Are 26 Inch Wheels Dead? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

Are 26 Inch Wheels Dead? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Okay, welcome to this weeks “Ask GMBN,” the show where we every
week try our very best to answer your questions, you’ll front us. Blake, how can they
send in questions to us? – Well, you can hashtag #ASKGMBN in the comments down below or send it to [email protected] – Yeah, so you’ve got not excuses. But let’s get straight
into this weeks questions. The first one, Blake is from
“Bigballer” and he says, “I can’t seem to get a
good standing position on the bike when I’m in
the trails, feels like I’m all over the place on the bike and I’m not sure where to put my weight. So is it a matter of just doing it over and over again, or is there something that is missing?” – Well this week we’re
gonna go down to basics, go right down to the beginning. Find, basically, stand up on your bike stretched arms, standing legs, and then just relax down into your bike. That kind of gives you
into the right position. And then basically feeting
position on your bike. Find out which foot forward you are, you feel comfortable with. – Yeah, that’s a really
important tip actually is getting that front foot forward nailed. At the start, you might
be, I’m in an iron, should have my right foot, left foot. But once you’ve got that, you tend to settle into a position that’s natural for you. – Yeah. – There’s no right or wrong way. Everyone’s got different riding styles. – Yeah yeah. – This guy rides like a total lunatic. – And I’m goofy footed.
But that’s another question that we’re not gonna get into. – Yeah we’re just not getting into it. Try and find that front foot. That’s gonna make you feel comfortable. And then just let it happen. – Yeah. – You’re gonna find it.
It’s about riding a lot. – Yeah, just riding a lot.
And just relax on the bike. Get your flow on. – Okay, next question. Andrew Davis is asking,
“Can I drill holes in my aluminium frame to
internally route cables?” – I wouldn’t recommend it. – No, we’re saying a big no on that. – Mm, big no on that one. – Don’t do it, cause one
you’re gonna weaken the frame. – You are. – And it’s not gonna
be structurally sound. And the other one, I
guess warranty, right? – Yeah. And you’re gonna
have, if you do do it… You’re gonna have
rattling cables in there. Plus stumbling, I wouldn’t recommend it. – Yeah, let’s say no on drilling holes in our aluminium frames. Drilling holes in frames
always makes me go like this. – Yeah. (laughs) – Next one for you here Blake. “How often should I replace
the spring on my coil?” – Oh. Well, no, never really. Unless you snapped it. – Yeah. – Then yes. – Yeah it’s not really gonna degrade. It’s not really like a car shock. – No. – Old fashioned car shock that’s gonna degrade over the years. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – You’re really unlikely to have a shock that’s degrading and
is not working anymore. So you don’t replace it sort of routinely. Um, a titanium shock for instance you would never have to replace. – No ways. – So unless it’s broke. – Yeah. – If it aint broke… – Don’t fix it. – That’s the one. Um, Arlington Guy is asking,
oh he’s six foot three. – Woah. – He’s on a Stumpie XL with 29″ wheels. He’s asking, “I know you
guys are anti 29ers.” Woah. – Woah. I am not anti
29er. Kinda was. I didn’t. – We wonder if that set. We are not anti 29ers. – I like 29ers. – It seems logical for tall guys to ride larger wheels, it does. “Do you think wheel size should be determined by height and weight?” – No not necessarily. – No I mean you are four foot… – Yeah I’m four foot nothin. – Foot six. Four foot
six, something like that. – Five three. – Um, and. – I don’t know. – You love your 29. – I do. I rode the new Proof. – You’ve fallen in love with it. – I loved it, yeah. I think it’s only the way my riding style, I would prefer a 27.5 but there’s no right or wrong. – In XC, you see a lot of the
top XC racing whip it girls. Tiny little girls. – And they are small. – On big 29ers and
they’re making them work. But, that said, it is a good point because I was chattin to Greg Minnaar
at Fort William this year. He was on the brand new
29 inch Santa Cruz V10. And he said, his own words, “I finally got a bike that fits me.” – There you go. – So, maybe there’s something in it. If you are a big guy then
a 29er might work for you. – Yeah yeah. – Give it a try. – Donnie loves it and he’s six foot four. – Yeah absolutely. Right, here’s a really
great one for you Blake. Charlie Murray sent, he’s ten years old, he’s riding a Saracen Mantra. – Nice. – Do you have any easy
jump tricks he could learn? – Yo, I could loads of
easy tricks to learn. – You’ve got a trick baggy, it’s deep. It’s like Mary Poppins’ bag. – It is. – Keep putting his arm in. – Diggin ’em out, diggin ’em out. So you can start off with One Hander, Tabletop, One Footer.
What No Footer, anything. – You’re just trying to
learn that now aren’t you? No Footer? – Yeah, No Footer, yeah. – You’ll get it, you’ll get it. – There’s a lot. – Am I right, you made
an absolutely amazing video about eight tricks you must learn as a beginning dirt jump
rider so check this out. – I think the first one to
start off is the turn bar. This trick is called The E.T., it’s basically pedalling in the air. That’s the One Hand. The One Footer. The Tabletop. Right, this next trick is so old your nan probably knows all about it. It’s called the X-er. So this next trick, it’s the No Footer. The One Hand One Foot. Basically a big ass starfish. This one is the Toboggan. – Questions coming thick and fast. Blake, The One Who Dies… “Is there anything wrong
