– What’s going on there, it’s Fuller from Custom Offsets, Custom
Offsets TV on YouTube. We have an unboxing video for you, because Arkon came out with a new wheel, and I think it’s probably gonna be my new favorite one. Before I open it, which I don’t know why everybody loves when I open boxes, but that’s what we’re gonna do. My favorite feature of the box itself is actually on the backside: “Don’t do it, this is the bottom.” Okay, so you ever try and open this wheel upside down, Arkon’s got you, they’re not gonna let you do that. So, without further ado, which I feel like is a
typical YouTube saying, we’re gonna open this box up. All right so, opening it up, we can get rid of al this cardboard that we don’t need. Styrofoam plastic rim protector, what I like to call the hairnet. And then lastly the styrofoam… Oh my gosh, this wheel’s sick. Whoa, it’s heavy too, in case you were wondering. This is a 24 by 14 (laughs). I’m stuck inside the box! Can I get some help? (beep) So like I said, this is the Arkon Cesar, to kick things off, as far as sizes go, it’s gonna be offered in a 20 by 10, 20 by 12, 22 by 12 and 20 14, which is this one here. Arkon goes a little bit more aggressive with their offsets, so like typically in a 14 wide, you’d see a -76, but in this case, with Arkon, it’s a -81. They’re all about more
stance and more lip. So as you can see, this wheel does have a fairly large lip. Unlike some of their other ones where they have the endless barrel, this actually does end right here, it does have a ridge to it. But they did that so that when they add these twisted spokes in the milling, you kinda have that directional pattern with the milling. For applications, they’re gonna be offered in five, six and eight lug, and then as far as price point goes, like in the 24/14s and the big boy sizes, your black and milled is gonna be at around 1700 bucks, and then the chrome are a little bit more expensive, right around $1900. So, as far as the design goes on here, it is a very simple design. I do like it, just ’cause it has such a flat face, and it is very simple and clean. Definitely a show type wheel, that reminds me a lot of some of the forge wheels out there. Now Arkon is a cast wheel company, and I guess I don’t need to really keep talking about them like they’re a person. Many of you guys already know that Custom Offsets actually developed Arkon Wheels, so this is like our in-house kinda line. But, they’ve been releasing a couple of new styles, I think they have maybe one more to go. And they’re hammering out
in the shop right now, ’cause they’re gonna put a set of these on Bailey’s 2010 Chevy Silverado, so he’s gonna keep pounding that hammer, hopefully for the next 30 minutes here, while I continue to try to explain to you what this wheel looks like.
(metallic banging) – [Narrator] One hour later. – Like all other Arkon wheels too, you’ll notice that this does have exposed lug holes, so if you want to run spiked lug nuts, you can do so on these wheels. They also did a really good job at keeping the cap as
minimalistic as possible. This obviously is the six lug version, the eight lug does have a little bit bigger cap, but it’s not too bad, very simple, very clean, kinda follows the whole style. Ideally, when Bailey put these together, he should take the center cap out and face it so that the K and the Arkon on the rim of the wheel line up too, but we won’t give ’em too much of a hard time for that. For old time’s sake, we’ll do a bill test on here as well, this is a $10 bill that’s actually been ripped in tape. We use a bill because
it’s about six inches. So you can see on this 14 wide, you get all of six, plus
another inch and a half, almost two there, so you get like a seven and half inch lip on a 14 wide, which is pretty decent. Like I said, Arkon’s all about big lips, very show inspired wheel, very simple, very clean styles. And obviously, being directional is like the big thing. So most cast wheel companies don’t offer directional wheels. What that means is you actually get a left and a right, so that you will have the directional pattern going the same way on both sides your truck, rather than one going forwards and one going backwards. So, that’s some of the benefits of the new Arkon Caesar. If you guys wanna check these things out, we’ll get ’em loaded up on the website. By the time this video comes up, they will be out there. So you want a set, you wanna be one of the first people to run ’em, grab ’em, they’re on the site, and then put your vehicle in the garage so we can show it off to the world. Peace. (upbeat rock music)

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