even on their OEM wheels, everything comes crumbling down. Because if you lose that or if you lose faith in them, what makes a wheel actually any good? Nobody’s gonna put ’em on
their 200 horsepower car, son. They’re gonna go get somethin’ else. Now reason number two, and probably the not-so-fun reason, is because of OE compliance. Now see, imagine that you’re
on the NFL and you’re a star. You’re decent, you’re doing good. But then out of nowhere, you decide it would be a
marvelous idea to go to Las Vegas and conduct in some
inappropriate behavior. This has happened before. Next thing you know, you’re
tossed out of the NFL, you can’t get the goals anymore, and the team disowned you
done messed up one time. That’s the OE market for
cars to it’s suppliers. You cannot allow any product to fail in the aftermarket scene, otherwise you’re pretty
much gonna get cut off from the OE scene. Now if you don’t know
this, BBS and other brands make massive amounts of
wheels for OE production, which BBS is actually quite active in. And when I mean “quite”, I
mean like extremely active in. And a lot of those big wheel companies are actually more heavily
involved in OE markets or OE Plus than they are in aftermarket at all because the money and the amount of wheels that you make is insane. OE markets have an
insanely tight threshold for any sort of error that makes aftermarket requirements look like a tutorial level. Because of those restrictions, BBS just simply builds all of their wheels to meet the same 10 times
the OEM requirements because it helps with security that none of their wheels
are actually going to fail or be on the front page of Instagram, which has happened before to other brands. We’re not going to talk about it. However, you’ve seen it. I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. It’s happened. So how to they make them as strong as me? Heh! You like that? I made a joke about muscles ’cause I don’t have any! But I can run super fast. ♪ Gotta go fast ♪ So how do they make ’em so strong? Well I’m so glad you asked me. Let me tell you. Every BBS cast wheel is produced
using low pressure casting. We haven’t talked about
that in a hot minute, but during the process it
goes through heat treatment, which kicks it a nickel
to 500 degrees Celsius, which is a lot, but it’s not Fahrenheit, so I’m not overreacting
because that’s just a number that we don’t use in the United States. And you also have to remember
that low pressure casting is different than gravity casting, which is gonna save you
a little bit of weight, but we won’t get into
too much of the details. But then. Then! It jumps to a 90 degrees Celsius water tub to help with the alloy to restructure and reorder itself to
strengthen the wheel. The metal actually moves around
during these heat cycles. Now, each wheel goes
through then an x-ray review to make sure there are no
inconsistencies in the metal and a whole ton more of testing. The biggest thing that you need to know is almost everything that BBS
is going to touch is tested. Now, every BBS forged wheel
is produced with forgings, pressed, in BBS foundries, using forging presses from
6000 tons to 12000 ton presses, depending on the size of the wheels. BBS has their own foundries. BBS produces milled and die-forged wheels that all start their life
out at the BBS foundry. Now, when it comes down
to the forged wheels, it’s a whole other slew of things. It goes through a fatigue test cycle, which is about 2,000,000 cycles, which is again, 10 times
more than the OE requirement. Now, you could ask yourself,
“Why do they do it?” It’s a trick question! They do it to be safe. It then goes through
more rotational testing. It goes through radial fatigue testing. It goes through biaxial load testing. It goes through impact testing. It goes through bead area laser testing. Then, finally, paint. This then allows the wheel
to be tuv tested or TUV, that’s probably the better way to say it. ECE tested, KBA and ABE tested. And then finally, JWL tested. Out of all those, you
probably knew the two, the one at the beginning
and the one at the end. The ones in the middle also important, but you don’t really need to know. Once the wheels finally make it through the end of the line and out, they’re for sale. And they’ve already been tested, probably more than you ever
will actually test the wheels, and that’s probably why we
see so many old BBS wheels still being utilized and
actually ran to this day. When you think about it, that’s probably why BBS
has held such a stance in their aftermarket scene as well because people just trust them. They get dinged up, rebarreled,
reused, heat cycled, and just about everything
else underneath the sun, but those 25-year-old BBS
wheels are still being rocked on about every E30 and E36 out there. And if you wanna know more about those two generation BMWs, we did do a video. They’ll probably be over here. So are BBS wheels the
strongest wheels ever made? Well, we can’t necessarily call it because my version of testing
the strength of a wheel besides actually taking it to a track is going on top of our roof
and maybe throwing it over. But I like the BBS wheel
that got sent to us more than just throwing
it off a, you know, roof. So we’re just going to
take their word for it. But, because there’s a
lot of brands out there that take a ton of pride in their wheels, we don’t wanna just say
that their the best either. But what we will say is
that it’s not a coincidence that the one company that talks about how strong their wheels are
happen to be the same wheels that a massive chunk of the Euro scene uses on all of their rides even when their 20 plus year old builds. I mean, it’s not a coinkydink, all right? It’s not a coincidence that BMWs and BBS and a lot of the racetrack
cars and all of that use a ton of BBS Motorsport wheels. Just sayin’, not a coinkydink. It’s also not a coinkydink
that BBS is a premium wheel and that they test absolutely everything. Again, not a coinkydink. They’re probably pretty good. So if you’re in the market
for aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension. After the end of the day, maybe some BBS wheels or otherwise, be sure to check out And if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to subscribe
and hit the bell button so you can watch more videos of this pearly white teeth face. Anyway, I’m Alex. We will see you later. That was actually weird when I think about teeth and smiling. I just imagine a nightmare. Anyway, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. We will see you guys later. Peace.

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    After that any titanium core carbon fiber weave with his few separate components…

    …and you have to Define strength, because some steelies off your grandma's 87 Caprice might be "stronger" then say a modern alloy OEM rim.

    That is to say are we talkin about tensile strength, compression strength, lateral strength, rebound strength, Etc?

    Now that I actually watch the video I just realized this is one long ad so the hell with what I know.

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