with buying a 26 inch wheel bike. I know there’s
supposed to be obsolete but the internet seems
to think they’re still as good as 27.5” – Huah. – Well. – 26 is not dead. I
still run 26 inch wheels. – Yeah. I mean 26 inch wheels have been around for 30 years. – Oh yeah. – They work amazingly well. They’re definitely not obsolete. – No. – Obviously the industry,
in terms of new bikes, they’re phasing them out. – Yeah yeah. – But that doesn’t mean you can’t grab an amazing bike. – No you cannot get a good bargain. They are super cheap. – Obviously because they
are being phased out. – Yep. – Great prices on 26 inch wheel bikes. – Yeah, yeah. – So not a bad idea. They look kinda crazy now cause we’ve all got used to 27.5. – Yeah, they kinda look small. – Yeah. – I go and look at my
dirt jump and I’m like “Woah, that’s really small.” – Yeah. They do look tiny. But they still work. You’re talking about
very small differences. – Yeah. – You were saying, weren’t you, like 29 is come out a
start year for downhill. – For downhill, exactly. – Not all that crazy. – Oh no, is 27 gonna be obsolete? – Turns out it’s a
round wheel, goes round. – Exactly. – Same as the other ones. – But it’s also 26 inch wheels probably good for a beginner. – Yep. – A young guy. A short
guy. Any person really. That does bit like myself. – Yeah. – Yeah. It’d be brilliant at anything. – Yeah, 26, not dead.
Definitely worth a look especially if you’re on
the hunt for a bargain. MaxMan says, “I’ve recently
bought a Cube Fully 160 Travel. The rear shock keeps
bottoming out.” Oh no. – That’s not good. – Even though he’s set the
rear shock to a recommended pressure. He’s even added a little bit. Would you recommend adding some tokens? – I would say yes. – For sure. – For sure, stick loads of those in. Depending on how heavy you are. Put the correct amount.
You don’t wanna go over. Whatever the recommend amount is. In your rare shock that you have. – Yeah. I’m not a suspension expert so I asked Doddy about this early on and he was exactly the same like, “Yeah go for it. It’s super easy to do.” He actually did it. Check this out. He did it this weekend on his shock. Said it took him about ten minutes. – Look at that. That’s a nice driveway. – Yeah. So yeah, buy
yourself a pack of tokens. – Yep. – Andrew Brown. “Do you have
any tips for approaching roots or rock garden successfully?” I don’t. As an amateur still learning, he gets nervous on the approach to a new section like that on the trail. And it turns it from a small
obstacle into a mountain. – Yeah. Happens to me. – Blake, how can you help that? – Well, you said it’s a new section. So the best thing is put your bike on the side of the trail. And give it a walk through. Pick your line. Because
that’s the best thing is finding the correct line down through a rock garden or rooty section. Cause if you pick the wrong line, it’s definitely gonna end not very well. – Yeah, end badly. – And you’ll probably
dislike rocks forever. – Yeah and you don’t wanna put this stuff down to luck. – No. – That isn’t how you get good at it. You get good at it by understanding the trail in front of you. – Yeah. – That means you need to look at it before you hit it. – Yeah. – Don’t just put it down to oh, just go fast. – Just go fast. (laughs) – Speed is not always the answer. – No, no. – Sometimes it is. – Yeah. – But you need to have made that decision. – Yes. (laughter) Practise,
practise, practise. Keep doing it. – Yeah, little bit, little
bit looking at the course. Marek Nadymacek says, “How can I become a
professional enduro rider?” He’s 18 years old. He’s been riding his mountain
bike for three years. Um, trails, single tracks, medium jumps. Uh, thanks for the answer. I wish I had a really easy answer. – Yeah. We, being a
professional it’s taken years. – Yeah. – Taken you along time. To get to where we are, in our positions, it’s taken months and dedication, love, and everything. Injuries. – Yeah. It needs all the big words. Intensity, concentration, focus. – Yep. Everything – Heavy hitting words that mean something. – Yep. – Cause it’s true. You just gotta put a lot of time in. – Determination. – And just passion. – Yep. – So much passion in riding. Then it does it by itself. – It does. – Um, that’s what we’re
prescribing, as “ex-pros.” Well, I guess we’re still pros. – Yeah. – Just different kind of pros. – Different kind, yeah. – I’m definitely a different kind of pro. (laughter) But why don’t we actually ask the pros? Check this video out. – World Downhill Champion. Four times World Cup Champion. EWS Champion. Two times World Downhill Champion. One time Southwest BMX Champion. – I started riding when I
was 14 which is quite late. But I become directly a
pro rider when I was 15. I had a chance to have
a capped eye World Cup back in the years in the
mountain above Monte Carlo where I just been opening the race and doing a great time there. And had the opportunity
to meet few sponsors and have one of the team back in the US called Sen that was one
of the biggest team. That’s how I got involved into the sport and signed my first pro contract. – Blake, it’s the quick fire round. Prepare yourself. – Yep. (faking firearm noise) Fire away. – First question is
from Poolehart. He says, “Keep Neil involved as much as possible. Charting his healing
process is just as relevant as anything else.” It is and we will. – Yeah. We will. Next question. “Just when Neil made a “How to
Crash” video and he crashed” Poor guy. He didn’t take his. – That’s true. Get well soon Neil. – Get well soon Neil. – John Galvan says, “Can you put suspension
forks on a road bike?” If you want to (laughter) – If you wanna do that. – If you really wanna do that. – Some of the cross bikes
have suspension though. – Yeah, some. – Some do. “What difference does it make if you have your tyres the wrong way around?” Slow. Probably less grip… – Lot less grip. – Depending on the tyre. – Lot less grip. – And they’re a lot slower. – Yeah, and people will
notice and call you dummy. – Yeah. And it’s embarrassing.
(mouths “I’ve done it”) – Jordan McCal says, “Should I turn my ‘2
Buy’ into a “One By'”? If you want. – If you want. – Why not? – Yeah, go for it. – Yes. – Go on Blake. – “What would you guys
consider light or heavy bike?” I’m going in the middle. – Everything’s the middle. – Yeah. – I’m saying I started mountain biking when they were all blooming heavy. So to me they’re all light. – Back in, when was that, 19-something? – It was in the 19’s. “Could you guys teach the GCN guys how to do a proper quick fire round?” – Yes, we can. – We tried. We’re doing it now. – Yep. They don’t know how to do it. Next question. “Can you
guys make a video on rims to support super heavy riders?” And that one comes from Rene Gomez. – Rene Gomez. I don’t know if we can. Cause I, I guess we’d
have to find a big guy. – Yeah. – We’re gonna look for a big guy. If we can find one… – Doddy’s quite tall. – We’re gonna put him on a bike. Maybe we’ll get him to eat a lot. There we go, that’s it. Solution. – Done. – Reece Wright says, “Is 150 front and 140 rear
enough travel for enduro riding?” – Yes. – It is. Jack’s even got the thumbs up. – He’s giving it a full thumbs up. – It’s good to go, dude. – Yes, perfect. Right, last question
from, can you say that? – Guilherme Cameira. – There we go. “Are you doing fails
and bails Neil special?” Ooooh. – Probably not. It’s a little bit raw. – It is a little bit raw. – Too soon, too soon. – If you look at his Instagram, that is still raw of his ankle. – Let’s get him back all in one piece. – Yeah. – Nice and safe. And
then we’ll do it then. – Deal. – We made it through the
quick fire round mate. Nice one dude. Really great when we’re
doing Ask cause we always get to look at someone’s riding. Correct me if I’m wrong. – Yes. – So we’re gonna do now. – Mhm. – And we can try and make their riding a little bit better,
a little bit smoother. – Get a little bit more pointers. – Take a step on. Progress. If we can. – Yeah, yeah. – And this week we’re gonna try it with Marwan Balarby. And he’s
riding a rooty section. And he wants some tips on
how he can improve this. So let’s have a look. – Here’s the video. – See him coming in. – See him coming in, I can see the roots. – Marwan’s gonna sort of roll in the shot. There he is. And. Oh!
Now what do you think? Let’s watch it one more time. – Yeah, let’s watch it again. – One more time. He knows what he’s doing. – Good speed. – He’s clearing them bits there. Okay I’ve got some points to make. I would say the pace was good. – Pace was good. Pace was right. Same coming in. I think he goes, for me, a bit early. – He goes a bit early. You would’ve used that? – I’d’ve used the root. I’m thinking, would you
have gone pre-hopped it? – I would have pre-hopped in. – Yeah. Now see what I think you can take from this, Marwan, is that there’s not always one way to do things. I think me and Blake, just
looking at a little clip, both have got different ideas… – Yep. – That would both work. But I think you’re
definitely in the middle of the two points where you could go. You either needed to go a bit earlier. – Yeah. – Almost where you’re
lifting your front up where your back is. – What they call American bunny hop. – And pre-hopped it. Or I probably would’ve
used the roots itself cause I quite like kicking
my front wheel off. – Yeah, using that as a kicker. – I probably would’ve waited a moment and just sort of manualed it through. And let the back wheel do a bit of work. – Yeah, yeah. – Cause I like that da
da da, down the roots. – Yeah. – Um. – That was good. But I
think their technique, the Bunny Hop. You don’t
wanna lift the bike up. – Yeah. So you wanna two wheel hopper. – Use that little root
there to knock you over. Or pre-hop, kind of
American bunny hop into it. – Yeah. But you’ve got it
right in terms of speed. So just try it going a little bit later. Having a look at it a little bit earlier. Although that might be. That’s quite an extreme
skill at this point. – Yeah. – Might not be for you yet. But yeah. Play with it a little bit. – Yeah, play with both
techniques actually. – And see if it helps you improve. Please let us know if it does. Now I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks show. Certainly been a lot of fun
going through your questions. Keep them coming to [email protected] on email. You can do hashtag #askgmbn. Or of course you can just leave them in the comments section down below this video and we’ll get onto them next week. So please ask away. If you wanna see some more videos from us, then why don’t you click just here to see Blake “BingBomb” Samson
just here do Megavalanche. – Yeah and if you wanna
see our new teammate shredding the trail, click
here on “Can Doddy Ride.” – Yeah and of course, click on the globe to subscribe to GMBN. And please, cause we like getting em. Give us a thumbs up, like.

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  2. #askgmbn Hi guys, I have been having issues with my feet staying on my pedals through jumps. I'm fairly comfortable going over jumps, but every now and then my feet fly off the pedals while I'm in the air and it really funks up my groove. Do you guys have any tips?

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  8. I think it's a conspiracy that all bike manufacturers got together and killed 26ers in order for the public to force buy 27.5" which is not that much of a difference.

  9. i still ride my trek 4900 26er because i ride a lot of street and it is very agile and eazy to do wheelies and other stuff

  10. In a few years the industry will most likely introduce 26" wheels again, as a fresh new novelty! 😉 "Lighter", "stiffer", "faster acceleration", etc… 😉 Mark my words! 😉

  11. I'm a short person, 5'4" and I've been riding a small frame 26" for decades now. With all the talks going on about the larger size tyres, do you think the 27.5 or the 29 is of any advantage for me if my upsize my rig?

  12. 5 years ago I bought a basic (~1500$) all mountain 26" fully. At the time I rode it a lot, then because of finals and a year of traveling I put it away. Now that im starting everyone (bike shops as well as people on the trails) say the thing is obsolete and no good at all.

    Quite funny how fast the industry changes. I for one can't say the bike is outdated. At least not for me, since the bike still can handle way more then me

  13. Wheel size depends on what you ride. I ride 27.5s cause I do alot of trails but like pump tracks and cant afford more than one setup atm. 26ers are perfect for dirt jumps and pump tracks but if I was riding enduro Id rather be on 29s

  14. I had a 29'er when I first started MTB, then a 27.5 and now a full sus 26". I use my 26 for commuting, XC, downhill and pump track – just like they said, 26 good for everything!

  15. stuck with 26'ers for life, tried both 7.5's and 29'ers and they feel sluggish imo, though the 29'er was decent for keeping your speed up

  16. I have a couple of steel hard tail 26ers, and an aluminium hardtail 29er. I use the 29er to ride ride to work and for long distances. I don't think it's that much faster than the others, but you need to put much less effort in the 29er to go fast, so it's a more relaxed ride. I like steel for 26 hard tails because they're more comfortable, but aluminium is fine for a 29er, as the big tires soak up the bumps. On narrow technical trails though the 29er's a bit of a handful. It's like trying to wrestle a truck around a go kart track. The 26ers are much more fun in that context..

  17. Wow! Can’t wait to the penny farthing size mtb wheel comes out. Bit like skateboards in the 80s trucks and decks kept getting wider and wider before common sense prevailed petty much every truck is 5” wide and decks around 8”now. I like my my kids 24” bike because it just so light and so much fun. (Same size as Danny McCaskill’s trials bike) But when we are out together the 26” feels like perfectly good fun to me.

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  19. I ride a 26" stump jumper fsr expert don't even want a 29". bigger wheals tame the ride. why look for harder trails then make the ride easier with bigger wheels. I wanted to buy another one, looks like I'm going to have to buy a used one. our family has five of them.

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    and immediately converted it to a 1x 🙂
    its a fusion of classic and modern

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